Tuning car Nissan Bluebird Sylphy

Repair or tuning of a car, regardless of its brand, carrying capacity and class, cannot do without high-quality original components. Service centers do not always have everything you need to fully repair a vehicle. For this reason, the buyer needs to know online stores where you can buy spare parts for a particular car, for example, a KAMAZ checkpoint, the price of which is quite acceptable, can be bought in the TATRAZBOR online store.

There are not only highly specialized online stores, but also more universal ones, in which spare parts for a variety of foreign cars are sold. Thanks to this, it is possible not only to repair the car, but to improve its comfort indicators. The information below describes in detail one of the popular tuning services for a Nissan Bluebird Sylphy or another brand, associated with increasing noise insulation. The service of such a plan is provided only in professional service centers, which have all the equipment necessary for this.

Door handling

In order to increase the level of comfort in a Nissan car and in the same KAMAZ, first of all, door noise insulation is carried out. The area of ​​these parts is the most voluminous. Extraneous noise enters the passenger compartment directly through them. Competently selected materials will reduce the sound of acoustics, which is located in the cavity of the doors. This ensures a snug fit and prevents squeaks even when driving on uneven roads. For trucks, this is ideal solution.

If you make high-quality soundproofing of doors and wheel arches, you may not hear noise from the highway, as well as from a large number of small stones, the knock of which is heard in the passenger compartment of a car with unprotected wheel arches. In service centers that are engaged in tuning cars, when providing sound insulation, they use liquid materials, as well as those that have an adhesive base. On cars like the Nissan Bluebird Sylphy, additional protection from debris and stones is often installed, which looks like a plastic fender liner.

Glass protection

Glazing of the car, like the doors, occupy a considerable area. Accordingly, this is another option for the penetration of extraneous sounds into the cabin. Carrying out noise insulation of glass will help to increase the comfort of movement in a vehicle. For this, the following techniques are used:

  • replacement of side windows with triplex;
  • increasing the thickness of the glass;
  • pasting the glass with a special film;
  • installation better quality anthers.

The most affordable method for any car enthusiast to ensure the sound insulation of a car is pasting glass with a film. This procedure provides an additional effect - booking. The reason is that the film is resistant to mechanical damage, protects the glass as reliably as possible from scratches and small stones that pop out from under the hoods of cars in front.

In professional service centers, where they provide car tuning services, they use films made of special polymer compounds. They effectively prevent not only damage, but also the passage of sound waves.

Soundproofing the engine compartment

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