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Every year we ask the guys not to give us gifts. Or at least it would be limited to purely symbolic gifts of no more than 200 rubles. Well, let tea towels or handkerchiefs. But no! Every year everyone has the same crap in the region of 1000 r and more cakes, tea.

Well, since in Kazakhstan there is a men's holiday on May 7, we also have to give gifts for this amount. But we set the table for lunch with pizzas and a hot dish. By the way, there are about 150 girls and 150 boys in the team. Someone leaves, someone comes and the number of men / women changes slightly in one direction or the other. But everyone gets the same gifts.

Last year they called the organizers and asked the guys to buy cheap scarves, etc. again received a hairdryer as in the previous year. For 10 years of work, it was the 4th hairdryer standing idle for me (I think not only for me).

And then quarantine came and we safely ignored May 7th. And we quietly hope that they will take cruel revenge on us and will not give us anything this year either.

I honestly don't understand these exchanges as useless gifts.

I remember this case. I worked in the fifth grade. Boys and girls are roughly equal. On February 23rd, the girls collected money and bought the same gifts for all the boys. But this made it impossible for them to express a differentiated attitude towards classmates. And the girls decided to give their sympathies something over and above the identical gifts they bought.

The boys in the class were different, among them Pashka stood out. Pavel was a scary bully, as much as possible at that age. But he was also very cheerful and kind. It so happened that most of the additional gifts fell to his share.

But his mother had to smash her head, picking up individual reciprocal gifts for March 8 to those girls who congratulated Pavel.

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90s, I'm in 3rd grade. The girls gave us key rings in the form of burning cigarettes for February 23rd. But we are gentlemen, let's give them a beaded bracelet and flowers. To the class teacher, perfumes and flowers too. The budget was knocked out, there was not enough money for fresh flowers, and it was difficult to find them in our city then in winter. We take artificial ones. In the morning they came early, put the presents on the desks. And now the first girls come in, happy with our gifts. The door opens, the classroom walks in, walks over to her desk and. Did you hear Godzilla scream in the movie of the same name? It was very quiet compared to the screaming of our classroom. We bought flowers at a big discount, because these were carnations, one at a time seemed to be small, for three money was not enough, they took two.

Since March, girls

I started playing the guitar from the third grade. The school knew about this and asked the girls to speak on the 8th of March.

They are now mastering the guitar on Tsoi's songs. And in the 88th year, what songs were you learning?

TiredDeemney's response to Pro 23 February

The company has repeatedly found itself on the verge of bankruptcy due to wars, a change in leadership and attempts to produce musical equipment along with guitars.

For 127 years, the American guitar maker Gibson has changed owners and created a legendary brand. Gibson guitars are called the standard of sound and design.

The company works closely with many famous musicians: its instruments were used by Billie Joe Armstrong from Green Day, Chris Novoselic from Nirvana, Slash from Guns'n'Roses, Angus Young from AC / DC and others.

Some rock stars have ordered custom guitars from Gibson. For example, for Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin, the company made an EDS-1275 with 12-string and 6-string necks. Such an instrument allowed the musician not to switch between guitars during a live performance of the song Stairway to Heaven.

Gibson's early years and founder

The history of the guitar manufacturer began with the engineer Orville Gibson, but he has minimal business relation. The Gibson founders took his ideas as a basis, but the engineer never led the company.

Gibson was born in 1856 in the village of Chateauguet, New York. By the spring of 1876, he had moved to the small industrial town of Kalamazoo in Michigan. The reasons for the move are unknown, but they are believed to be related to Gibson's poor health.

Since arriving in Michigan, Gibson has worked as a salesman in a shoe store, where he was considered an "effective clerk." In his spare time, he played guitar in a local band, performed at amateur concerts, and arranged late impromptu performances while walking through the village's residential quarters.

“We are indebted to Messrs. Allen, Hayes, Gibson, Landon, Rachlemeier and Clemontoms for a delicious serenade at night,” wrote the Gazette in September 1876.

In addition to playing the guitar, Gibson produced musical instruments. In December 1891, he quit his job in a shop to devote more time to his craft. To make ends meet, Gibson did repair and clerical work in exchange for room and food. Subsequently, he worked in a restaurant for some time and even opened his own shoe store.

Gibson exhibited his first completely self-made guitar in 1892, according to the Kalamazoo Public Library, citing the archives of a local newspaper. It cost $ 100 (now about $ 2800).

According to the company itself, he presented the first documented instrument in 1894 - this date is considered the beginning of the history of Gibson. Then he opened a home workshop.

On May 11, 1895, Orville applied for his first and only patent for "improved mandolins," a type of lute popular at the time. He came up with the idea of ​​making musical instruments from three solid pieces of wood, rather than gluing many parts together. This approach took more time, but it was qualitatively reflected in the sound.

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