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"Edge needs renovation this year"

What needs to be repaired in the city this year, otherwise there will be a "guard"? There were no special intrigues here. It was about the former "long-term construction", and now the Yugorsk Sports Center. As a result of two years of operation of the object in the hall of the third floor, the ceiling fell out of the tiles. This circumstance led to large heat losses. A million rubles were allocated from the city budget for insulation of the ceiling in the new FGC.

Several Duma members drew attention to this point. Irina Danilova took an active position on this issue, expressing complaints against the Department of Housing and Utilities and Construction Complex in terms of the poor quality of tracking the implementation of repair work.

- The work is performed poorly. As a result, someone should be responsible for these previously completed works or do them at the expense of their own pocket, ”the parliamentarian expressed her opinion, explaining that she speaks of the responsibility of officials who are obliged to accept such work at the proper level.

- Usually any, especially complex building during operation is brought to its logical conclusion, - explained the Deputy Chairman of the Yugorsk Duma Mikhail Bodak and suggested that the deputies take personal control of the construction of a college in the central part of the city.

Mikhail Bodak reminded the deputies of a joint raid on the facility under construction, as a result of which no special remarks were made by the parliamentarians. Photo: IA "2 CITIES", archive

14 million rubles will be allocated from the city treasury for the renovation of schools and kindergartens. Deputy Nikolai Timchenko doubted that 12 million rubles would be enough for major repairs of schools. To this, Natalya Bobrovskaya, the head of the Education Department of the Yugorsk Administration, explained:

- 12 million rubles - this is 64% of that revised adjusted amount. Today we live in tough financial realities. I understand that the City has no way of allocating our stated initial desired amount. Therefore, we have highlighted the activities that the region needs to implement this year. The fifth and second schools require overhaul. On the way - the preschool group of the lyceum.

Head of the Education Department Natalya Bobrovskaya said that in addition to the 12 million rubles allocated for the overhaul of social facilities, nine more are under consideration. Screenshot: video recording, Zoom

By the way, no funds have been allocated for the renovation of the building of the youth center "Helios" this year. From the word at all. The parliamentarians were asked to consider the issue of allocating three million rubles for the repair of a leaking roof (the object was rented out in 1988), because of which the second floor of the building is heated during the off-season. But the rescue of drowning people is the work of the drowning people themselves, so an offer was made to find an investor willing to invest in a third-floor superstructure in order to subsequently rent out commercial space in the city center.

Of the plans - the construction of three schools until 2028. The objects are planned to be introduced in stages. So, in 2024, a school for 500 places will be built in the city center. The building will appear at the expense of extra-budgetary funds through the acquisition of municipal property. Negotiations are underway with potential investors today.

How do-it-yourself welding of a car body is done?

With active operation of the car, the body lasts for 10-15 years. It is after this time that the process of metal corrosion begins. Therefore, you will have to carry out repair work yourself or at a service station.

DIY welding of a car body is quite possible if you have all the necessary equipment for this.

DIY body welding

Car body welding and repair features

The body of almost any modern car can be in active operation for 10-15 years, before the start of active corrosion processes. Of course, this is possible in the case of high-quality care and no damage (and, if any, with a quality repair). However, the need for repair work using welding may be required not only with the development of corrosion, but also, for example, as a result of an accident. Let us consider the technologies for carrying out work of various types, so that the reader can imagine how possible it is to weld a car body with his own hands.

How the body is welded at the factory

  • The complexity of laying the seam itself;
  • The need to take into account the "guidance" of the metal - after all, during operation, it heats up strongly locally, which causes uneven thermal expansion and deformation; <
  • Significant consumption of additional materials (electrodes, wire, etc.).

At car factories, the technology of welding a car body is significantly different - they mainly use spot welding. This is a fairly simple method that allows you to practically eliminate consumables, increase the positioning accuracy of parts in automatic flow production and neutralize the negative effect of local thermal expansion.

The technology itself is quite simple - two parts are positioned, and the future weld spot is compressed by two non-consumable electrodes through which a significant current is passed. Two layers of sheet metal at the point of contact are reliably soldered to each other. At the same time, there is no weld seam, the geometry of the parts is not lost and the possibility of spring deformation is formed, which has a positive effect on durability.

How to fold a brick heating stove - step by step instructions

Since ancient times in Russia, the stove has been associated with warmth, comfort, prosperity. And today, despite the fact that modern design electrical and gas appliances have appeared, they cannot replace a brick stove in a house, especially in a country house.

It has been noticed that dishes cooked in a rustic stove with a stove are especially tasty, and the life-giving fire of the hearth gives an incomparable feeling of calm and comfort.

A good stove-maker will never be left without work. In the old days, craftsmen passed on their secrets from generation to generation. Now there are plenty of opportunities to learn the basics of this honorable profession. The hearth in the house is the center of the "family universe", and the atmosphere in the house depends on what it will be like.

To become a high-quality stove-maker requires not only knowledge, but also experience. If you carefully consider the advice of professionals on how to fold the stove with the stove, then you can build it yourself. This knowledge will also help in order to competently talk with the contractor.

Locating the stove in the house

Since the oven must perform two functions: cooking and heating, it must be placed so that it meets its functionality. In addition, it is necessary to take into account the fire safety rules.

Conditions you need to know when placing:

  • installation near wooden or other easily flammable walls is not allowed;
  • a window or additional exhaust ventilation must be provided in the room;
  • ideally the firebox is placed in the corridor or in the utility room;
  • it is necessary to provide free access to the combustion chamber and chimneys for their timely cleaning.

If one room is supposed to be heated, then it is best to install the heater in the center. It is possible to provide heat to several rooms, provided that it is placed at the joints of the partitions.

Important! When the heating and cooking stove is located close to the outer wall, heat loss is inevitable.

Selection of the design of the heating cooking stove

Designing a brick heating furnace is the most important stage, which in the future will help to avoid many mistakes. In terms of its dimensions, the oven can be compact or massive.

Rabbit Feeders

Currently, the organization of domestic rabbit farms is gaining popularity. Relative ease of grooming makes rabbits attractive to novice farmers.

Rabbit meat is the most dietary meat, in addition, animals are valuable for light and warm rabbit fur. In the process of keeping rabbits, the most important condition is the correct and timely feeding of the animals. Fasting for more than one day can lead to the death of an individual.

Installing a feeder and drinker for rabbits in cages allows you to maintain hygiene standards and maintain cleanliness in the processes of feeding and drinking animals. In addition, feed consumption will be lower due to less loss of feed base during feeding. The animals will not have the opportunity to scatter and spoil the feed. You can purchase ready-made installations or make them yourself.

Thanks to the trough, feed consumption will be lower

About types of feeders

Feeders differ by purpose. The design must be appropriate for the specific type of feed. Therefore, there are feeders for:

  • tops with root crops;
  • combined feed;
  • cereal nutritional mixtures;
  • hay;
  • herbs

All listed containers must be mandatory for filling with a suitable type of feed. In addition, feeders are subdivided according to the type of device:

Bunker tanks are considered the most convenient. They can be filled with both grain and granulated feed. Design features allow for even distribution of feed, ensuring constant access. Filling takes place directly into the tank of the trough. The narrow opening extending over the entire container allows the feed to be distributed evenly. New portions are fed offline, without the participation of the farmer.

Replacing the front struts with a VAZ-do it yourself Which front struts are better to put

VAZ-2110 inherited the suspension scheme from the previous "eights" and "nines". Unlike the "classics", all of these cars use front suspension struts. They combine a coil spring and a shock absorber. The design is highly reliable. But over time, problems can begin. So, let's look at how the front struts are replaced with the VAZ-2110 and what are the signs of their malfunction.


On the "dozens", similar to other front-wheel drive VAZ models, the MacPherson scheme is used.

When should you change?

The manufacturer does not allocate specific regulations. It all depends purely on the operating conditions and driving style. As practice shows, the replacement of the front struts with the VAZ-2110 is required no earlier than after 100 thousand kilometers of run. The element is strong enough and can withstand heavy loads. But how to determine that the support of the VAZ-2110 strut or the depreciation element itself has become unusable? Below we will look at the main symptoms of malfunctions.

Breakdown symptoms

Since the strut is a suspension element, if it malfunctions, you will immediately notice problems with its operation. So, the main symptom is an increased knock at the front of the car. It can occur at different speeds. If a crunch is heard (and not a dull blow), then the front strut bearing on the VAZ-2110 has become unusable. The support element can wear out faster than the shock absorber itself. This is due to the constant shock of the suspension when driving on uneven roads. The support bearing does not have any damper, and all loads that the rack could not absorb are fully transferred to it. Note that the crunch initially occurs only when the steering wheel is turned.

Don't ignore the problem

Do not hesitate to replace the front struts with the VAZ-2110. In the event of a shock absorber failure, the load on other elements increases:

  • Ball joints.
  • Lever silent blocks.
  • Support and wheel bearings.

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