The Sims Season 4: Making Money Gardening

When The Sims 4: Seasons was released, the Gardening skill received a huge update, making it more profitable. Plants have been redesigned to grow faster, and weeding and watering can be done on multiple plants with a single click. You will also notice that the plants are in sync: the game checks at 6am every sim day to see if the plant needs attention, so by tending the plants at the end of the day you can extend the time between watering.

However, the updated gardening skill comes with some other challenges that you need to solve in order to master it. Here's everything you need to know about gardening with Seasons.

Getting Started In Gardening

You can plant seeds either in a pot or directly into the ground, which means all you need to get started is a few bags of seeds or growing plants from around the world. These can be obtained by clicking the pots and selecting seeds to buy, or you can order them using your PC or phone. If Harvestfest happens and you calm your gnomes, you will also receive enough seeds to last your Sim a lifetime.

Most seeds can be planted in small round pots or large square pots. Fruits such as apples and bananas are an exception, as they will grow large trees. Most trees need to be planted in the ground or in large square flower pots. If you try to plant a tree in a tub that is too small, you will receive an error notification stating that the seed did not germinate.

Plants & Weather

The biggest change that has come with seasons is that plants are now seasonal, unless you only own the base game. Each season has a specific set of plants that can be harvested at that time. Some plants can be harvested for more than one season, but they all have periods rest. This adds realism to the game, but can be frustrating if you're short on space in your garden.

Fortunately, there is a way to avoid this by creating greenhouses or other shelters. Adding a roof over the plant forces the game to view the item "inside" and the weather and seasons no longer affect it. You will need to tend to the plants indoors more often, as they also cannot be watered by rain.

If your plants are outdoors, the rain will water them and you can also use the weather machine to give them a dose of H2O before the timer goes off. Just keep in mind that cold snaps are bad for plants, and only a few can bloom in harsh winters.

Seasonal Crops

As mentioned earlier, plants can now only be harvested during certain seasons. Below is a list of all the available fruits, herbs and flowers, along with the seasons in which they will bloom.

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