The quick and easy way to cook crab

When I went fishing, I decided to take pictures of the mute under the ice of fish, crayfish and other animals, but accidentally noticed a long-abandoned crayfish. A little later I will return to the same place to get the find and see what is in it.

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this is not a rakolovka. This is a sports cage.

Fish Sunset

The perches are pretty damn beautiful after all

Looking for a pike

Hello! We agreed with our comrades to drive fishing to the Irtysh. According to the forecast, the weather promised to be excellent, which, in principle, happened. The sudden changes in temperature did not inspire any hope, but fishing is fishing, which means you have to go anyway.

He took out a forgotten crayfish, cleaned the lake and saved the crayfish

There are days when you want to pamper yourself with something unusual and the crab is a great choice to diversify your usual diet or prepare something original for the arrival of guests. Since we live far from the sea, crab in stores is most often sold frozen, and most of it is already boiled, so it only remains to warm it up and serve it correctly.

We need:

1 crab limb (boiled-frozen)

Let's not overload our recipe with various additives to feel the natural taste of the seafood

1. To begin with, we will properly defrost the limb of the crab by transferring it from the freezer to the refrigerator overnight. So it will retain its beneficial properties and tenderness of meat. An already thawed limb must be rinsed in running water.

2. Next, let's prepare the pot: it is necessary to choose such a size of dishes so that the crab's limb fits there entirely, the claws, of course, bend along the phalanges, but not completely.

3. Pour a pot of water, put it on gas and bring it to a boil. Now add a little salt (1 tablespoon), since the crab itself is a resident of the salty sea, and its meat already has a certain salinity. Also add dill and a couple of lavrushka leaves. Next, carefully lower the limb of the crab into boiling seasoned water, I advise you to use tongs for this, so as not to burn yourself. We cover with a lid and cook for about five minutes, since the limb of the crab was boiled-frozen, it turns out that we do not cook it, but only heat it up. We count the time from the moment the water boils.

4. When the necessary time has passed, we take out the limb of the crab from the pan and everything is ready. For the convenience of serving and using, we break the limb into phalanges. You can open the phalanges themselves with special forceps, or use household appliances (kitchen scissors, a knife), the main thing is to try to prevent fragments of the shell from getting into the food. I got a very comfortable limb, it was perfectly opened with kitchen scissors, without crumbling and leaving the tender meat intact. Also, do not forget that inside the phalanx of the crab there are tendons that are not eaten.

5. Separately, I would like to note that there is no need to pour out the broth in which the crab was cooked. This is the most valuable product that can be frozen and used to prepare dishes with crab meat. It will give an extraordinary aroma.

But if you don't feel like messing around with a big pot and boiling water. The end of the crab can be heated in the oven. It will turn out fragrant and will not absorb excess moisture.

Here's how to do it:

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