The entry into force of the new rules for technical inspection of cars was postponed from March 1 to October 1

Now photographing at maintenance stations will be mandatory

From March 1, 2021, new rules for passing vehicle inspection were to come into force. However, the Russian government has postponed the start of the new rules until October 1. This, according to TASS, was reported by Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin.

From March 1, a new procedure for technical inspection of cars was to come into force in our country, it was supposed to introduce electronic diagnostic cards, photographic recording, launch other procedures that affect the work of the profile business. We need to do everything so that from October 1 the system will work without failures, once again take a look at the procedures and their technical implementation, - Mishustin commented.

Maintenance rules

Under the new rules, it will be more difficult to obtain a maintenance card, and the traffic police will have the right to cancel the diagnostic cards if it is established that the car did not actually pass the check.

Inspection is a mandatory procedure for all vehicles. Its frequency depends on the category and novelty of the vehicle.

0-4 years - not subject to technical inspection

4-10 years - maintenance every 2 years

  • Category C: annually.
  • Category D: at least once every 6 months.

Without going through MOT, the car owner cannot get a CTP policy. It is assumed that the new rules will provide a mandatory visit to the maintenance point, from which 80 percent of car owners have lost the habit.

As a result of technical inspection, a vehicle diagnostic card is issued. If it indicates that there are malfunctions in the car, you need to fix them and go through the inspection again. The list of malfunctions and conditions under which the operation of vehicles is prohibited is indicated in the Appendix to the traffic rules of the Russian Federation. It contains more than 80 points, which are included in the new edition of the federal law "On technical inspection of vehicles and on amendments to certain legislative acts of the Russian Federation."

Requirements, in particular, relate to the braking system, steering, external lights, engine, tires and wheels, glass.

Vaz dashboard - description of indicator lamps buttons

The instrument panel of the VAZ 2110, as in any car, both imported and Russian, must determine the general condition of the car, and must show all information about: the amount of fuel, engine temperature and the presence (number) of lubricating elements of the engine ...

In addition to the above data, the VAZ dashboard on the display shows all the errors (current malfunctions) of the car.

Further in the article I will give you a complete description of the VAZ 2110 dashboard and tell you about the description of buttons, lamps, indicator lights, tell you about common errors that may appear on your display along the way.

  • Description of the VAZ 2110 dashboard buttons
  • Description of indicators and lamps on the VAZ 2110 instrument panel
  • Information indicators of the VAZ 2110 instrument panel
  • Errors displayed on the dashboard of the VAZ 2110 and how to fix them.

Features of the dashboard of the VAZ car

Dashboard VAZ 2110

The dashboard combination on the dashboard of a VAZ 2110 car includes:

  • 1 - shows the coolant temperature. If the arrow of this indicator goes into the red zone of the scale, this indicates engine overheating. It is necessary to pay attention to the operation of the electric fan and thermostat of the cooling system.

Advice: Do not run the engine in overheating mode. The liquid temperature is over 110 ° C.

The photo shows the installation of lamps on the panel:

  • Positions 1 - used to highlight the arrows of devices and scales.
  • Positions 2 - the smallest in size are used in yellow indicators and red signal indicators. These bulbs are installed without rubber caps. Light filters of the desired colors are already built into the tidy.
  • Position 3 - has an average size, used to indicate a low level of gasoline, at the moment when the arrow is at zero. Burns out very rarely.

Installing lights on the panel

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