The children have grown up, and there is nothing to talk about with my husband

And the birdhouse is empty

In the summer, a family of small gray birds settled in a birdhouse on a chestnut tree outside the window of our house. At first it was him and her. After a while, children appeared. Daddy defended his family so zealously that he did not allow us to calmly walk through the yard. He shouted, flew low above the ground and did everything so that we did not even approach the tree. At this time, the mother of the family brought the children bug worms and patiently fed the screaming chicks.

After a while, we have already watched how parents teach their chicks to fly. And then the birdhouse was empty. This became very noticeable in the way the sounds in our yard changed. I was scared that the cat had finally made it to the bird family. But my husband told me that he saw our guests fly away.

Many years ago my husband and I built our nest. We hatched three chicks in it. Taught them to fly and get food. We were able to let go of the elder. Average at a low start. The younger is still building up the strength of the wings. Very soon everyone will scatter and my husband and I will remain in our nest together.

I understand that you need to look at birds more often, so as not to forget how life works, and not to try to organize a happy life next to you for those who are time to fly to distant countries.

Today I want us to talk about a family crisis called the empty nest syndrome. It is this crisis that my family is currently experiencing.

The eldest son made an offer to his chosen one in early February. It became clear that he was becoming a separate person who began to build his family. And no one has the right to "go" to someone else's family. I know this and I am getting used to the new circumstances of our life. It is not simple.

Of course, it would be many times more difficult for me if there was no husband next to me with whom I can talk, share my experiences, with whom I feel needed and loved. How did we come to this relationship after 22 years? What helps us get through the current crisis?

As strange as it may sound, all the previous crises that we went through help.

“Let's have another child”

Every family goes through several crises from the moment of its birth. There are no families without crises. Don't trust someone who says they don't shake. Crises can be “talked out” in different ways. Most young families - from one to fifteen years of marriage - encountering difficulties in mutual understanding, follow the path of "giving birth to another child."

But this does not mean that the crisis will not catch up. It's like not letting a child live through crises that are appropriate for age, and then at 35–39 years of age say: “Well, I don’t know what happened to him. He was a normal child, no quirks. And then I got married / got married and deteriorated ... "

No. As a child develops gradually, so an adult goes through crises and they should be. And the families too.

This article will consider the device of a plastic window. It should be noted that the classical structure of modern windows does not depend on the material of their manufacture.

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PVC window construction

What is the structure of a plastic window?

  • Frame. It is the main element and is mounted in the window opening of the building. Fittings and sashes are attached to it.
  • Flap. The part is a movable part, as it can be opened.
  • Hardware. It includes constipation mechanisms that fix the valves and control them.
  • Glass unit. It is leakproof. It includes several glasses, which are fastened along the perimeter by means of special dividers.

Profile structure

The device of a plastic window has a complex configuration. The quality of the window frame itself depends on its quality. The profile characterizes the installation depth. Its indicator is systematized, and many firms produce windows with a depth of 5., 6 or 7 cm. There are models and thicker. Their installation depth reaches 13 cm. They are designed for wide and large glass units.

Profiles also differ in the number of internal cameras. A chamber is called an empty cavity elongated along the profile. Depending on their number, profiles are subdivided into two-, three-, four-chamber, etc. Typically, companies engaged in the installation of plastic windows present the client with a cutaway plastic window device. This enables the buyer to examine the internal structure of the product in detail.

Sometimes a non-hollow camera is mounted inside the profile. It contains reinforcing material. The more cameras in the profile, the higher the quality of the product. This is explained by the fact that multi-chamber windows have a high level of thermal insulation. In the domestic market, designs with three chambers are in high demand. This configuration is not complicated.

What are the plastic window profiles made of?

Plastic windows are made of different materials. We meet the name PVC (polyvinyl chloride) most often. But manufacturers can use both primary and secondary raw materials, as well as use a heterogeneous composition. When buying, it is better to pay attention to well-known companies producing plastic windows. They use virgin material that is environmentally friendly. Such profiles are expensive. Secondary raw materials contain impurities that are harmful to health. Sometimes heavy poisonous metals are added to the composition.

Double-glazed windows

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