Suspension Springs KYB or Tough Dog

We often install Kayaba springs in the vehicle fleet, I can't say that we only take them, but if available, we are happy to install them. The main thing here is to buy in reliable stores. the market is awash with fakes that will last you around 5000 km. and spoil the experience of Kayaba. The original Kayaba runs great and for a long time, of course it all depends on the car and the roads.

I supply spare parts and translate them myself on my forostor. From such exploitation, the rear of the forostor sagged a lot. On examination, sentence one spring t. the coil has broken. The car was needed urgently and there was no time to wait for spare parts, so I took it from stock, but Kayaba was available. In general, now everyone is not very flattering about Kayaba, but as I said there was no choice. Externally, the springs are of high quality and are absolutely identical to the original. The car returned to its original ground clearance. While satisfied with the springs, let's see how long they will stretch.

On my Santa Fe, native springs have sagged a lot, which is not surprising for 180,000 km of run. I chose Kayaba as a replacement. The ground clearance has increased, but there was some discomfort when cornering. After inspection, it turned out that the shock absorbers were simply not pumped, now everything is fine. I recommend Kayaba springs for installation as an alternative to the original ones.

The draft of the car is lower than the original 20-year old, we had to install reinforced ones.

When changing the struts on my Civic, it turned out that the spring had burst. As a result of searches, among analogs, I chose Kayaba. Excellent springs, so far from them only positive emotions, even better than the original. True, I skated one month so far, let's see how they behave further.

I put blue kayabs, they are a lot tougher than stock relatives, and I'm 99 percent of the time on the asphalt and a car with a turbo engine, so I drive it like a puzoterka and I go into turns on gas, etc. And Tokiko for me is an overly floating suspension. The back is soft norms. Now I ride blue kayabs. Behind the nhk, and in front of the native springs from the turbo, but hard.

I ordered springs in existential on Kia Carnival VQ. After installation, I drove 300 km and saw that the car sat down on its left side (as on a burst one, before that it was, only on the other side). I drove it into the pit and examined it. Visually, the springs are intact, but the left one is bent.

It really was. Put a whole old one. Traveled like this for a week. During this time, bent, in the garage without load, took its shape again. Put it back. She stood exactly. The springs were installed clearly and according to Feng Shui (if anything).

As a result, two years later, one of them burst in half, clearly in the center (the one that did not bend). The run on them is about 40 tons. km. Now another manufacturer. Kayabs were softer in comparison with him. After installing new springs, the kyb shock absorbers also died, but they gradually came to an end.

I went to them for more than 80t. km, and they still work somehow, but the buildup and roll have appeared - I replaced it with another manufacturer. In general, trust in the KYB brand has disappeared, although I used to put it on all my cars only, they went perfectly.

I also contacted the officials under the guarantee, the results are 0! In general, there should be an installation at the officials at the service (the closest to us is 1200 km), pass the spring for examination, wait for the conclusion, well, for all this time, be left without a car.

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