Stones from the evil eye and damage

Surely many of you have noticed that you just have to boast of something at work or just tell your friend or neighbor about some joy, and then everything starts to go awry. To prevent this kind of situation, it is better to be silent, and it is also important to always have a stone with you against the evil eye!

Everything falls out of hand, the mood spoils from nothing, plans collapse, the state of health sharply worsens. If the above symptoms are also accompanied by: weakness; unreasonable drowsiness; fever; headache or lethargy, we can safely say that a person has received an energy breakdown. Possibly the evil eye. You can find out about the signs of the evil eye and why you shouldn't ignore it here.

Yes, all this can pass relatively quickly in a person with strong energy, it will lie down for a couple of days on the couch and will be like a cucumber. Those who have weaker energy should take care of themselves and think about methods of protection from the evil eye, from damage and from energy vampires. Read about how you can protect yourself from the evil eye here.

On our channel you can find a lot of useful information about magic destructive. Now we will not touch on this topic in detail, because our task is to understand the issues of protection. The same protection that can be obtained from natural stones, stones that can save from the evil eye and damage.

It is clear that as soon as you have discovered a magical destructive effect on yourself, you need to try to understand who is to blame. Ideally, all communication with this person should be stopped. Abruptly or gradually reduce it to nothing. It is important not only to periodically cleanse your energy bodies, but also to apply protective magic. Nature itself indulges us in this.

Today you will learn about stones, which, in the best way possible, will help you protect yourself from destructiveness, they are called so: stones from the evil eye, while it is important to know that there are quite a few such stones.

and so, natural stones will always come to the aid of a person, because they are able to protect against so many misfortunes, they are able to truly protect against the evil eye and damage, they are able to dispel the negative energy accumulated around the owner, and if not entirely remove it, then at least significantly level it.

Eye stones from the evil eye and damage

The aforementioned stones include all stones with the "eye" effect. Let's list the main ones:

  • TIGER eye (sometimes black-yellow-red) and this stone does not need a special introduction. It can be purchased in any form without any problems.
  • FALK-eye (especially blue). Slightly less common, but also familiar.

  • Bull's eye (especially red). Also a very common stone.
  • CAT's eye (yellow, but more often green) This stone is generally known to everyone!

The so-called "EYE" in stones appears due to the presence of various minerals in the composition, such as asbestos, epidote, rhodusite.

Stromynsky tract: why one of the oldest roads in Russia is called the

What is this

In general, the point is that this is a detail that protects the house. It remains motionless relative to the structure itself. On the wall, the mount is as strong as possible so that it is difficult to move them from place to place.

The device itself includes two parts - a frame and sashes, connected with hinges. The shapes and sizes of these parts are the same as those of the opening itself. The width of the opening depends on how many sashes there will be - 1 or 4.

The maximum width for each leaf is 75 cm. There are practically no height restrictions. Metal or wood - types of materials are widely used by those who choose decorative window shutters.


These are the same shutters, only installed from the inside of the room. They are capable of shielding window openings and are durable. They are made of plastic or wood, environmentally friendly, practical, attractive, resistant to sunlight, do not need serious maintenance, have significant strength, and are compact. They represent a frame and panels that look like blinds, they can be folded, moved apart, hung. Illumination is regulated by turning the slats. They have some special features:

  • consist of panels and a frame, which consists of one or more frames for attaching lamellas;
  • sliding shutters can move along guides to close the panoramic window; <
  • wooden models are preferred. They are not so much deformed, they have a spectacular and rich look, they will serve you for a long time;
  • the shape of the lamellas is not always strictly rectangular, it can also be in the form of an ellipse;
  • arches and roof windows can be boldly close such shutters.

This kind of shutters can be opened with varnish and paint, this will make it possible to use them in any interior. This will also provide an opportunity to extend their attractiveness, as well as provide them with additional water repellent and dust repellent functions. Such structures can be hung not only in living quarters, but also in the bathroom, in the dining room, in the study. Shutters can be used to close not only windows, but also use them as doors.


The decorative function is the easiest to understand. But the practical benefits often elude attention. Home decoration is not the only task of the models, they solve a few more:

  • Sun protection. This is especially true for those who go to bed and wake up later than others. Compared to curtains and blinds, blackout is more effective.
  • Security. Such doors are able to protect against the penetration of unauthorized persons. It is worth choosing metal types if safety is one of the most important points for buyers.
  • Insulation. Cold and wind do not penetrate inside with closed positions. Heating the room requires less energy if you just close the doors at night.

The airtight closure enhances the effect. Shutters are more than just a decorative element.

What materials are produced from

False window with white shutters

Installation of a false window in a frame that lies on the surface

The wall is being prepared for a false window. The picture is set in a frame or baguette. This design looks presentable. The painting is created directly on the surface of the wall. As an image, you can use a poster or a large photo. Then a frame made of wood or plastic is mounted at the edges of the image.

Examples of completed work

The studio staff simulates a window on the facade of the house and indoors, experienced designers will suggest the best solution. The company has many completed projects, we offer you to get acquainted with the most interesting works: Windows to the world. The unique project of decorative ceiling painting turned the room into a real miracle. Check out the numerous photos of the false window design - the attic is decorated with jungle and a waterfall, through the glass roof you can see the endless blue sky with flying planes. But photos of imitating a window in the interior are unable to convey the feeling of spaciousness that the room is filled with. It is pleasant for both children and adults to be in it.

  • Pool painting. For an unusual design of the pool in a private house in the Moscow region, we used the trickery painting technique, when the walls and ceiling turn into a single landscape that gives a sense of presence. Wooden ceiling structures are connected to painted wood supports, from the terrace overlooking the dock. Using the technique takes the viewer to the seaside.
  • Airbrushing in Gorky Park. One of the interesting works was the imitation of a window for children, which is part of the integral painting of the fairytale house of the gnomes. Brushes and airbrushes were used for the work. The mysterious green forest has become an additional part of the surroundings of the dwelling of fairy-tale heroes. The painted house is perceived as a portal to the wonderful world of a children's fairy tale.

Drawing in the sports club. Several photos of the imitation of a window on the wall will demonstrate an interesting plot. We have chosen a sketch that motivates the girls to work out hard. The image is located in a narrow corridor, but thanks to the use of a special coating, it is not afraid of damage. As a result, bright colors will not fade. The provocative image has become an important factor in attracting visitors.

House of Horrors. This is the company's first major project and the order has received excellent reviews. The studio employees were given the task of making a thematic painting of the facade so that it becomes scary and mysterious. The result was excellent: people are constantly being photographed against the background of the building, the work has become a landmark of the park.

Mirrored false windows

This technique is used to expand the boundaries of space. Used mirrors that have a 3D effect. Such windows are mainly used on the upper floors, as well as in buildings where real windows face the walls of other houses. Mirrored false windows are designed in the form of frames with a lattice weave. Mirror tiles are inserted inside each frame. Polystyrene tiles are used. This is to ensure that the entire system is not overly heavy.

False windows and new technologies

Some of the most realistic false windows are obtained using LCD or plasma panels. At the same time, you can choose the view from such a window yourself and it will be alive - waves will rise on the sea, leaves will fall in the park, people walk, cars drive, lightning flashes, it rains and ships sail. Such a screen can be connected to the Internet, a computer or DVD, and for its operation you will need special software.

The result will delight you with its beauty. True, such a false window has a rather high cost.

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