Spider-Man's story

Spider-Man appeared in the world of comics in the early 60s of the last century. Over time, this character became so popular among readers that he moved from illustrated magazines to television screens, becoming the hero of many feature films, computer games and cartoons.

Character Creation History

The creators of Spider-Man, American artists and screenwriters Stan Lee and Steve Ditko, perfectly felt the spirit of the times. Yes, superheroes with a lot of money and great opportunities, or superhumans from outer space, this is certainly good, but teenage readers had a need for something new, for example, a hero who would be their peer, and had similar problems and views of the world.

And so, in 1962, on pages 15 of Amazing Fantasy, a story appears about a simple student Peter Parker, who received superpowers from the bite of a radioactive spider, but still remained a teenage boy. Although then-DC Comics editor Martin Goodman doubted the new character's success, all fears were in vain. Within a couple of months, the Spider-Man comic became the most read among teenagers.

Brief biography of the character

Peter Parker's parents were Richard and Mary. Even before Peter appeared, they worked as SHIELD counterintelligence officers, and after the appearance of their son, they decided to quit, finding a safe, as it seemed to them, job. However, it was not possible to lead a peaceful life, they were drawn into spy games, after which it was decided to remove them, setting up a plane crash. Thus, Peter became an orphan, and was sent to be raised by his own uncle Ben and his wife May.

Peter was a talented and intelligent boy who was fond of science. Once, having arrived with a group at a scientific exhibition, he was interested in a genomic isotope accelerator. Peter was so carried away by the demonstration of the device's operation that he did not notice the radioactive spider, which sneaked up and bit him. The fact that the spider was unusual, Peter did not immediately notice, but only when he came home he found out that with the bite of the spider he had acquired extraordinary dexterity, endurance, the ability to climb walls, fighting skills, as well as "spider flair", which in the future will help him get out of trouble more than once and save his life.

Deciding to use the obtained opportunities to the advantage, he sewed himself a suit and came up with cobweb throwers, special bracelets with which he could shoot cobwebs. In this image, he came to television, where he soon began to earn decent money. Fame spoiled the guy. He became proud and arrogant. One day, returning home after the show, Parker did not help the police to catch the robber, and later regretted it. The perpetrator broke into the house where Peter's family lived, where he was discovered by Uncle Ben. He killed his uncle and escaped. Later, Peter helped the police to catch the robber, and when he found out that he could stop him, he was upset about the mistake he had made earlier.

Realizing that show business did not bring him anything good, Spider-Man began to catch criminals and rescue people in trouble. Subsequently, Peter will face many enemies such as the Green Goblin, Doctor Octopus, Chameleon, Sandman and others. The guy will also make friends from among other comic book superheroes - Iron Man, Blade, Doctor Strange.

How to draw Spider-Man step by step with a pencil

Images of Spider-Man attract many with the richness of colors and the dynamism of the plot. Pictures like this can often be seen as a theme on a PC desktop. In this short tutorial, we will try to implement everything we have conceived through simple step-by-step instructions. Finally, we will decorate our drawing with colored paints or markers.

It is not easy to draw Spider-Man, except for simple lines with the help of which we can convey the dexterity and quickness of our character's movements, we still have to draw a rather complex costume made of cobwebs.

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