Rose poetry (poesie)

The abundance of flowering is a significant characteristic of a plant that is gaining more and more value among breeders and florists. When there are a lot of flowers, even their small size does not look like a shortage, but like a cute feature. Lobelia from the bellflower family is one such unique plant. In summer, it looks like a fluffy blooming ball, in which leaves are almost not visible. And these balls can be anywhere: in hanging baskets, balcony boxes, flower pots, in flower beds, in flower beds. Lobelia is a versatile person, she is equally good both in compositions, for example, with petunia, and in solo performance.

Growing lobelia is a laborious process (especially at the seedling stage), but quite exciting, and most importantly, if the rules are followed, it provides an excellent result.

Choosing Lobelia Seeds

A lot depends on the right choice of seeds.

First of all, pay attention to the name, which is intended to reflect the type and variety of lobelia. If the word "erinus" appears in it (so "Lobelia erinus Riviera"), then, most likely, in front of you is a bush lobelia. If the words "ampelous", "cascade", "pendula" - this lobelia is ampelous.

Shrub lobelias grow in a dense, low ball, bloom very profusely. With proper care, no greenery is visible behind the flowers. Ampel configurations form a looser bush, bloom weaker. Growing ampelous lobelia often requires skill, a lot of careful care and experience in the flower business. Even a beginner can grow bush forms.

Color also matters. Lobelia of blue-blue shades grows faster and develops, in seedling age it is more viable. White varieties rise harder, develop more slowly. Violet and lilac varieties are the most capricious: they do not germinate well and, as a rule, bloom weaker than lobelias of other flowers.

It is worth noting that lobelia is quite capricious, planting and caring for it requires time and energy from the grower. However, the pleasure of contemplating lush armfuls of flowers on your balcony or in the garden is worth it.

When to sow Lobelia?

Lobelia seedlings have been developing for a long time. From sowing to flowering, on average, it takes 2.5-3 months. Therefore, flower growers usually sow lobelia early - in February. Desiring at this time, any seedlings require increased attention: daylight hours are still insufficient. The sprouts are capricious, slow down in growth, suffer from the black leg.

In March, the situation is leveling off. Florists often note that the March crops of lobelia easily catch up with the February crops.

Therefore, when deciding when to plant lobelia for seedlings, you need to build on the starting conditions. If you have lamps for illumination and independent time for "dancing with tambourines" - sow lobelia in February, if all this is not there - then in March. You can hold out until April - nothing terrible. Warm spring sunshine, early walks in the air and long daylight hours will do the trick. Lobelia sown in April is likely to bloom in early June. Which is good too!


Why roses smell so sweet Lavrova Tatiana

Why do roses smell so sweet, Bringing chaos to hearts? The scent of flowers gives rise to dreams, excites the Soul endlessly.

How much charm, charm, sophistication, How much power is in a regal flower! Only thorns - protection of the risk zone - Leave their mark on the hand.

Beautiful fresh pink bouquet Delights and excites blood. Only a floral scent, delicate Only in the garden is ready to give love.

Before the gates of Eden Two roses bloomed magnificently, But a rose is an emblem of passion, And passion is the brainchild of the earth.

One is turning pink so tenderly, Like a virgin, she is cute, embarrassed, Another, purple, blushes, Burned by the fire of love.

And both are on the Threshold of Knowledge ... Is it possible that the Almighty judged that way And he added the secret of passionate burning To heavenly secrets ?!

How tenderly the roses bloomed Irina Kirichuk

How tenderly the roses bloomed In my garden, sometimes in autumn. So my soul got off the ground in an instant!

Love has bloomed so tenderly And blooms with flowers. She lived in her soul for a long time. She protected her from troubles.

And now the flower of love is fragrant in my garden. In the soul, only tenderness speaks, And the heart in happiness quietly melts ...

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