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Autumn bouquet from Madame Pompadour. There are always flowers in the country, even if you did not plant them. Chamomile, buttercups, willow-herb grew by themselves. And they must show off on the country table or terrace. If you are not a master of ikebana, it doesn't matter. A bouquet grown and assembled with your own hands is always out of competition.

At any time of the year for the arrival of guests (and just in the mood) I always collect a bouquet. The pleasure is incomparable. I cut flowers and garden and field. I even take spicy herbs - they are very fragrant.

Stylish bouquets of fresh flowers

First I put all the flowers in a bucket of water (for 30-40 minutes), let them be properly nourished. Then I lay out the flowers on the table and cut off all the lower leaves: the water in the vase will be transparent for a long time, and the stems will not rot. Then I lay out by color, height, figure out which will go first. I do not take a flower as a basis, but a strong green twig (for example, a mint stem).

The most beautiful delicate bouquet of fresh flowers photo

I apply the first flower to it at a slight angle, and thus gradually, moving in a spiral, I add either flower or greenery. I examine the bouquet, it should not stick out on either side. In the end, I tamp the bouquet with herbs. Large leaves of rhubarb, and even beets, look beautiful. I cut the legs of the flowers, tie them with a simple twine in a rustic style (but you can also use a beautiful ribbon).

The best pictures of beautiful bouquets of flowers

Bouquet in French At the beginning of autumn, flowers blaze, and they ask for a luxurious bouquet in the style of Pompadour - the French trendsetter. Golden cereals, chrysanthemums, barberry, mountain ash, viburnum are suitable. But in the center of the composition, in two rows (who would doubt it!) - roses. All other plants are randomly arranged around. They make up the background. What flowers you take is only a matter of your imagination.

Beautiful bouquets of flowers 2021 2022 new trends in bouquets

Knowing a few layout rules helps me out. I use flowers of different sizes and shapes. I place the paler ones along the edge, and in the center - the brightest and largest. a loud bouquet placed in a small vase or standing on a small table will look ridiculous. Don't put tall flowers in a low vase. Hollowed out pumpkin - original autumn vase.

Cards with flowers and bouquets

I cut off the top with a knife, remove seeds and pulp. The pumpkin itself holds water well, but it is better to put some container on the bottom so that the base will last longer. I put the largest flowers in the center. And I fill the space between them with leaves, twigs, other flowers. So that it is firmly there are several ways how to fix flowers in a vase.

The best amulets for women

A long time ago, in shaggy 00s, we had such a hellish shaitan machine at home (picture from internet, 95% similarity)

There is a need to cut firewood. Well, routine, that everyday thing, did not bode well for trouble.

With the help of cunning manipulations, the doomsday car is started, and for a minute, at 4500 rpm according to the specs. The brother stands on the side of the saw, I on the opposite side.

He cuts small branches and at one point the following happens. Looking ahead, I x. ... why I behaved this way and why it happened is completely incomprehensible, i.e. from infancy, the mantra was firmly hammered into my head: "do not stick your hands into all rotating pieces and assemblies."

So .. I see a sawn-off piece of a branch on the upper "table" of the sawmill and it lies slightly at an angle to the cylinder of the "plane". In the course of a conversation, I receive an impulse from the brain "brush it aside" and simply immediately and unpretentiously begin to move my hand so that the knuckles of the middle phalanx of my fingers hit the freshly sawn end of the branch and. I miss. Directly hitting the rusty and blunt planer knives with your middle finger nail. O_o

Naturally, everything happened instantly. I hear a sound: sssssrshshshshh and unusual sensations in the area of ​​the nail, comparable to a slight tickling. Until the nerve impulses reached the brain, until the impulse came back to the muscles, the rusty knives managed to completely gnaw the nail and half of the bone of the last phalanx of the middle finger.

I see a beautiful red cut, meat, a beautifully gnawed bone, there is no blood yet, a state of shock, there is no pain either.

1st thought - "Fuck your finger! How am I going to knock on the keyboard?"

Everyone froze, like in movies, when the movement of time slows down, or in the children's game "the sea is agitated.

Blood, oddly enough, was not enough. Immediately disinfecting, coagulating liquids, a tight bandage, and after half an hour they went back to sawing wood.

It was lucky that the rotation was in the direction of the finger, and not towards. Otherwise it would have dragged on and the consequences would have been much sadder!

It is like a lizard. True, the nail became deformed and very hard, once a month I bite off the excess with nippers specially designed for this.

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