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DIY repair of the VAZ ignition module, how to check and replace

The motor control system includes a wide variety of elements, each of which plays an important role.

In some situations, high voltage disappears on several or even one cylinder. The reason for this may be the ignition module on the VAZ 2110, or rather its malfunction.

It should be noted that the replacement of the ignition module for the VAZ 2110 may not be required. First, try to repair it, diagnose and fix the problem.

Version of the module on -s valve VAZ-

Two 8-valve motors of different volumes were installed on the top ten - 1.5 (2111) and 1.6 liters (21114). These engines have different ignition modules.

A module for a 1.5 liter motor costs about 1500-2100, and the second one is 500 rubles cheaper.

Which is better?

SOATE devices manufactured in Stary Oskol have proven to be the most reliable ignition modules.

Module structure

The module consists of two ignition coils and two high-voltage switch switches.

Inside the module there is a board with radio components and ignition coils filled with a compound.

The coil generates a high voltage pulse, and it is a simple transformer with two windings, a primary (induction voltage of about 500 V) and a secondary (induction voltage of at least 20 kV). All this is assembled in a single housing, which houses the signal wire connector (from the engine control unit) and four terminals for high-voltage wires.

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