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Remembered. I once studied in France, and a small Russian-speaking company from different countries and universities (Russians, Ukrainians, even one Kazakh woman) spontaneously formed in the hostel, 12 people plus or minus. And somehow, on February 23, the male part of this company decided to surprise the ladies (who, as expected, would congratulate us). We cooked some relatively tasty food with our own hands, sit and wait. The night is drawing near, the girls are not coming. We decide, just in case, to speed up the process - well, you never know, they don't know that the treat is getting cold. We send a messenger to the room where they usually hang out - they say, come on, go already. The messenger returns with eyes for two euros - "They cooked mulled wine there and sit drinking it with the whole party, and they sent me nafig with my invitation."

Half an hour later, the only girl came (school day, just returned from class, did not participate in drinking mulled wine) to congratulate us. We harbored bad things on the rest of the ladies, and in the next March 8 th we all threw off the only one that remembered about our holiday, flowers and a good gift (they gave some fancy MP3 player, in those years they were still a wonder), and the rest did not even congratulate.

About February

In the fourth class, the girls gave us a ride with gifts for February 23rd. We, of course, remembered this and decided not to give anything in return. Closer to March 8, our class teacher said that the girls needed to buy gifts, to which we were indignant, but the teacher quickly besieged us and said that at least we needed to buy balloons and create a festive atmosphere for the girls. As a result, we chipped in 1 ruble and went to the nearest store to buy balloons. We gave balloons to girls when they were not inflated. The apotheosis of the situation was that some of the balloons were defective and some of the girls, hoping to "create a festive atmosphere on their own," tried to inflate the balloons, which was impossible to inflate. After 20 years, I remember this incident and a picture appears before my eyes.

P.s. Perhaps one of the classmates is reading this now. Girls, you know, we didn’t want to give you defective balloons. we didn't want to give you anything at all)

Report on Socks and Flowers Exchange MINSK - MOSCOW

Took part in the "Sock - flower" exchange. I thought about my gift for a long time, thought, looked for it, but I broke my leg and stayed at home, so I had to send it via delivery. My "granddaughter" seemed happy!

But I want to share a report on my gift. THIS IS SOMETHING.

My almost 1.5 kg of happiness arrived from Minsk to Moscow in a short period. a little less than a week. The parcel was in the mail for a longer time, but then my joint was removed, the plaster was removed!

They rushed home quickly to open them without the presence of little "MAMDAI" and "DAYMNE". An amazing spice aroma emanated from the package. At first, they did not understand where and why, but they opened it. I personally squealed with delight.

Cinnamon, a set of Crimean spices, chocolate, yummy for children, cute handmade cards for ALL major holidays: "Happy Birthday!", "From March 8!", "From February 23!", "С Happy New Year and Merry Christmas! " and "Happy Easter!", a metal magnet (as if there was a place on the fridge for it), a hot plate with Crimean sights and handmade soap!

There was also a note with my favorite music channel "Snegurochka". Special thanks for this small and so personal detail!

Also, there was a baking with a romantic prediction in a small box, but I won't tell you about it!

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