Replacing the cooling radiator of the VAZ 2114 with your own hands

Lada Priora and tuning the salon with your own hands in the photo of folk craftsmen

The interior of the VAZ-2170, surprisingly, did not cause any particular complaints from car owners. And this suggests that Togliatti residents this time approached the solution of the problem more responsibly. And no wonder - even a design studio from Italy itself was attracted. But will all this stop connoisseurs of beauty in their desire to individualize the features of their car? And here everything depends on personal tastes, because a budget car, and you can pour in a lot of money to realize your dream, and, as you know, there is no limit to "perfection". Therefore, it is important to stop in time so as not to shock the road users.

Interior tuning Lada Priora sedan in the photo: main directions

Many motorists already have an idea of ​​how to organize the modernization of the chassis or power plant. For example, some owners successfully installed daytime running lights on the VAZ-2170, which increased not only the level of the exterior, but also safety.

There are many opinions about interior surroundings. Some especially "spiritualized" personalities manage to change the internal situation beyond recognition. Such Priora and tuning the salon with their own hands in the photo look, in their opinion, like the dream of an Arab sheikh. However, there are quite sane options, including:

  • Replacement of covers and trim.
  • Seating and dashboard upgrades.
  • Acoustic noise isolation and installation of a powerful audio system.
  • Salon light tuning and painting of standard plastic elements.

Going through the options, one should not forget that even for a substantial amount, the VAZ situation cannot turn into a Mercedes one. Therefore, modernization should be planned without much fanaticism, do everything modestly, but with taste.

VAZ dashboard upgrade options-

The dashboard of the Lada Priora sedan and the tuning in the photo looks pretty decent, and even more - it is justified, since the factory lighting of devices is not enough for many. There are several options for implementation:

  • Disassemble the panel and remove the standard dusting from the numbers of the overlay. After that, the signs on the dashboard will acquire a bright white glow.
  • Stick on the back of the glass red or any other inserts on certain numbers. This focuses on the temperature scale and speedometer.
  • Fix pieces of LED strip of certain sizes on the back of the glass on the dashboard board. It is important to observe the polarity when connecting the circuit to the standard wiring.

What else to do - owners of VAZ 2170 can only dream of a full-fledged projection screen HUD, but there is something that can be done. If you do not like the green color of the display, then you should disassemble it and remove the filter. This will turn the backlight bright white, but you can install any other filter.

Some tuning fans simultaneously change the illumination of the speedometer needle along with the general illumination of the instruments. To implement this project, 10 SMD LEDs are enough: four for lighting the tachometer and speedometer, and three each for the fuel consumption and coolant temperature scales.

External tuning of the prior sedan

We change the VAZ cooling radiator with our own hands

VAZ 2114 is considered one of the most striking examples of the success of the domestic auto industry. This model is a modified version of the VAZ 2109 and differs from it in the design of the front of the body, updated headlights and hood, design of the radiator grille, as well as plastic moldings and spoilers. However, as it became known, the car is susceptible to damage to the radiator, it can lead to overheating, and as a result, to engine breakdown.

Replacing the cooling radiator

It should be noted that the radiator from 2114 is also suitable for other representatives of the VAZ model range. As you know, the developments of the VAZ company are universal, so it is not surprising that not only the parts of the cooling system, but also other spare parts from earlier and later models of this brand are ideal for 2114.

Being one of the main parts of the cooling system in constant operation, the radiator may need to be replaced, as it becomes clogged with debris or is subject to mechanical damage. In addition, the coolant must be replaced in a timely manner, otherwise, it will corrode it from the inside, which will undoubtedly lead to breakdown.

How to remove the old one?

Before a replacement is made, regardless of the vehicle manufacturer, it is worth remembering that the process of dismantling the old and mounting a new radiator must be done on a cold engine, and VAZ 2114 is no exception. In addition, before replacing this spare part, you must disconnect the battery and drain the coolant by unscrewing the plug located at the bottom left.

To avoid burns, be sure to cool the engine down before draining the coolant.

How to pin new

Refueling a new radiator

At the end, "Antifreeze" or antifreeze should be poured into the expansion tank of the new radiator. Basically, approximately 5-8 liters of engine coolant are poured into the new cooling system. Having filled in antifreeze, the car must be started and left in a running state for a few minutes in order for the thermostat to open and the antifreeze to go into the engine cooling system. Replacing the radiator 2114, like any other VAZ model, should be carried out in a warm room or in the summer season.

Lada ReBorn ›Logbook› Radiator replacement (super-auto hemorrhoids)

The car is from a super-auto, and it presents hemorrhoids too. A few times he gave a hint at the service that the radiator was leaking and it would be necessary to change it, which they looked at me with a smirk “look for fools”.

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