Removing and replacing the Renault Logan stove fan without dismantling the instrument panel

Removing and replacing the Renault Logan stove fan without dismantling the dashboard

When the stove is broken, people in the car feel uncomfortable, both in winter and summer. A stove is required to create a comfortable temperature, with its help they get rid of condensation on the glass; without it, the stability of the engine can be disturbed. More often the stove motor fails, and the popular Renault Logan car is no exception. You can solve the problem of replacing the motor yourself.

The heater motor for Renault Logan is supplied by two companies - directly by Renault and by a third-party manufacturer Valeo, both of them are considered original. Modifications are offered for machines with and without air conditioning. The former have a little more power, otherwise their design is identical, so repair and maintenance are no different.

Heater system device

It cannot be said that the ventilation and heating system on Renault Logan is a weak point, but such a malfunction, especially in the cold season, promises unpleasant consequences. The principle of operation in the interior heating system does not differ significantly from the device in other cars. But if the rear window heating does not work, then this can also bode well.

The radiator of the stove is connected directly to the cooling system, in which coolant circulates (coolant, about its replacement here, about the choice of coolant here), which heats up to 95 ° C during engine operation. A special fan blows onto the hot radiator, which generates a strong air flow and directs it into the passenger compartment through special air ducts. The amount and rate of heated air supply, adjustable with using a shutter.

Signs of a fuser malfunction

You should think about the upcoming repair and replacement of the stove motor if the following malfunctions are observed in its operation:

  • An abnormal noise appeared when the stove was turned on.
  • Warm air stopped flowing into the passenger compartment.
  • The speed of the incoming air flow has decreased.
  • And, of course, if the stove does not turn on at all. (However, in case of such a malfunction, first of all, analyze the state of the fuse F36, which is located in the passenger compartment. It is located in the green housing and is responsible for protecting the heater against short circuits).

The fuse responsible for the operation of the stove is located on the right side of the unit.

How to Remove Renault Logan Stove Fan Video

Replacing the Renault Motor Oven Do it yourself Logan (video and photo)

To feel comfortable in a car at any time of the year, you need to look at the health of its heating system, or, in other words, the "stove". The Renault Logan video shows how to remove the fan, how to remove the fan from the stove. How to Remove a Skoda Fan | A similar system is responsible for the function of heating, cooling and air circulation in the passenger compartment. Photo report on how to remove a vane motor fan for Renault Megane 2. Since you haven't made a car that is 100% problem-free yet, you should know how to do it yourself as a replacement. engine plate on Renault Logan.

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