Reinforcement of a monolithic floor slab with steel reinforcement

Usually in stone houses, floors are made of ready-made reinforced concrete blocks. But sometimes you need to make a do-it-yourself floor slab.

An example of calculating a monolithic floor slab

Before proceeding with the manufacture of the plate, it is advisable to make its calculation. Next, an example of calculating a slab of interfloor slab for deflection will be performed.

Initial data for calculation

The size of a building with a monolithic overlap is taken as 6x6 m, divided in the center by internal walls (span 3 m). The thickness of the floor will be 160 mm, while the working height of the floor section will be 13 cm.For the manufacture of the slab, concrete of class B20 will be used (Rb = 117kg / cm2, Rbtn = cm2, Eb = 3.1 * 10 ^ 5 kg / cm2) and steel reinforcement A -500С (Rs = 4500kg / cm2, Ea = 2.0 * 10 ^ 6 kg / cm2).

Collecting Floor Loads

The floor load will consist of weight: floor slab (in our case 160 mm), cement screed 30 mm thick, ceramic tiles, standard weight of partitions and payload. All data are summarized in the table below, taking into account the coefficients.

Calculation of slab deformations for deflection

Now we need to select the section of the reinforcement, for this we define the maximum moment:

and coefficient Aо with the width of the slab section b = 1 (m):

The required cross-sectional area of ​​the reinforcement will be:

Therefore, for the reinforcement of 1 running meter of the floor slab, you can use 5 rods with a diameter of 8 mm with a step of 200 mm. The cross-sectional area of ​​the reinforcement will be As = 2.51 cm2.

We have come close to calculating the slab for deflection deformations. From the initial data, we know that the permanent floor load is equal to m2 and the temporary floor load is equal to m2.

Reinforcement of a monolithic floor slab with steel reinforcement

How to start a Honda car N-Series with dead immobilizer battery

Today I would like to consider one of the situations when the battery in the immobilizer of a regular key suddenly runs out, but you need to go. You will now say that this practically cannot be. Indeed, most modern cars notify their owners of a low battery level by displaying this information on the scoreboard.

It would seem, what is happening here? So I thought so, until one of the days off I devoted to relaxing with my family in nature. We went for a walk in a Honda N-WGN. It was frosty outside, the car key was in my jacket pocket all this time. When it was time to leave, the car refused to start. I was unpleasantly surprised by this surprise.

Replacing the battery in the key fob

To find out what kind of element is used in the immobilizer key, you need to open it. There is a recess in the back of the key. We take a small coin - let's say the denomination is one ruble. Use it to open the keychain. We take out a three-volt lithium "tablet" CR1632 from the immobilizer board and replace it.

What to do if the key is lost?

Very often, cars from Japan come with one key. The second, as a rule, the "cunning seller" keeps for himself for further resale. It also happens that the previous owner from the land of the rising sun also sells a car with one key. Why is that bad?

The key consists of an immobilizer and a metal "sting" with which you can open the door if the battery in the key fob is discharged. Information about this key is spelled out in the electronic control unit of the car (ECU), in the common people "brains". So, if you lose, or lose the immobilizer in other ways, then you will not be able to leave by car. It will not identify you as the owner and will not let you start the engine.

Believe me, this is a very unpleasant situation. Here is your car in front of you, but you cannot leave. What to do in such a situation?

It will be necessary to contact qualified specialists who can open the car, supply power bypassing the immobilizer and register a new key in the ECU. And that's all: money, time, nerves.

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