Out-of-court bankruptcy: why it is popular

However, both horizontal and vertical devices contain movable units, parts of which are subject to wear and tear during operation and under the influence of external factors, so that the failure of the blinds due to the breakdown of some component is not a rare situation.

Venetian blinds repair accessories and tools

Troubleshooting often comes down to replacing the old part with a new one, so in most cases it is quite possible to repair the blinds with your own hands.

Consider how to fix the blinds yourself for the most common breakdowns.

Criteria for the feasibility of repairing blinds

If the device breaks down, before undertaking its restoration, you need to assess the rationality of the repair.

Recovery is justified if:

  • blinds are an accessory of high-end artistic performance, for example, a handmade piece;
  • damage is not significant and can be eliminated by replacing or adjusting a low-value component;
  • the accessory may be improved as a result of repairs.

It is impractical to repair blinds if:

  • the device is of little value, and its physical wear is on the verge of depleting a resource;
  • there are no obsolete worn out components on sale, and their individual production by a professional is required;
  • there are few damages, and the cost of repairing them is close to the price of a new accessory.

Since September 1 of last year, the unenviable economic status of "bankrupt" has been drawn up directly at the MFC. For several months, the Russians have filed almost 6.5 thousand applications for out-of-court bankruptcy. St. Petersburg is among the leaders, Moscow is on the second place, the Altai Territory, Tyumen and Leningrad regions are also included in the five "leaders".

How does out-of-court bankruptcy differ from judicial bankruptcy?

Oddly enough, to prove your financial insolvency to the court, you need to fork out. The court costs, which the bankrupt is forced to bear, consist of a state duty of 300 rubles, 25 thousand are paid on the court deposit (these funds will be used to pay the financial manager), several thousand will cost the registration of all certificates, another 13 thousand will be spent on publications in print media and on Internet resources. And this is without taking into account the cost of the services of a lawyer, and an ordinary debtor cannot do without them. Total - a person will have to spend about 100 thousand rubles and a year of life on the procedure for judicial bankruptcy. So it won't take long to become emotional bankrupt.

The procedure for out-of-court bankruptcy is surprisingly simple: it is enough to submit to the MFC a resolution on the end of enforcement proceedings, which means that there is nothing to take from a person, and ... that's all. So it is not surprising that Russians unwilling or unable to pay off their debts got a taste and began to actively use the opportunity to painlessly get rid of financial bondage. The demand is frenzied, the percentage of approved applications is growing, and bailiffs even began to force the completion of enforcement proceedings if there really is nothing to take from the "client".

The submitted application is analyzed for 3 days. If everything goes well, a positive decision will appear on the website of the unified federal bankruptcy register. To do this, in the search you need to type the name of the debtor. If the information is found, then the mechanism has been launched and in six months the debts will be automatically written off. A pleasant bonus for the debtor and unpleasant for borrowers - in the future, the bankrupt will again be able to collect loans, because he will not be included in the "black list" of banks. And whether he will pay off these debts is a big question.

You don't need enemies with such friends

For a resident of Krasnodar Kristina, extrajudicial bankruptcy is the only way to return to normal life. It is doubly insulting that she did not spend the loan of several hundred thousand rubles on herself, but gave it to her close friend. The man tearfully asked to share money with him, they say, it is necessary to promote the business, and not for what. The friendship ended immediately after the transfer of a large amount - the man simply disappeared, the phone turned off.

Now the girl owes the banks 400 thousand. Christina does not work anywhere, there is nothing to take from her, there is no money for judicial recognition of her economic insolvency, so the only way to get out of the financial hole is to try to apply to the MFC.

Everything is fine, but there are nuances

Only individuals whose loan debt ranges from 50,000 to 500,000 rubles can take advantage of this lifeline. A person should not have any income, while property in the form of cars and an assortment of real estate means that a person has something to sell and pay off his debts. An exception will be made only for the only housing of potential bankruptcy.

In fact, extrajudicial bankruptcy was invented for the most unprotected Russians who were left without a livelihood, they have nothing to sell and there is no money for judicial recognition of their insolvency. Ironically, pensioners cannot count on out-of-court proceedings. After all, an elderly person receives a pension, which means that the bailiffs have the right to withhold half of this income.

"Maternity" and pre-retirees in an advantageous position

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