Omsk farmers paid almost 2 billion rubles to the budget of the Russian Federation

We have tested a car, the ride of which gives rise to children's delight.


The year of production of the car submitted for the test is a 2-liter engine with a capacity of 115 liters. sec., automatic transmission, front-wheel drive. Equipment: full power accessories, electrically adjustable mirrors, electric roof drive, air conditioning, front airbags, headlight range control, power steering, ABS. Mileage on the day of the test - 153,000 km.

"Convertible is a beautiful but very impractical car"

Pavel Druzin (12 years of driving experience)

Convertibles have long ceased to be exotic. No, no, yes, and flashes in the stream of cars without a roof. But still, such a car attracts attention, naturally, when the roof is down. The convertible looks, to be honest, not very harmonious when it is raised.

The Golf Cabrio Karmann is based on the usual Volkswagen Golf III hatchback, but there are, of course, differences. First of all, it is a soft folding roof and two very wide doors without window frames. Secondly, it is an arch under the roof over the B-pillars and a very cramped, even for two, rear seat. In addition to this, changes in the interior are minimal. And finally, a modified feed with a raised small trunk lid.

With the roof down, the car looks very stylish and harmonious

The Golf Cabrio looks very stylish with the roof down, an open car is always beautiful.

The roof is folded with the help of an electric drive, it is enough just to squeeze the handles near the windshield pillar and press the button on the panel - easily and quickly. True, all manipulations with the roof must be done on a car muffled and fixed with a parking brake. The roof does not hide at all, as on some convertibles, but simply folds three times behind the back of the rear seat into a special niche, so it eats up some of the space useful for the rear passengers.

Driving is the same as in a regular Golf. The four-spoke small steering wheel is vertically adjustable and does not overlap the instrument panel even in extreme positions. Readings of the main instruments are easy to read, additional information is displayed by control lamps, to the right of the tachometer there is a monochrome indicator of automatic transmission modes, I did not notice it immediately, and it is almost impossible to see something on it, especially with an open top.

Volkswagen Golf III

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