New version of Windows 10 20H2 Pro x64 Compact Full with activation

Greetings to everyone who came to our site in search of original images and the best authoring assemblies for Windows 10. Here you can download all known images for free via torrent. Today, your attention will be offered a fresh build of Windows 10 from the famous Runet developer Flibustier.

Build Windows 10 20H2 Professional x64 Compact by Flibustier.

Windows 10 Compact Full 20H2 x64 Pro is one of the most recent versions of the top ten, including the November 2020 updates. As always, the original image from the Microsoft website was taken as a basis, which was slightly improved and finalized. In this article, we will give a brief overview of the author's version, highlight the features and strengths of the dozen, and calculate the minimum system requirements for installation.


Another update from Filibuster brought some changes to the original image that had a positive impact on performance. The assembly is based on the original image, which is located on the Microsoft website. To begin with, the author cleaned up all the most unnecessary, including spyware and other components that negatively affect data protection and security.

A global optimization of all components was also carried out. Thus, the author influenced the improvement of performance in games and working at the computer. Despite the minimal innovations, the author notes that the speed of the entire system has increased significantly, in accordance with the characteristics of each computer, it practically reaches the maximum.

The build received not only the latest updates for 11.20, but was also upgraded to version 20H2, and the build grew to 19042.630. This build was relevant for the period November 20, 2020, but after it there were no significant updates. Therefore, we can assume that the update is the freshest. Note that in addition to standard updates, innovations for security and protection components have been integrated. Integration of the VP9 video codec deserves special attention, thanks to which you can play multimedia of any format.

Over the next years, the system will independently receive new service packs, warning you before installing. You can opt out of updates, but you can also set up automatic downloads so that you will not be disturbed by pop-up messages every time.

From the main one, the author removed the OneDrive cloud storage, the QuickAssist remote access assistant, the HelloFace "biometric" login element, the handwriting input method, the OS Recovery Environment, and several unnecessary components. All this can be restored if desired in the control panel.

The assembly is suitable for any PC with x64 architecture. The FBLauncher module has been implemented, thanks to which you can independently select components during installation. You will be presented with an extensive list of modules, programs and applications, and you just need to check the box next to those components that you need most. After installation, the selected items will be installed.

System Requirements

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