Mistakes in images that make you older

Sticky eyelashes, bad arrows and unnatural eyebrows - makeup failed! At the same time, so many incidents are rare, but a lot of time spent on eyebrows, which do not look at all the way we would like, is familiar to many. Eyebrow makeup is an art, but it takes time to hone the technique. They should not be too thin, too dark, too large.

Make sure you don't make these common eyebrow grooming mistakes Joy-pup will tell you about.

What not to do with eyebrows: mistakes

Proper eyebrow makeup works wonders for the face. At the same time, mistakes in eyebrow makeup can ruin the look. Most likely, you have been wrong more than once. These tips will help you highlight your eyes and face beautifully.

: wrong color selected

Many, when choosing a pencil tone, match the color of the hair on the eyebrows.

But in fact, it should be a tone lighter than the hair on the head. The lighter shade is perfect for filling in any gaps and will look natural. The only exception is blondes with very light hair. In this case, you need to add more color, so choose a product that is specially formulated for blondes.

: don't try to make the brows exactly the same

Don't be obsessed. Eyebrows should be sisters, not twins. Many, trying to make them 100% the same, are addicted to plucking. It is better to let them differ slightly than to be overly plucked. If you accidentally overdo it, leave them alone for a while and let them grow. After waiting, shape them so that the length, angle and width are close to each other, but do not find fault with much.

don't create a new form

Another mistake in eyebrow makeup is to blindly follow fashion. Monobrow, square and other shapes are not for everyone. They'll just ruin your face. Each has its own shape that fits. But for many years of plucking, waxing, haircuts, have you completely forgotten what they should be? See how you looked in baby photos and stay within your unique parameters. In short, work with what you have.

How to draw error-free eyebrows: makeup secrets

Quite often on the street you can meet a woman, looking at whom it is impossible to determine her age ー over fifty or more? Although, in fact, she may be in her early forties. An incorrectly chosen image easily adds ten years.

What to give up to look your age or younger, not vice versa:

Eyelash Extensions

No, it's not about giving up them altogether, but it's better to do without a huge fan instead of eyelashes. This makes the look very heavy, visually increases the puffiness under the eyes, and with age it appears in many, gives extra age, and it looks completely ridiculous.

Rough makeup

Have you noticed that if a woman over forty has bright or dark makeup, then it usually looks repulsive? Poorly shaded smokey eye does not give the image a mysterious gothicness, but makes its owner look like those who bewitch and remove damage. It is better to use natural makeup that will accentuate your beauty.

Darkness in clothes

Many people prefer to choose a solid color bow, but have you ever noticed how it adds years? This is especially true for strict office suits and dark (black, gray) robes.

Try diluting the prim style with other colors. Combine the top and bottom of different shades of a soft scale. The result will be stylish, but at the same time it will remain businesslike without distorting age.

Contrast hair coloring

How to draw eyebrows without mistakes: makeup secrets Don't know how to do makeup? Need makeup brushes, look at the makeup photo, do your face care the right way. Be beautiful and use a face cream. Permanent makeup for you.

February Horoscope Aries

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Evening is a great time to receive guests or visit old acquaintances. Interesting conversations await you, and unusual offers that you will not want to refuse are not excluded. The closest people will find a way to inspire you.

Aries: work horoscope for today

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Aries: today's health horoscope

On this day, you need to pay attention to your health, there may be problems with the cardiovascular system. Also, you should not visit cosmetologists, make-up artists and other masters today, there is a high probability that you will not get the result you expected. It is worth paying more attention to simple home cosmetic procedures, to prepare masks for the face and scalp from natural ingredients.

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