Minus of a frame house, which you only recognize at the time of its sale

We completed and finished our house at the end of autumn. We stopped immediately. We built a frame house, it is two-story. Second floor is an attic floor. Now we are living, watching. Gradually, all sorts of constructive disadvantages of such houses, with which we try to share with the readers of our blog, come out. Everything has its pros and cons, construction technologies are no exception. It's just that for some, some of the nuances of such houses are critical, while others, on the contrary, will not notice some things. For example, there are people who cannot stand the sound of rain on a metal roof. We, on the contrary, sometimes falling asleep on the phone, turn on the program with the sounds of rain on the roof. And for us, the fact that we have a metal roof made of profiled sheet, in the rain, it's a thrill. And here we found out one minus, which will really push someone away from the construction of such a house. We have one friend who began to build a house almost similar to ours a year earlier than ours. But there was one key difference.

The plan is to make money on construction

An acquaintance works on business trips and has a break in his work for about six months. The organization lost the tender for the work. He did not want to quit this office, but he worked there on a piece-work basis. He had a plot of land in a fairly decent place, inherited by him, and the money was accumulated, which he had long thought to invest somewhere in order to increase. He knows how to build, he has all the tools, and now the idea appeared to build a house during the forced vacation in order to sell it later. I chose the frame technology just for the reason that these houses are put up quickly enough and you can build it alone with some skill. He also built it according to a purchased project, like we did, besides, the house is practically the same, the internal layout is only slightly different. As a result, during these 4 months, while I was idle for work, I put the box on the pile field, made a roof, insulation, inserted windows and doors. Then it so happened that there was a long business trip and a break in construction. And after about a year, the house was completely ready for sale. Unlike ours, he also gasified it. In reality, the only thing left in the house is to glue the wallpaper and lay a clean floor covering. Even the ceilings, unlike us, he did not stretch, but plasterboard for reasons of fire safety. In general, he actually got a good house, did not save on materials, did everything according to his conscience, as they say, as for himself. As a result, the time has come - I put the house up for sale with the thought that now I will sell and buy a couple of plots, maybe I’ll hire a couple of people to help and mortgage a couple more houses.

The minus that you will only recognize by putting up a frame house for sale

He spent 1 million rubles on the house on materials and supply of communications. Of this amount, the house itself is 1.5 million rubles, the rest is gas / electricity / water supply (gas is really inexpensive to supply from them, 200 thousand for everything). By the way, he let the gas down with the aim that it seems better to sell houses with it. House on 125 m2 area, by the way. Three-room apartments in the suburbs, where he has a house, stood at the time when he put it up for sale, about 2 million rubles. Brick houses of about the same area and with the same equipment, about 3 million rubles. He figured that the optimal price would be 2 million. In principle, there were quite a lot of people willing to buy, but one problem emerged. Basically, they all wanted to buy a house on a mortgage. And this is where the problems usually began. Large banks practically do not give loans for frame houses, considering them not reliable collateral. There are smaller banks, but the percentage there turns out to be unprofitable, plus they require certain insurance, which also greatly increases the cost of the loan. There were many clients with different housing certificates, with this, as it turned out, not everything is smooth either, there are a lot of restrictions on the real estate acquired with the help of these certificates. As a result, his plans to quickly sell and build houses of the same kind did not work.

P / S from blog author

He doesn't want to sell the house for less money yet. I decided so - if the business did not work out, it would be so easy for customers to wait. Still, waiting with a finished home is much better than without it. In our conversation, we suggested, maybe, try to lower the price from that calculation. Take roughly the time he spent on work. Add your maximum monthly earnings to the cost price. We just talked once at a real estate agency, they told us that at the price of a 3-room apartment, our house would find the owner of a day in 3 days. And "three rubles" in our city cost about 700-800 thousand more than the cost of our house. But then the man decided to wait anyway. Now it seems like they want to change something at the legislative level, so that such real estate can be more easily credited.

But in any case, building or purchasing such a house, you need to take this nuance into account.

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