Major PlayStation 4 exclusive arrives on PC

I would like to start this post with an incredibly tagged, in my opinion, a quote:

“Everything is poison, everything is medicine; both are determined by the dose. "


Most owners of problem skin prone to oily content believe that oil in facial care is a direct way to worsen the situation. How so? On my face, and so sometimes you can fry eggs, and you suggest me add more? To make acne bigger and redder and clog pores even more?

But in today's post, I'm ready to prove to you that oil for relatively problem skin can be beneficial without harming. It's all about the dose.

First, I need to make a small digression. I am a supporter of as few cans as possible on my shelf in the bathroom - they annoy and burden me, I strive for minimalism in decorative cosmetics too, albeit not always successfully. Therefore, I have only one moisturizing base boring cream, which I use during the day under sunscreen together with an active serum, and in the evening I enrich it with oil and turn it into a night one. But I also used this remedy on bare skin.

Briefly describe my skin: sensitive, very pale and thin, combined with an oily t-zone, blackheads on the nose and chin, a tendency to clogged pores and often nasty subcutaneous acne. Keeping her in check with acids and retinol.

What is this?

The manufacturer gives the following description:

Lotus face oil from the well-known cosmetic brand CLARINS is designed for proper care of combination and oily skin. Thanks to its unique herbal composition, the product quickly eliminates rashes, acne, blackheads and other epidermal problems, stimulating its protective functions and protecting against the damaging effects of free radicals.

The manufacturer also points out that this remedy also normalizes the functions of the sebaceous glands, as well as moisturizes and even nourishes.

Everything is poison, everything is medicine: Clarins Lotus Face Treatment Oil in the care of problem skin

Over the past ten years, a lot of console exclusives have gotten rid of platform tethers - Yakuza, Monster Hunter and other iconic franchises are now being released on the PC. The last stronghold for a long time was considered the releases of the first echelon from Sony, but they are now changing their registration: last year, the hit Horizon Zero Dawn reached personal computers. And this, as it turned out, is not the limit.

In an interview with GQ magazine, Sony PlayStation President Jim Ryan made an unexpected announcement - in the spring the company will transfer the zombie action Days Gone from Bend Studio to computers. And Ryan claims this game is the first of many. Is the company going to give God of War, Uncharted or Ghost of Tsushima to the boyars?

Let us remind you that Days Gone was released on PlayStation 4 in 2019 and received relatively low (but not bad) ratings from critics - they scolded the action movie for banality and technical problems. Ordinary gamers, on the other hand, liked the story of Deacon St. John, and the slowly growing Metacritic score is a good illustration of this.

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Tears welled up in the eyes of the curlers, defending the still IMAGINARY EXASES ????????????

AlexzelAOO, Full backward compatibility, awesome technical support, no account binding to the region. Thanks to Microsoft for respecting our customers

xNightx, No boyars are interested in such stupid games. Press the button to watch the scripted actions, ofig what kind of gameplay.

Arb4, Your Doca 2 and X Go * but much better

OnePersonArmy, well, look how many people have been playing in them and how long ago. And about your DG figs who will remember besides plyers.

Canniballissimo, Well, probably because she just came out on the curling iron)) So this is one of the best games I have played.

by the summer I wanted to buy a curling iron for 4, and I never checked out this game. but Sonya has simplified the task to a minimum - I'll take a torrent unit

Canniballissimo, People love to play with trash. Popularity is not an argument.

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