Lunnitsa: a strong female amulet with your own hands

You can protect yourself from all sorts of troubles with the help of self-made amulets. A strong talisman will be a bracelet, charmed for the necessary protection. The creation of such a decoration will not take much time, but it will be the most effective way to protect yourself from harm.

Protective amulets of all shapes and sizes have been used by mankind since time immemorial. It can be not only embroidery, but also jewelry, as well as jewelry, which you can easily do with your own hands. The experts of the Beauty Within You channel recommend that you get acquainted with how to create strong amulets correctly in order to get rid of obstacles on the way to well-being and not repel good luck.

Guard bracelets can be for different occasions:

  • from ill-wishers;
  • from evil eye and damage;
  • from love failures;
  • from diseases; <
  • from financial problems;
  • from troubles.

Their creation is a whole science, but anyone who has set himself the goal of protecting himself and his life from all sorts of misadventures can comprehend it.

Bracelet-amulet from ill-wishers

The creation of such a bracelet is timed to coincide with the growing moon, so that the protection grows stronger day by day. As a basis, they take a woolen thread according to the color of the element of a person, as well as beads (an arbitrary number) of the same shades and colors that attract good luck to a certain Sign of the Zodiac. Beads are strung, saying:

A charm for the night is placed under the rays of the growing moon, and in the morning, before sunrise, the bracelet is put on and tied with three knots.

Amulet from the evil eye and damage

This bracelet is created in the light of day. The base can be a chain of precious or semi-precious material. Pendants in the form of pins are hung on it, as well as stones that help protect against the evil eye and damage. After that, the bracelet is put in salt for several hours, then taken out and gently shaken off from the grains. They say the amulet as follows:

Lunnitsa is the most powerful talisman for women. A homemade amulet, done correctly, will protect against troubles no worse than that acquired on the side. And even better, because it will be initially charged with your energy and tuned in to you.

Lunnitsa is not just a beautiful decoration, but also an ancient symbol with sacred meaning. This amulet is patronized by the goddess Makosh herself. It is not surprising that it was customary for the moon talisman to be worn only by women. This hand-made protective thing was used to attract certain energies, fulfill desires, protect against evil tongues, troubles and misfortunes. In the modern world, charms are used less and less, but it is still possible and necessary to use the moon for your own purposes. The experts of the Beauty within you channel will tell you how to create a lunar with your own hands quickly and easily.

Lunnitsa: the value of the amulet

Lunnitsa is an exclusively female amulet, the purpose of which is to enhance traditionally feminine qualities: harmony, caring, femininity, affection and wisdom. The talisman helps:

  • protect yourself from evil;
  • get pregnant and give birth to a healthy baby;
  • create a strong and happy family;
  • unleash your potential;
  • develop intuition;
  • improve health;
  • increase attractiveness for the opposite sex.

How to make a Lunnitsa amulet with your own hands

The lunar is usually made during the growing moon. To make a lunar talisman, you will need any photo of the amulet you like to make a stencil. Before work, you must select the Lunnitsa scheme, as well as the main color and accompanying colors:

  • red - happiness, attractiveness, good health;

The easiest ways to make Lunnitsa:

  • cut out of leather, decorate with beads, beads, sequins;
  • weave from beads and beads;
  • embroider on a piece of fabric or personal things;
  • cut out of wood and decorate with stones;
  • make from jewelry wire and decorative elements.

Mood matters. Direct the inner flow of energy in the direction of goodness and joy. If necessary, purify negativity with meditation or a quick ritual. Otherwise, it will not be possible to make the amulet with your own hands: the little thing will take all the negative into itself and will no longer become a good shield and helper for you.

How to activate the moon talisman

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