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In this issue: Interview with the game author Cutterland and Agents. Shield and Sword ”, a review of the Watergate game, as well as a standard set (news of“ cardboard ”boards and crowdfunding, blogosphere materials for the days since the last issue).

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“The Watergate game really feels like a kind of competition between the investigation and the accused, where everyone can have an ace up their sleeve, capable of turning the investigation upside down in the blink of an eye. Sometimes it seems, here it is! The last piece of evidence is in the bag! Suddenly Nixon plays an event card and takes it literally from under his nose! And sometimes, on the contrary, Nixon thinks that he is the smartest, and plays out his accomplice, and the editor take and perform an action-reaction, and now Nixon was left without action, and without a very necessary card. "


  • Review of the game "This crazy world", as well as a standard set (news of "cardboard" tabletops and crowdfunding, blogosphere materials for the days from the year before last to the last issue).

  • Secret Chat, The Great Wall and Bloodborne. Board game".
  • Vault Wars, Shadow Tactics and Paladins of the West Kingdom with additions.
  • Keep Up the Fire! and Stroganov.
  • Logic battle game Centurion (from the series where The Duke and Jarl are already registered).
  • Ares Expedition is a card game from the Terraforming Mars series.
  • Zombicide, but now in the Wild West.
  • And much more.

  • New: Hanseatic League: Complete Edition; Hot Wheels. Challenge accepted!"; a couple of additions to The Lord of the Rings: Wanderings in Middle-earth.
  • The Game Shop will publish the Rolling Realms game in Russia and the Paladins of the West Kingdom: City of Crowns add-on, presented the cover of the game Legacy of Old Russia. The Legend of the Snake ", will soon send to the press the Russian edition of the game Dice Throne: Season 1 ReRolled.
  • "Lifestyle" is preparing for the release of the Russian edition of the game Fiesta de los Muertos.
  • Eurykus will publish the game Gods Love Dinosaurs in Russian in the fall of 2021.
  • This and other news.


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The Le Monde newspaper has published five columns dedicated to Russia at once. The publication was preceded by a meeting of EU foreign ministers that took place on February 22 in Brussels, at which a discussion of changes in relations with Moscow began.

The authors of the articles are public figure Mikhail Khodorkovsky, editor of the policy department of Novaya Gazeta Kirill Martynov, researcher Françoise Thom, philosopher Michel Elchaninoff, journalist Le Monde Isabelle Mandro.

We will focus on the materials of the first three authors.

Françoise Thom: “Putin must be opposed not with words, but with actions taken without warning”

Françoise Thom, professor of history at the Sorbonne and an expert on Russia, urges European leaders to adopt "tough sanctions" in response to provocations from the Kremlin, as well as to minimize bilateral relations.

Ms. Tom insists that after the “slap in the face” received in Moscow in early February by the head of European diplomacy, Josep Borrell, the Europeans must come to their senses and fundamentally rethink their policy towards Russia. Moscow's behavior showed:

In order to prevent the Kremlin from using the "Russian question" to further split within the European Union and deliver a "decisive blow" to it, the Europeans "urgently need" to develop a unified, consistent and adequate policy towards Moscow. To do this, it is necessary, first of all, to get rid of the following clichés: “you need to maintain a dialogue”, “a wall of silence is not an option”, you need to “find areas where cooperation is possible”, the West “humiliated Russia”, etc. / p >

Any attempt by Europe to compromise turns against Europe, Françoise Thom emphasizes: therefore, the best policy in the Russian direction is “a policy that does as little as possible, where they say as little as possible, a policy of isolation, without harsh statements without empty threats that feed both the paranoia and the arrogance of the Kremlin's owners. "

All of the above does not mean that Europe should not respond to Kremlin provocations, it just needs to be done differently:

And sanctions have an impact, no matter what they say, writes F. Tom.

Observation Tower [24. 2. 021] Review for the period from 17. 2. 021 to 24. 2. 021, 24 February 2021 Information Text In this issue: interview with the author of the games Cutterland and “Agents. Shield and sword

Medical students on whether their views on the profession have changed due to the spread of COVID-19. At all times, work in the medical field has been romanticized. Shche in ancient times, doctors were equated with Gods, capable of "healing" and having a special gift. Today, doctors are still considered to be people in whose hands human life is. True, the romance was left far behind, and the doctor's working days are scheduled by the minute.

In addition, a lot of pandemic worries have been added to the whirlwind of incessant work. We asked the students of the Mozyr State Medical College whether this frightened the future doctors.

Svetlana Sheveleva is a third year student with a degree in general medicine. The girl says that at school she studied in a specialized class with an emphasis on chemistry and biology, and quite well. One day, a teacher told a schoolgirl that she had all the makings of a health worker. Since then, our interlocutor has decided exactly where she will go. True, the parents saw their daughter as a university student, Svetlana decided differently: “I think about entering the university in the long term, but not full-time. I really want to move from theory to practice. "

Speaking about the chosen specialty, the girl notes that the medical field is difficult not only during direct work: it is not so easy to learn the theory, and most importantly, to understand it. “Upon admission, the senior students said that it was only the first year that was difficult, but that was by no means the case,” Svetlana smiles. “New challenging but very interesting subjects are constantly appearing.” The love of our interlocutor for medicine can be caught on an intuitive level. And a student of a medical college keeps repeating that only those who really want to become a doctor need to choose such an important profession. It is worth noting that Svetlana came to study as a health worker even before the pandemic began, but even today she has not changed her attitude to the profession. The girl is sure that coronavirus infection is the same disease as others, to which a more serious and responsible approach is simply needed. “My parents reacted well to my college entrance. But now they are very worried that I risk my health. And I believe that medical workers, in principle, are not insured against anything. And you should be ready for this, ”the student shares.

The college teachers and teachers prepare for this, because emotional stability and fortitude are the main qualities that a health worker should have. However, if in the classroom mentors try in every possible way not only to lay the foundations of their discipline in young minds, but also to support students morally, then practice is a completely different matter. Here, in real conditions, the guys are faced with all the complexity of the work. Svetlana managed to undergo practice three times, noting the colossal usefulness of such an experience. Moreover, during her studies, the girl visited medical institutions both in dock conditions and during a pandemic. “If earlier you could observe how a doctor examines a patient with acute respiratory infections or bronchitis at an appointment, now these are patients with severe pneumonia. There are already completely different treatment regimens, the trainees have different experience ”. Svetlana also notes that during the current practice, the emotional background has also changed: “Before, there were standard cases, but now you understand how hard it is for people who see a doctor, so you are very worried about them.” However, our interlocutor is sure that a doctor is a person who, in any epidemiological conditions, will do everything possible to help others.

Daria Ivanova, a classmate of Svetlana, says simply about choosing such a serious profession: I always wanted to help people. And the medical field is exactly the place where they constantly need help, moreover, in a professional one. Therefore, despite such a difficult epidemiological situation, Daria continues to diligently comprehend medical science. When asked if the coronavirus infection scared the future health worker, our interlocutor answered confidently: no. And all because Daria is convinced: if she decided to connect life with medicine, then there is nothing to be afraid of. True, the girl's parents are still worried about their daughter's safety. But, according to Daria, they still try to curb their excitement, always supporting her in everything.

Today, our interlocutor has undergone three practices. Daria notes that she has already managed to get a good experience. For example, most of all, the girl remembered the time when she, together with her classmates, helped to get flu shots during the second wave of coronavirus infection.

We already know Maria Zamyko. A freshman is studying to be a paramedic-obstetrician, dreaming of gaining experience in an ambulance station. By the way, three aunts of our interlocutor studied at the Mozyr Medical College at once, having received a good base. Therefore, Maria's choice of such a profession is quite natural and deliberate.

By the way, the girl did it when the pandemic had already firmly “taken” the world into its own hands, but this did not frighten her at all: “I even wondered if the group would be able to fit in the current conditions, if the parents would let the students go. And, you know, it turned out that the coronavirus does not scare anyone. " The girl's attitude to the chosen field has not changed even after six months of study.

Maria says with a smile that, on the contrary, she has an even greater desire to help people. And the girl approached her first practice very seriously. Our interlocutor is sure that everyone should feel personal responsibility for their behavior in the midst of a pandemic. The trainee says that she goes to public places only in a mask, and when going to the store, she always has disposable gloves in her pocket. And all because during the practice Maria is in close contact with people with weakened immunity, therefore, first of all, she thinks about how not to harm them, not to bring the virus on herself.

By the way, at our first meeting, Maria Zamyko thoughtfully noticed that she would very much like to be a member of the Youth Parliament under the Mozyr District Council of Deputies in order to be able to speak on behalf of the entire medical college. And today she is the chairman of the commission of health care, sports and tourism in the MP.

In addition to love for the chosen profession and unconditional firmness of mind, the heroines of our publication are united by another important factor: they are all volunteers. Alla Antonovna Kirilenko, social educator and head of the college volunteer movement, notes that every year a large number of freshmen respond to an offer to join the "help squad", and the most persistent carry their desire to help through their studies. There are already many good deeds behind our interlocutors.

The girls remember with a smile how they helped the elderly to go for medicines and food, how they brought prescriptions from the clinic so as not to put pensioners at risk, and even how they visited the only nurse in Mozyr who received the highest award - the Florence Nightingale Medal ... The girls state with regret that due to the effect of antiquated measures, today volunteers are not yet able, for example, to visit an orphanage or a nursing home. However, young volunteers unanimously say that if medical institutions need their help during a pandemic, they will not hesitate to provide it. After all, such is the work in the medical field: you can be constantly exposed to risk, but at the same time you must do everything in your power to protect others from it.

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