Interior doors with a rebate: what is it and what are the advantages of having a rebate

What is a feigned bar?

One of these little things will be a feigned bar. A false strip is an additional structural element, a small-sized decorative strip, which makes it possible to make joints and cracks invisible on various products made of wood, MDV, fiberboard. In our case, we will consider in more detail the feigned bar on the doors. Usually the door leaf fits into the door frame with a gap of 3-4 mm. The porch rests on the door frame when the door is closed. The thickness of the porch, as a rule, is a quarter of the thickness of the door leaf, therefore the porch is sometimes called a quarter. The porch creates an additional junction area, which improves the quality of the doorway. Without a false slat, arranging a double-leaf doorway is difficult. It completely closes the gap between the door leaves. Recessed strips can also be used in other door systems, including sliding door systems. A false strip eliminates everything, even very minor flaws that may arise during installation, in addition, it improves the sound insulation, heat conduction and other qualities of the doors.

Feigned slats are thoughtfully selected under the doors. The color, texture, tonality of the false plank must completely match the door.

Recessed slats are made from both natural wood and chipboard and MDV, veneered or laminated.

The porch is attached in two versions:

The false plank is attached in such a way that it necessarily protrudes beyond the part of the door that will be opened first. A quarter can be fixed on liquid nails, nailed with traditional nails, glued - it all depends on your capabilities and preferences.

The porch is, at first glance, an insignificant detail, but it has a lot of useful functions. One of which is soundproofing. On one side, the plank improves sound insulation. On the other hand, when using the strip, you can install additional sound-absorbing elements that are hidden under it. Also, the false plank improves thermal insulation. When installing the strip, you can install additional rubber elements for sound and heat insulation. Well, and not the last purpose of the strip is to hide the flaws in the installation of doors. The porches can hide some flaws in the installation.

Classic double doors always have a porch, which serves as part of the interior.

Not every hinge fits to a rebated door. Rebated doors are compatible with two types of hinges: screw and corner. Usually rebated doors are equipped with screw hinges at the stage of their manufacture.

We wish you to purchase worthy doors with all the necessary accessories, install them correctly, using a maximum of additional and such comfortable elements. Having bought a porch, you can always adjust it to the size of a particular door.

Interior doors with a rebate: what is it and what are the advantages of having a rebate

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