Impunity and Judgment

An artificial bird house, an artificial nesting site, is a man-made structure in which a bird arranges (builds) its nesting site.

Nesting materials

The main materials for making artificial houses are boards and slabs. Plywood, chipboard, fiberboard are not suitable due to the presence of an adhesive bonding base in them.

Material thickness must be at least 15 millimeters.

Basic rules for making nests

The inner surface of the boards near the entrance must be roughened, otherwise the chicks will not be able to get out and die

The hole is drilled no less than 2-3 cm from the top edge. It can also be made square by sawing out in one of the upper corners of the front wall. There should be no sticks or shelves under the entrance.

The gaps between the walls and the floor should not exceed 1-2 mm. Previously, it was recommended to seal them completely. But it turned out that due to the lack of natural ventilation in such natural nesting sites, an unfavorable climate was created.

The roof is made wider than the bottom so that there is a canopy in front to protect it from rain and snow.

It is advisable to paint the house with a strong solution of potassium permanganate, stain, oil paint in green, brown, dark green, brown colors. The paint protects against atmospheric moisture and lengthens the life of the house.

Tits love houses painted with dark paint inside, without gaps. They never use old nests a second time, so after hatching, titmouses need to be cleaned.

But the redstart, on the contrary, loves very light houses inside, they are even whitewashed with lime for these birds.

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“Involved in the murder, abused the child”: The investigation ignores the evidence regarding the athlete Okhlopkov

YAKUTIA. NFO. The high-profile case of the murder of Alena Ananyeva, in which the eminent Yakut athlete Nikolai Okhlopkov was involved, has not been put to an end. Although the main defendant, Aisen Konobulov, who beat the girl to death, was sentenced to serve a sentence, the investigation has reasons to reconsider the case due to newly discovered circumstances. However, there are suspicions that the authorities are not too interested in this. Although there are grounds, and they are no less resonant than the fact of the murder itself.

If the testimony of one witness is true (and the forensic data only corroborates them), then we have before us not only an immoral person who left the girl in danger, but also a pervert pedophile covered by influential people.

Aisen Konobulov with Alena Ananyeva


From the materials of the prosecutor's office: “In the court, taking into account the evidence presented by the public prosecutor, it was established that the defendant Aisen Konobulov, being intoxicated on March 18, 2020, in one of the residential premises of the village of Suntar, Suntarsky district, due to the jealousy, inflicted multiple blows on his girlfriend with his hands, objects used as weapons (metal chairs, a mop), and also scalded her with boiling water, causing her a third degree thermal burn.

As a result of the received injuries, the victim died in a short period of time at the scene.

The prosecutor's office of the republic supported the state prosecution in the criminal case against gr. Konobulov was found guilty of committing a crime under paragraph "d" of Art. 05 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (murder, i.e. deliberate infliction of death on another person committed with particular cruelty).

According to the results of the consideration of the criminal case, on the basis of the verdict of the jury, by the court verdict, taking into account the opinion of the public prosecutor, the defendant was sentenced to imprisonment for a term of 14 years with serving in a maximum security correctional colony.

The above is only the indictment against Aisen Konobulov. Nikolai Okhlopkov was only a witness in the case, although he was a direct accomplice in those tragic events. Okhlopkov did not participate in the court hearings at all, since at that time he was at a sports training camp in Europe, but only gave testimony to the investigating authorities.

You can fill the transmission fluid yourself or at a service station, where the procedure will be carried out by car service specialists. The cost depends on the volume, type of lubricant, service center category. Changing the oil in the VAZ 2109 box must be timely, otherwise such unpleasant consequences are likely:

  • gearbox oil deficiency (starvation) and accelerated wear of parts;
  • change in characteristics, lubricant composition;
  • deterioration in the quality of lubrication of working parts;
  • gearbox jamming;
  • poor cooling of the gearbox while driving.

In practice, it is cheaper to replace the working fluid in a timely manner than to carry out unscheduled service work and buy new spare parts later.

When you need to change the oil in a VAZ box

Changing the oil in the VAZ 2109 gearbox, taking into account the requirements of the auto concern, is shown after 65 thousand km or less. When the mileage is minimal, you can repeat the procedure every 5 years, that is, the operating conditions are taken into account.

Replacement is possible every year, but without the proper mileage, it makes no sense. High-quality fluids do not lose their original performance for a long time. A new unscheduled filling is done in case of leaks, if it is required to bring the liquid to the desired level, and the type of lubricant already used is not reliably known.

What kind of oil to pour into the VAZ checkpoint

The first 2109 models were equipped with a carburetor and a four-speed gearbox. The manufacturer recommended pouring all-season grease into the crankcase. When the hypoid transmission was replaced by helical gearing, oil was used.

Classes of products that are suitable for box 2109 are API GL-4, TM-5-9P, TM-4. TM-5-9P is rare; it is replaced by an analogue of TM-4-12. W category transmission fluids will work as well. There are no restrictions on brands, the main thing is the high quality of the products, compliance with the recommended class (it can be higher, but not lower).

How much oil is in the VAZ gearbox

The volume of oil in the VAZ 2109 gearbox is not less than 3.3 liters, but experts recommend filling in about 4 liters. The reason is that the parts in the fifth gear are located separately from the driving gear, therefore, with a standard amount of lubricant, they are likely to have “oil hunger”.

How to drain oil from a VAZ box

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