If the Hulk played hockey

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In response to Accidentally Surviving Girls

About carbide. I was about 10 years old. Every summer my parents sent me to the village. My friend's father worked as a welder in the gas section, and of course there was more than enough carbide at home. We didn't think of the explosion of the bottles, we didn't have plastic then. They stupidly threw carbide into the water and watched the bubbles. Once they decided to carry out a full-fledged experiment on the production of acetylene and its combustion. A piece of carbide was thrown into a garden watering can, and matches were set on fire and thrown into the watering can. The first - there is no flash, the second too, the third - to no avail. And then I decided to look into the watering can, to figure out, so to speak, what is the reason for the lack of ignition. When I bent over the watering can, it flared up so that the flame enveloped my entire head. Fortunately, he managed to close his eyes. The first thought - "kapets eyes" and "grandmother will find out, will scold." I don’t know what was more frightening. A friend urgently had important things to do, as he said - "the mother called to dinner." I tried to open my eyes, but they wouldn't open. The eyelashes are melted and stuck together. With his fingers, he rubbed the remnants of the eyelashes, trying to remove the stuck together. And, lo and behold, I was able to open my eyes and they even saw. Further more. I had to understand how much my hair had suffered, and I ran into the house with a bullet until my grandmother saw it. When I saw myself in the mirror, on the one hand I was glad that I saw myself, on the other - I did not know what to shame in my defense. There are no eyelashes, no eyebrows, the chup is burnt to the root, revealing an unburned forehead. The rest of the hair was slightly damaged. I had to go to my grandmother and try to somehow explain the changes in the image. I thought it would fly in well. I could not think of anything better than to admit what happened and at the same time try to somehow diminish the degree of the catastrophe that happened. Next: B is grandmother, I am me))

Me: "Bah, the carbide caught fire"

Me: "No, well, I threw the match, it doesn’t burn, and then it will light up. But I was standing far away, I just scorched the chup a little."

The consequences of this "slightly" were all over the face. Much to my surprise, I didn't get it. This was my first chemical experience in the production of acetylene. At the age of 13, I was already receiving oxygen in the apartment and almost burned it down, but that, as they say, is a different story.

P. S. Grandmother taught chemistry in a rural school, I really liked to listen to her stories about different experiences. Thanks to her, I fell in love with this science and after school I entered the Faculty of Chemistry of Voronezh State University.

Petty experimenter

. he wouldn't be the best assistant

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Let's do without insulting players, coaches, managers and functionaries. There is also no need for boorish statements in the direction of clubs, teams, leagues, events you do not like. Constructive, well-grounded criticism is encouraged.

if you bought a golf club on Ali

Hulk doesn't play hockey. Hulk doesn't play hockey.

On bulits I would take it out clearly

the person who does not pass is to blame, he himself pressed on the ice before the blow

No one is to blame here. It's just that the stick was shit or was broken from the very beginning. I don’t know which one you "pressed" about, but the clubs withstand frenzied loads during the throw.


The goalkeeper can't, the referee will help!

In the Mexican championship, during the attack of the Cruz Azul team, one of the players hit the post, but the ball bounced to his partner and he finished it off into the empty net, but then the main referee of the match burst into the episode, into which and hit the ball

The goal was not counted. The episode happened when the score was 2-0 in favor of “Cruz Azul”. In the course of the fight, the opponent equalized the score, but “Cruz Azul” was still able to snatch the victory.

Just WOW!

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