I drove into a store to find out how much new engines at VAZ cost now; classics; and Niva (carburetor and injector)

Relatively recently, one of the largest chain stores in our city was closed, where you could easily go in and look at new engines, gearboxes, rear axle assemblies and other large units of such cars as VAZ 2107, Niva, etc. etc.

And I remember some prices from five years ago, when a new engine for a Zhiguli "classic" could be bought for a little over 30 thousand rubles (carburetor). But today, as you know, prices for absolutely all goods are rapidly flying into space, and spare parts for Russian cars are far from an exception.

So, the other day I went to one of the stores where such units are sold, however, you cannot see them live, as it was before. The seller said that he can only tell the prices for the items of interest to me by looking at the price list in the store's database. Well, at least so, and that's good!

In general, I named him several products that were interesting to me, and when I saw the printout with prices, to put it mildly, I was seriously surprised by what I saw. Let me take each I will go over these positions briefly and show you how much money you need to prepare if you dare to buy a new Zhiguli power unit.

VAZ engine

Of course, most of all I was interested in the 1.6-liter engine of the VAZ 2106 modification, which was one of the most common, installed on classic Zhiguli models. Perhaps some of you will be surprised, but a completely new motor, moreover, not even in a complete set, costs 74,150 rubles.

The note to the product says that a carburetor will be installed in the kit, but unfortunately there will not be a generator and a pump with a belt. And this is how similar power units look like (I found the photo on the Internet, albeit in a slightly richer configuration):

This is a lot or a little, then everyone will decide for himself, but if you have a choice before you, do a major overhaul of the internal combustion engine or buy a new one, then you should already think about whether a complete new thing will be cheaper than restoring the old one unit.

Also, there are popular triple motors on sale, with a volume of 1500 cubic centimeters, and they ask for exactly the same amount as for a six.

You will have to pay a little more for an engine with an injection injection system, and such a version - VAZ 21067 will cost 76,980 rubles, which is almost three thousand more expensive than a carburetor one. Perhaps such a slight difference in prices may surprise you, but the price lists speak of this kind of pricing policy.

New engines for Niva VAZ, l

As you know, units with an increased volume of 1.7 liters have already been installed on more or less new Niva. And such engines were more expensive as before, and remain now. Having looked at the price list, I was a little surprised, because I thought that the difference in price would be more significant, but in reality everything turned out to be much less noticeable.

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