I am telling you a few car life hacks that a familiar experienced mechanic shared with me

I have a very good friend named Denis. We have been interacting with him for many years on issues that relate to cars and we have many common interests. It should be noted that Denis knows his business very well and can be considered a sensible auto mechanic. And so, when we once again crossed paths with him in a car service, he gave me some simple but useful advice on how to operate the car and how to deal with it. I decided to share these autolife hacks with you. Of course, we will not pretend to be true and effective, because each of the readers has his own car and sometimes it has individual requests in terms of operation. However, I am sure that what I have read will be useful to you to one degree or another. So let's take a look at these autolife hacks.

Budget anticorim body

Modern cars, for the most part, have galvanized metal. However, do not think that this is a panacea for the formation of rust on it. I would like to make a number of such points that will make you look a little differently at galvanized bodies. You need to start in order.

So, the first point is that galvanizing can be two- or one-sided. One-sided galvanizing is the treatment of only the outside of the body element, while the inside remains unprotected. Such galvanizing can often be observed on French cars, and some domestic ones have distinguished themselves by this. If such a car is operated somewhere in a remote province or even in a town where there are not a lot of reagents on the roads, then there is no need to worry that the body will rot quickly. However, in the opposite situation - when there are reagents on the road, the internal elements will collapse rapidly, and this is especially true for hard-to-reach places that few people think of cleaning.

Further, even if the body elements are galvanized on both sides, it cannot be ruled out that during operation the galvanized layer may be damaged in an accident or even if a pebble hits. And here you are, an unplanned and unexpected center of corrosion is already ready for us.

And now, I just talked to you about galvanized bodies, but there are cars, in general, without galvanized parts, and here the situation is more complicated, and it becomes more complicated as the car gets older.

Those who have already encountered such a phenomenon as body corrosion, when buying a car, on a subconscious level, are already thinking about treating hard-to-reach places or accessible, but vulnerable parts with anticorrosive. In principle, this is reasonable and predictable. The only problem is that the anti-corrosion procedure for treating the body can cost a lot of money, and Russian motorists are used to saving on everything - this is also reasonable and even not bad.

Therefore, for those who do not want to spend extra money on anti-corrosion treatment, I advise you to buy a ship red lead in the store with the presence of drying oil in your composition. It is an oil paint that is used in some areas of industry, construction, and shipbuilding, as well as in the maintenance of ship decks.

Surik was used in large quantities by Soviet motorists - it covers the entire bottom of the car, as a result of which reliable and long-term protection against corrosion is provided. Fortunately, the red lead is relatively inexpensive and everyone can afford it.

Denis says that sometimes he recommends to treat the bottom of the body of his clients' cars with red lead. His father still uses oil paint when treating the underbody of his VAZ 2121, and for 10 years of operation, corrosion has not appeared on it.

Keeping the salon perfectly clean

Car washing is a mandatory procedure that we periodically perform when operating a vehicle. It helps to clean the body and interior from dirt, thereby preventing the occurrence of any undesirable consequences. In addition, the sink is also good from an aesthetic point of view. But be that as it may, we conduct it constantly - often or not very much.

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