Hyundai getz

Getz is a very versatile car: it can be used to go to work, to visit, and to the country house, and to the airport, and even on a short trip. On this "baby" you can ride slowly and quickly, far and close, alone or with your family - whatever you like. But he demonstrates all his advantages in the city - his habitat.

The ignition key of the test sample is the simplest in the world. He is also the key of the doors. Remote opening and closing of doors is carried out from the control panel of the security system. The car is equipped with this system in the salon of an authorized dealer.

More inside than outside

Over the past few years, Hyundai Getz has become familiar. A simple and pretty design does not cause much delight, but it cannot be called tasteless either. A short muzzle with slanting headlights, a steep-sided silhouette and a rounded stern look, in my opinion, quite modern. In profile, Getz resembles a mini-vein: a sloping bonnet, sloping forehead, large doors, wide body pillars and virtually absent overhangs, and a sloping side line, stampings on the arches and a small spoiler on the tailgate add a relatively high speed to the car.

Hyundai Getz designed by Hyundai design studio in Frankfurt (Germany)

The interior is made in the same style as the exterior. In the cabin, the feeling that you are sitting not in a hatchback, but in a mini-vein is intensified: a large front panel and windshield, a vertical landing and a completely invisible hood. Finishing materials are quite consistent with the class of cars: the rough plastic of the panel and doors is soft only at sight, to the touch - hard, and when tapped, it is also sonorous. The trims on the center console and door armrests successfully imitate aluminum, the seat upholstery is dense and non-marking.

The driver's seat is comfortable, with a small but tangible lateral support, there is even a folding armrest. I move the seat forward a couple of clicks, the back a little back the steering wheel, sheathed with perforated leather in the grip area, is slightly down - I sit like a glove, however, I want to raise the chair higher, but there is no height adjustment. Immediately I try to switch gears - no, the armrest will have to be removed: it is very inconvenient to manipulate the gearshift lever with it, the hand is unnaturally twisted, and the elbow rests on a useless stand. With the "automatic" armrest would have fallen into place. By the way, a short lever is located unusually close to the seat, and at first you are looking for it somewhere in the area of ​​the cup holders, at the bottom of the console.

The instrument panel under the semicircular visor is as simple as possible, between the large round dials of the tachometer and speedometer there is a small fuel level indicator, a digital odometer and a block of control lamps. The engine temperature gauge has also been replaced with a control light: the engine is cold - the blue thermometer icon is on, off - the engine is warmed up, the red "thermometer" will light up when overheated. To ensure that the instruments are always clearly visible, the steering wheel must be held correctly (left hand at 10 o'clock, right at 2 o'clock), otherwise the upper sectors of the tachometer and speedometer are overlapped by the hand. By the way, the steering wheel hub covers the fog light buttons. Otherwise, there are no complaints about ergonomics.

The visibility in the driver's seat is not bad, but the wide A-pillars interfere a little out of habit, and a strongly inclined invisible hood causes some discomfort. The outside mirrors are large and comfortable, while only the passengers or the head restraints can be seen in the rearview mirror.

Due to the minivan layout and vertical landing, Getz will take five people on board without any problems, however, three in the back seat will have to make room for a little in the shoulders, but there is enough space above the head and there is enough space for the legs - the floor is almost smooth.

To accommodate oversized cargo in a rather modest trunk, the rear passengers can be "propped up" with a backrest (set it in a vertical position). The rear seat folds down completely or in parts, turning the Getz into a small van. In the trunk there are two open boxes above the wheel arches, loops for securing luggage with a net, and under the mat there is a jack and a full-size spare wheel.

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