How to use the website of the Central Bank of Russia

What can be interesting on the state resource for novice investors. In fact, the Central Bank website is the answer to many questions from newcomers to the stock market. Now I'm going to take a short tour of the sections of the site.

List of brokers and dealers licensed by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation

The Securities Market and Commodity Market page contains an up-to-date list of companies that can carry out dealer and brokerage activities. Everything that was not included in this list is black companies, they are also "kitchens". No matter how the manager convinces you why their company is not on this list, money can disappear at any moment.

Pay attention to the separate file "License for Forex Dealer Activities". There are only 4 companies in this list () as of February 2020).

  • PSB-Forex INN 7725323192
  • FINAM FOREX INN 9710001492
  • Alfa-Forex INN 7708294216
  • VTB Forex TIN 9701034653

Attention! Any company that offers Forex services in Russia must have a license from the Central Bank of the Russian Federation! If not, then your money is not protected. A dealer's license in Cyprus or the Virgin Islands does not have any protection for Russian investors. And navryatli, you will go to offshore islands to return your several thousand dollars back.

RF Central Bank building

Up-to-date register of microfinance companies and consumer cooperatives

MFOs and PCs offer the population more and more active investments in their organizations. You invest money (often the entry threshold is large) - you get your annual interest. In fact, these companies issue your money as loans at a higher interest rate. The rates of return reach 25% per annum. It is certainly tempting. But first of all, take a look at this page of the State Register of Microfinance Organizations.

Are there any MFIs or MCCs on this list that offer you an alternative to bank deposits. They often offer higher yields than corporate bonds. Personally, I have always been wary of these types of attachments. The risks of no return are too great.

Legal Mutual Funds - Mutual Investment Funds

The Central Bank of Russia also regulates the activities of investment companies that issue their mutual funds. For buyers of such financial instruments, there is also a separate section on the Central Bank website. Subjects of the collective investment market.

I recommend looking at this register before purchasing any mutual fund. From time to time, some funds are removed from this list with the date of removal. This is important information that directly affects the growth of your capital in the future.

The Military Mortgage is a program that helps contract employees buy an apartment in any region of the country. And not at the expense of salaries - while a person is serving, the state will pay the loan for him. We will tell you what a military mortgage is, how much money the state allocates to the military, and how to arrange it in order to buy an apartment.

When buying an apartment in Moscow and Moscow region, please contact "Avaho" - experienced specialists will help you buy an apartment in new buildings according to your parameters. Call +7 495 431-64-64.

What is military mortgage

In Russia, there is a state program of assistance in acquiring an apartment for military servicemen under contract. A military man can choose an apartment, issue a mortgage for it, and then the state will pay for it while the person is serving. The whole process is regulated by the Federal Law No. 117.

If all the conditions of the law are fulfilled, then the apartment will become the property of the military. If a soldier stops serving ahead of schedule, he will have to return budget money and pay the mortgage on his own.

There are two types of service in Russia:

  • on conscription - this is a mandatory service for all men under 27, if there are no contraindications; the program does not apply to such military personnel;
  • under a contract - conditionally this can be called work, a person serves and receives a salary for this, and then leaves or retires; those who serve on contract can qualify for a military mortgage.

It doesn't matter if the contractor has an apartment or not - he can still take a military mortgage. The place where you buy an apartment on a military mortgage does not depend on the place of service - for example, you can serve in the north and buy housing in southern cities or in the capital.

The military mortgage program is designed only for the purchase of residential real estate. Apartments, at the time of this writing, are considered non-residential premises - they do not fall under the program.

To buy a home under the military mortgage program, an employee must participate in the Savings and Mortgage System, or NIS.

Who can join NIS

In previous entries, I talked about the multiple preparation of doors and door cards (plugs for technical openings, backlight shades, ESP control unit). Today we will focus directly on the installation of skins. To be honest, the process of installing Lux cards was just painful! The skins themselves are super, but the fastenings ... I heard about the problems, prepared, tried on, but so that: D

I didn’t notice any serious problems during the hurried fitting. The discrepancies were not great, the largest "run-up" of the mounts was about 4mm.

If we consider piece fixation points, these are all small things. But when it is necessary to snap in at once (all six pistons), then millimeter imbalances result in very big problems. By the way, there are 8 clips on the door from the factory, there are fewer on all cards!

There are a huge number of them, but due to the peculiarities of the mounts, only “herringbones” are normally suitable (1). Feature: lead into the hole.

I liked the white ones from the priors and the yellow ones from the largus (2). At first, I tried to remake the mounts for them (grooves instead of holes).

I put on the clips, but later in the installation process they did not fit. It turned out that in addition to shifting to the right / left and up / down, there is a jamb with long mounts (plastic pads). Most of them do not press against the metal and remain at a distance, leaving no opportunity to snap into the clip (largus or priors).

Hereinafter the so-called “euro caps”

Stopped at them. Reviews of euro caps are good and not a high price.

Made of normal materials, moderately soft and not hard. With respect to other options, they are dismantled with less effort, for example, they simply cling tightly from the same viburnum (there is a high risk of breaking off the soldered holders from the casing).

2) Components for assembly. New (standard) inner velvet and replacement for native "fungi" - lock off button 21700-6105125-00 (Sold as a set, bushings 21700-6105129-00 are not needed). Taped corners of the rear doors.

Interest rates on deposits, which have been declining for more than a year, may start to grow in the spring. Experts believe that we are really talking about a trend change: the period of falling rates is over. Banks are guided by the rhetoric of the Central Bank and want to attract long-term money. But citizens are unlikely to rush to quickly return money to savings accounts.

Interest rates on deposits, which have been declining for more than a year, may start to grow in the spring, writes Kommersant. Why and is it time to bring money to Russian banks again?

Growth rates?

At the end of the second decade of February, the Central Bank published data on the basic level of profitability of deposits for March. It showed an increase in most of the terms of deposits, and for the longest deposits - by more than 0.4%, to 5.34%. This exceeds the figures for the previous three months.

Prior to this, for more than a year, rates on time deposits were going down, and from January 2020 to February 2021, the base rate of return fell by 1-2%. And on deposits for more than one year fell by 2.4%, from 7.3% to 4.9%.

However, given the change in the tone of the Central Bank's rhetoric regarding the key rate, we can talk about the end of the period of cutting deposit rates for at least six months, many analysts believe.

Central Bank is breaking the trend

The head of the Central Bank Elvira Nabiullina made a statement at the last meeting of the board of directors of the regulator with a statement that the period of rate cuts is over. Then there was information that the monetary policy could even be tightened, and the Central Bank could return to raising the key rate at the end of the year. So the increase in the maximum rate on deposits longer than one year looks logical in the light of statements by the Central Bank that the cycle of soft monetary policy has come to an end.

Some banks, considering that the rates are minimal now, are beginning to offer higher interest rates on long deposits, thus fixing their value, experts say. And if the Central Bank moves to raise the key rate, such deposits will become especially profitable for banks.

Banks want money

Almost one and a half hundred Russian banks offer to issue a payment card of the Russian system "Mir" now, at the beginning of 2021. It would seem that they are all the same - each one says "MIR". But in reality, all these debit cards differ in terms of conditions. Sometimes, depending on the bank, it is very important. Fintalk will help you choose the most suitable one for you.

Opencard of Otkritie Bank

Otkritie Bank is one of the five largest banks in Russia. You will not have to pay for servicing his Opencard debit card (that is, not a credit card, but the one with which you pay only with your own money).

You need to pay for the card issue - 500 rubles. But the bank will return this money to you as soon as you spend more than 10,000 rubles from the card. pencard provides 11% cashback on one of four categories of goods and services: transport, cafes and restaurants, travel, beauty and health. The category of goods for getting an increased cashback can be changed once a month. Cashback for all other purchases is 1%.

Let's say you are planning to buy a car in May, then it will be profitable to connect the "transport" category. In June, when you go to buy a ticket to the sea, it will be advisable to change the category to "travel".

The balance on the card, which must be at least 10,000 at the end of the month, is charged 4% per annum. The maximum amount for interest on the balance is 20,000 rubles.

You can get additional information and issue an Opencard from Alfa-Bank right now by following the link.

Your Cashback of Promsvyazbank

The biggest plus of this card is the interest on the balance. It is important that interest is charged on any balance, regardless of the amount. The rate for the correct use of the card will be 7% per annum. To do this, the money must be deposited into a special savings account "Focus on Interest". Interest is accrued in the form of points, the amount of which is equivalent to rubles. If the funds remain on the card itself at the end of the month, your income on the balance will be 4% per annum. Romsvyazbank issues your Cashback card free of charge. The service can also be free, provided that the monthly expenses amount to more than 5,000 rubles. If the amount turns out to be less, then you will pay 149 rubles a month (1 788 rubles a year). In addition, the card provides a cashback for any purchases - 1.5%. Or, instead, you can choose the categories of goods that are convenient for you and get an increased cashback - up to 5%.

VTB Multicard

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