How to solder aluminum using a do-it-yourself soldering iron

Aluminum is one of the most common metals. It is found not only in production, but also at home. And sometimes it becomes necessary to connect together some parts of aluminum or its alloys. However, it is not so easy to do this without special equipment. Therefore, you should consider options for how to solder aluminum with a soldering iron at home, and what is required for this.

Why are there problems with soldering aluminum

This metal is lightweight, flexible, and due to the oxide film formed on its surface, it does not react with products and aggressive components. But it is this feature of aluminum that creates difficulties in soldering this metal.

However, there are several options for solving the problem. And, to learn how to solder aluminum to copper with a tin soldering iron, or parts from other metals, you need to consider them in more detail.

Preparation for brazing aluminum parts

At the preparation stage, it is necessary to carry out a high-quality cleaning of surfaces from paint, if any, and dirt. Then you should degrease the parts with gasoline, acetone or another suitable solvent.

It is also imperative to remove the oxide film that always appears on the metal surface after contact with air.

Important! Without preliminary preparation for soldering, it will not be possible to achieve high-quality adhesion between the parts.

How to remove oxide film

You can mechanically remove the oxide film from aluminum at home. To do this, it is recommended to use an angle grinder, metal brush, sandpaper, a special mesh made of stainless wire.

You can also clean it chemically with an acid. But it is rarely used at home.

How to solder aluminum using a do-it-yourself soldering iron

Nowadays it is impossible to do without welding. And one of promising type is semi-automatic welding. It has the international designations MAG and MIG.

Mig and Mag

MAG stands for Metal Activ Gas, which means semi-automatic welding in an active carbon dioxide environment. MIG - Metal Inert Gas, semi-automatic welding performed in an inert gas environment. We'll talk about these types in our article.

MIG and MAG represent the same welding process performed by semi-automatic gas shielded welding. Mig is performed in an inert gas atmosphere, and mag in active gas, most often carbon dioxide. The MAG and Mig process is also referred to as mechanized welding (MW). This is due to the fact that the wire feeding process is mechanical and not manual as is the case with the TIG method. Read about TIG in this article.

Conceived by beginners, the question arises, what is MP welding. MP stands for mechanized consumable electrode welding, an abbreviation denoting, in fact, the same as MAG and MIG. It is also possible to come across the name camping or camping welding. In this case, we are talking about the same thing. This name came from the manufacturer of semi-automatic machines KEMPPI

Types of mechanized welding

By the method of protecting the molten metal bath:

  • In shielding gases
  • Self-shielding wire
  • Under flux

  • Stationary ;
  • Pulse

By metal transfer method:

  • Large droplet
  • Medium droplet
  • Jet.

In this article, we will talk about the process performed by a stationary arc in an active gas (or inert). We will talk about the process performed by a pulsed arc in our next article.

Purpose of semi-automatic welding

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