How to put eyelets on curtains at home

Concrete sculptures are an excellent solution for decorating the courtyard of a country house, a personal plot, and a summer cottage territory. Despite the fact that real sculptors are not very fond of concrete due to some peculiarities, the material is perfect for making simple sculptures on their own at home.

Where to get the material

Polyfoam can be found in any box from household appliances. Do not throw it away with a new purchase, it is better to put it in the pantry, take it to the country house or hide it in the mezzanine. It will not take up much space, but it will help out great when you have the time and desire to be creative.

Please note that if you do not plan to buy equipment in the near future, do not be discouraged and do not rush to go to the creative store - although there are blanks there, but at high prices. You can buy relatively cheap foam where there are building materials. A sheet of 100 * 100 * 10 cm will cost about 270 rudders. In a creative store for the same price, you would get a very small piece.

Manufacturing technology

When planning the creation of a future sculpture from concrete with your own hands, it is important to choose the right production technology correctly. At home, you can implement three methods: hand sculpting, frame, casting into forms.

Hand sculpting is a method that does not require special devices and tools, but requires certain skills and the importance of preparing a solution of the correct consistency. Provided that the mixture is not too liquid and not very thick, it is convenient and good to sculpt from it, it is quite possible to create small crafts. Usually, this option is chosen to create a mass of small figures for decorating a garden, flower pots, stands for flower beds, etc.

The wireframe method is the most complex, but it makes it possible to create real masterpieces. So, first, a volumetric frame of the future figure is created from wire, then it is covered with a concrete mixture (they are glued, roughly speaking), they give the mixture a shape, wait for drying and paint, giving the desired color, drawing certain elements (when creating animals, they draw eyes, ears , wears. .). The method is suitable for creating sculptures of any size.

The technology of pouring into a mold is the simplest, since it only requires the presence of a form and strict adherence to all stages. It is important to correctly and accurately pour the concrete solution into the container, then wait until it dries and carefully remove the finished product. After that, it is allowed to fully gain strength, dyed at will, etc.

Forms can be made independently or purchased ready-made. Typically, this method is used to create shapes that are small but highly complex.

How to make a plaster garden figurine with your own hands

Round fasteners are often used when decorating curtains, so you can find different types of fittings. It is possible to choose eyelets for any palette or style direction.

  • different shapes;
  • sizes;
  • differ in material of manufacture;
  • made for different directions of style; <
  • different colors.

The most common is the round shape of the fittings. Also fasteners are in the form of a square, oval, triangle. For decorating a children's room, you can find rivets on a marine theme in the form of a ship's rudder, a flower or dolphins.

Most often, there are plastic fasteners on sale. They can be painted in any color from standard chrome to vibrant yellows or blues. Such accessories are suitable for different styles of styles.

Chrome or matte rings can be used when draping windows in Art Deco, Postmodernism styles.

Wooden fasteners will complement the curtains in rooms dominated by rustic country style, Provence.

The inner size of the curtain fasteners is selected in accordance with the diameter and shape of the curtain rod. For curtains with eyelets, there is one condition: for the curtains to open and close easily - the difference in size with the pipe is 15-20 mm.

In addition to standard products, manufacturers offer a large selection of rings for curtains with rhinestones, patterns, imitation of the texture of wood, stone.

Benefits of using

Grommet curtains have their advantages:

  • the curtains just slide open. The rings allow the curtain to slide easily over the curtain rod. The curtain can be easily removed from the curtain rod for washing;
  • fasteners securely hold the curtain to the curtain rod. Plastic hooks or clips can fail over time, unlike rings. Therefore, eyelets can be used in children's rooms;
  • the curtain is evenly draped in folds. They turn out to be the same and smooth;
  • The curtain can be easily removed or hung on the cornice. No need to hook or connect clips. The rings remain on the fabric even when washed;
  • the curtains are easy to iron. Straight curtain without folds and assemblies;
  • it is possible to tailor the curtain yourself.

Final finishing of the curtain

How to make a plaster garden figurine with your own hands Concrete sculptures are an excellent solution for decorating the courtyard of a country house, a personal plot, or a summer cottage. Though

We often forget about things that were once sent to the balcony. And remembering, we note that they have become unusable or have lost part of their consumer properties. But if you organize the storage of your bike, tires and other useful junk on the balcony wisely, this will not happen. How to do this, we will enlighten you.

Organization of a functional balcony with storage systems

For the optimal arrangement of the space, several factors need to be taken into account - the type of room, the area, the presence of walls, glass, heating. All this is necessary in order to distribute the items that can be stored.

Sometimes, repairs are required before organizing storage systems. It is good if there is enough cosmetic, but capital is often needed. The capacity and ability to withstand a large mass also depend on the type of construction.

  • A balcony is a platform with a railing, fixed on beams protruding from the wall or on a monolithic cantilever slab. They are also attached, attached, hinged, which somewhat reduces their carrying capacity. Modern terraces are often glazed and insulated, which allows them to be used for domestic needs.
  • A bay window is a part of the room that goes out of the plane of the facade, often glazed, designed to improve illumination, insolate the room, and increase the area. This is a continuation of the interior, therefore, it is possible to adapt the bay window for storage only with the help of built-in structures or systems disguised as furniture.
  • Loggia is a room open on one side or a balcony built into the wall. The main difference is the absence of structures hinged above the front wall, since the element is part of the room. The room can have a fence on the open side or a window block with a door on the side of the dwelling.

These basic views are additionally varied. When choosing a storage system, you need to pay attention to all the nuances characteristic of a particular design. Some are not suitable for heavy, bulky items, others require preliminary preparation.

A storage system on a balcony or loggia is a metal, plastic, wooden, cloth, cardboard structure or container designed for convenient distribution of various things in a confined space. Depending on the type, purpose of use, it has different dimensions, design, functionality, and also cost.

Lounge zone

If you prefer to relax at home, but are not devoid of a sense of comfort and some exoticism, then the balcony or loggia can easily be redesigned into a comfortable lounge area. To successfully solve this problem, special attention should be paid to the interior of the recreation area. You must pay maximum attention to detail.

You can make a little effort to create a cozy corner, favorable with a calming atmosphere for relaxation after working days or just on a day off. All this can be obtained by solving the issues of color and decorative design of the recreation area.

Creating a decorative seating area can be broken down into several stages:

  • Evaluation of space and choice of zoning concept and furniture. If the usable space is small, then it is better to take folding, folding furniture.
  • It is desirable to have a balcony, the loggia should be divided into two zones. In one of the zones, which will be "invisible", everything that does not require frequent use or cannot be stored directly in the apartment will be stored. We make this area almost invisible. The second zone is the main space, which will need to be equipped for recreation and communication.
  • Don't be afraid to fantasize. A variety of little things can be useful for decoration: paintings, postcards, handmade fakes, rarities.
  • A mini-garden will look great here. It is better to select plants with flowering in different periods of the year, then the garden will always be a flower garden. Plants can be placed on the floor, on window sills.

When decorating a loggia or balcony, do not be afraid to experiment with color and diversify the room, recreation area with accessories. Use a variety of ideas.

Pleated curtains: what are they and what do they look like?

Pleated blinds are one of the newest and most modern models of light protection. Visually, they are similar to classic blinds. But this is only at first glance. The device, materials and other characteristics differ from Roman roller shutters or classic blinds.

Outwardly, the design of such curtains resembles ordinary horizontal blinds, but with a pleated fabric, that is, with clear folds.

Ripple curtains are a lightweight, elegant design, easy to use, which consists of a few simple parts:

Accordion canvas

Single is a single pleated canvas. Double or triple canvases consist of several canvases, sewn like a honeycomb.

Pleated is a small fold that does not lose its shape, does not sag, allows folding and unfolding the cloth. The direction of the folds is usually horizontal, but vertical folds are also encountered. The material is fabric or paper impregnated with a special compound. Treatment with a solution is needed in order to protect fabric or paper from fading and getting wet.

They can be in the range of 10-50 mm in width.

Aluminum profile

Pleated blinds are blinds made of pleated material, fixed on both sides in a special profile cornice.

Used to securely fasten the mechanism. The cornice and side profiles allow you to install the corrugation so that it hangs freely or fix it on the sides. If the structure is attached to inclined surfaces, then a cable is added to it for strength.

They are held on the glass by means of guides, which are strings stretched between the upper and lower strips of the cornice.

Management System

Window Height Standards

In the process of building a new home or renovating an existing one, owners often have a question about the size of the windows and the height of their location. It should be noted that modern plastic structures have standard sizes, and can also be made to order. The larger the size of the window, the more actively natural light enters the room. Large windows look very impressive, especially if they offer a beautiful view. The height of the window can be different. The most important thing is to adhere to the requirements set forth in the State Standards for the construction industry. So the area of ​​the PVC profile should be within 6.0 square meters. m., and the area of ​​the opening elements should not exceed 2.5 sq. m. Standard parameters of windows are presented in the table (at the intersection of a row and a column, the symbols of window structures are indicated).

Number of window blocks

The choice of the size of windows in a wooden house will directly depend on their purpose and location.

Normal dimensions are considered to be a ratio of 1:10, that is, per 10 square meters. meters of the entire wall area, glazing should be at least 1 sq. m.

When choosing the ratio of the area of ​​walls and glazing, you should take into account the following patterns:

  • Shape and area of ​​the room. For rooms elongated in length, two or more windows are needed, but for small rooms one window on the] wall [/ anchor] will be enough.
  • Arrangement of windows relative to light sides. Place large windows on the west and south sides - this will provide greater maximum illumination. In such rooms, houseplants will feel very comfortable.
  • Room assignment. Large windows are installed in living rooms, offices and other rooms where people are regularly and where a lot of natural daylight is required.

As a rule, when designing such rooms, they are located on the south-west side of the building. For a bedroom, high-quality lighting is not particularly required, therefore it is located on the north or west side, and only one window block will be enough for it.

It is also customary to place the kitchen and other storage rooms of economic properties on the northern sides. Historically, large windows used to be installed in Finnish or Scandinavian homes: because natural daylight improved mood and increased efficiency, which was important on short winter days. It was pleasant to be in these rooms all the time: bright natural daylight could additionally be enhanced by light and warm wall decoration and a choice of white furniture.

Of course, it is not always possible to perfectly copy the Finnish style in Russian houses, but some elements can still be borrowed.

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