How to make a sill wider and provide increased strength

Installation of PVC windows provides for additional finishing work to protect the structure from environmental influences. Often, when finishing, the installation of ebb tides on plastic windows and the arrangement of external slopes is carried out.

Ebb tides are an additional obstacle to moisture penetration into the structure of the window frame and decorative and finishing element of the window.

In addition, this finish closes the gap between the window sill and the window, which significantly reduces the penetration of cold air into the room.

Types of moldings for plastic windows

Ebbs for PVC windows are made from various components, among which it is worth highlighting products made from the following materials:

There are no standard sizes for ebb tides, since everything is tailored to a specific window.

The range of products differs in such qualities as service life, resistance to temperatures and weather, price range, color, texture and shape, the possibility of coating with varnish or paint, strength characteristics, etc.

Arrangement and measurement of required materials

General scheme of the window sludge device: M - Upper shelf, D - drainage, K - drip.

Depending on the type of ebb tide used, the device may have a number of features.

However, any ebb has a similar design, consisting of the following elements:

  • Top shelf.
  • Drainage.
  • Bottom cap or drip.

Installation of ebbs

Window sill width in a panel house

The width of the window sill in a panel house was about 15 cm. If you put a three liter jar, then 1/3 of the jar just hangs outside the window sill? sill material, maybe concrete:


A wide window sill in the kitchen can play both the role of an independent worktop and become an extension of the dining table. Under the windowsill, in such cases, an additional storage cabinet is equipped. The proximity to the window even allows you to store food in it, especially if there is a ventilation hole under the window.

Another interesting option for using a wide window sill in the kitchen is to install a sink in it. Probably nice to wash the dishes and admire the views from the window. What do you think?

What problems can you face when enlarging a window sill

If we increase the width of the window sill in a panel house, as shown in the photo above. We are facing some problems!

The width of the concrete vertical slab to which the end of the window sill is adjacent is too narrow, and if you want to extend it to the wall, then at point 1, you must secure the window sill thoroughly! Because this point will be the support for the windowsill. And if it is not fixed there, then the window sill will experience great overload! After all, we enlarge the window sill so that we can put something on it!

At the second point, which is shown schematically, approximately in the area of ​​the slope, for the entire width of the window sill, you should also think about additional support points!

And the third point ... if you ignore the first two points, then at point 3, naturally, the sag will sag over time.

Or the severity with which you want to load the window sill, the window sill may simply break. This is certainly unlikely! But sometimes people manage to step on the windowsill! For various incentive reasons! And there is no guarantee at all that the window sill will withstand such a load!

How to use the classic wide window sill

Find out why window tides are needed. Types, installation technology, professional advice. Photo + video.

Why aluminum frames are so attractive

Having decided to start glazing a balcony, it is worth finding out the main advantages and disadvantages of various models of balcony frames. The first thing to remember is that the balcony is a room that is in direct contact with the external environment. Balcony frames made of PVC, wood or aluminum bear quite a large load.

Aluminum frames have poor thermal insulation properties

So plastic sliding balcony frames are designed for effective dust and noise insulation, but aluminum products are a structure created for the so-called cold glazing.

They are installed in cases where there is no need to provide complete sound insulation and thermal insulation. Such a sliding frame to the balcony will become additional protection against sedimentary moisture, wind and dust entering the apartment.

For glazing, ordinary glass is used here and there is no need to install a double-glazed unit. In addition, aluminum construction:

  • is not afraid of cold and sudden changes in temperature conditions;
  • it is resistant to various kinds of damage;
  • the term of its use is much longer than for the rest of the products.

One of the most important advantages of sliding aluminum frames is their low weight. It is an ideal solution for glazing balconies, especially in older buildings.

Aluminum frames are easy to maintain and do not require any processing They do not require special care using special cleaning and detergents. Thorough care of them is possible even in the most inaccessible places, thanks to the presence of removable elements and fasteners.

Lightweight sashes, which are equipped with sliding aluminum frames, slide freely when opening and closing.

The air gap (pillow) created by the frame will become a reliable obstacle to cold air, dust and insects, and the aluminum frame itself, placed on the balcony, will let in several times more light than a similar structure made of wood or PVC ...

Which balcony frames are better?

During construction work, when repairing an apartment or house, you can inadvertently break window glass. Sometimes these troubles can be caused by the games of children, and maybe the "fun" of adults. With this trouble, it is not necessary to seek the help of specialists: the availability of the necessary tool and step-by-step instructions on how to replace the glass in the window will allow the craftsman to do this work with his own hands.

Attention is immediately drawn to which window design requires glass replacement. Currently, mainly plastic window structures are installed in the premises. In apartments of old buildings, old options in the form of wooden window blocks are quite often still found.

The work on replacing glass in a plastic and wooden window will be slightly different due to the difference in the design of the window blocks, so we will consider them separately in this note.

What can be used to replace (temporarily) broken glass in a window? How to install?

If the replacement takes a long time (a month or more), then it is better to use plexiglass instead of a film,

if the aesthetic component is not a determining factor, then instead of glass, you can install a sheet of plywood.

In order to be able to use the plywood in the future, it is better to insulate it before installing it on the window.

Of course, we are not talking about glass in a PVC window, but about an ordinary wooden window with window panes.

Decide on the thickness of the material, it is logical to buy either plexiglass or plywood of the same thickness as window glass, this is about 4 mm (+ -).

There is also plywood of this thickness

At home, plexiglass can be cut, according to the desired size, with a hacksaw for metal, plywood with a hacksaw for wood with a fine tooth.

We remove the glazing beads and clean the sash from pieces of broken glass (we work with gloves).

We remove the size of the sash (internal), subtract a couple of mm from the actual size in each direction.

Even the strongest and most reliable mechanisms can break, this also applies to handles with latches. Let's consider how to repair a plastic door, having previously understood what is the possible reason for the incorrect operation. In what situations will it be necessary to replace the structure.

Types of faults

Plastic doors are a reliable construction with high thermal insulation characteristics, but sometimes troubles happen with them.

  • the lock or handle is broken;
  • the handle is difficult to turn or, on the contrary, loose;
  • the sash does not fit, the fittings require adjustment; <
  • awnings are loose.

Many of these issues can be resolved by hand.

If the design is under warranty, call the foreman, if the owner tries to repair the metal-plastic product on his own, the warranty is canceled.

What breakages will require the hands of a master

Situations where it is impossible or extremely difficult to eliminate defects on your own:

  • Damage to the integrity of the welded joints in the frame or sash;
  • Breakage of the lower hinge or breakdown of both sash hinges;
  • Crack in the glass unit - will entail for itself the obligatory replacement of glass in the balcony door, while ensuring the tightness of the double-glazed window at home will not work;
  • Complete failure of the fittings.

The solution to repair the balcony door in case of the above malfunctions is to call a specialist who will provide a complete replacement of the damaged glass unit or other elements of the mechanism. There are options when you need to completely replace the balcony door. However, many problems that have arisen with the difficulties in controlling the operation of the doors, as well as with a violation of their performance or appearance, can well be solved by self-adjustment.

To do this, it is enough to stock up on a set of hex keys, a Phillips and flat screwdriver, pliers and, of course, accessories that you expect to replace (handle, lock, etc.).

Eliminating the problem with poor-quality door opening

If the entrance plastic door stops opening / closing as expected, it may have sagged and needs adjusting the awnings. To adjust the awnings, we pry on, open the plug on the hinge, remove the decorative overlays, and adjust the awning with a hexagon.

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