How to make a hanging chair: 4 options for making hanging furniture

Hanging chairs are a very popular element of the interior today. They are suitable for both a summer cottage and an apartment. Usually, such furniture does not clutter up the space, and takes up much less space than a full swing or a hammock. Suspended chairs have a number of major advantages, namely, they are extremely convenient to use, differ in functionality and practicality. Moreover, this furniture is ideal for rest, relaxation and meditation on cold evenings after a hard day at work. It is also suitable for working at home. How to make a hanging chair? There are several options.

The pros of hanging furniture

Hanging chairs have the following characteristics:

  • exclusivity (armchairs are ideally combined with the interior of the bedroom, living room, terrace);
  • uniqueness (all models have different sizes, colors, materials of manufacture, design);
  • ease of use (chairs are suitable for evening relaxation and wonderful rest).

And the most important property of hanging chairs - unlike heavy swings, they are very easy to make with your own hands and thus not spend extra money on their purchase. Materials for making chairs can be rattan (peeled stems of rattan, a tropical plant native to Southeast Asia), vine (long flexible stem of certain shrubs, usually grapes and basket willow) and various artificial materials that are durable and lightweight. These structures are attached to the ceiling or to a special swing base. Therefore, hanging chairs today are not called just like that - swing chairs, rocking chairs, and so on.

Types of hanging chairs

On the market today you can find a wide variety of models of hanging chairs, varying in size. All products can be classified according to the material of manufacture - they can be braided, woven, hard and soft. The models also stand out for their design features. Therefore, before you start working on the chair, you must first choose a model. To do this, you can first go through the store of goods for the dacha and home. There will definitely be hanging chairs with a description of the model and a list of materials used.

Looking at the samples, you can estimate which of the chairs will be easiest to make yourself. After that, you need to purchase all the necessary materials and find a description-instruction for creating a chair. Your own rocking chair can be made from a photograph or according to your own plan. The main models of swing chairs include:

  • Bean bag chair. Uncomplicated model made of soft filler.
  • Swing chair. It has a strong frame and is highly mobile. It may well replace a sofa, suitable for both an apartment and a summer cottage.
  • Hammock chair. One of the best models with an inflatable cushion inside. Hammock chairs are mainly made with and without a frame base.
  • Cocoon chair. Its distinctive features are high side walls that hide the interior space. It features an elegant view and creates a cozy retreat.
  • Bubble chair. This model looks more like a ball with the side cut off.
  • Drop chair. The model is very popular with children. It looks like a house made of fabrics and ropes.

This list is far from complete, human imagination knows no bounds, so today there are new models and new fancy names. In any case, almost all of these hanging chair options can be made by yourself. Below we will look at how to DIY the three most popular models - a beanbag chair, a cocoon chair and a hammock chair.

Bean bag

This model is the easiest to make, so if you do not want to spend a lot of time searching for materials and assembling, it is better to stop at this option. A beanbag chair requires a minimum of materials - sturdy fabric, rope and a sturdy wooden bar. If it is not there, and there is no time to look, you can use a shovel handle or find a suitable gardening tool of a different kind. In the bar, you need to make four holes with a diameter slightly larger than the thickness of the rope. The fabric must be folded on both sides and sewn with a double seam on a typewriter, then thread the rope through the resulting drawstrings. She, in turn, is threaded through the holes of the bar and tied in knots.

It generally takes about an hour to create a beanbag chair, assuming you have all of the above materials and a sewing machine (which you know how to use). But it is important to pay attention that such models cannot be suspended in the open air - they can deteriorate in the shortest possible time due to exposure to air, the sun, as well as due to bad weather conditions. Therefore, bean bags can only be hung at home, on the terrace or in the gazebo.

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