How to dress up a Christmas tree: ideas and trends of New Year's decor

New Year is approaching, and with it pre-holiday chores and worries. One of the tasks ahead is decorating a house or apartment for the holidays. Today we will talk about New Year's decor, how to decorate a Christmas tree this year, consider new trends and design novelties.

What colors to dress up the Christmas tree this year

When choosing a Christmas tree decor, someone starts from the recommendations of the Chinese calendar or follows the rules of feng shui, someone is guided by their taste, interior, room size, age of children or, say, the presence of pets (when , for obvious reasons, you cannot afford to use whatever you want in your jewelry).

For some, a Scandinavian Christmas tree without toys is a fashion trend, but for some, such a design does not resonate in their souls: either the holiday is ahead, or has already ended, and the decorations were again hidden in a box on the mezzanine ... And someone wants to hang everything on the tree at once. For example, the Americans, unlike the Scandinavians, prefer to decorate the forest beauty more luxuriously. The best option in their understanding is a Christmas tree "in red", littered at the base with gifts wrapped in the color of balls.

If you want to decorate the Christmas tree according to the Eastern calendar, then in order to attract good luck and prosperity to your home, try to please the symbol of this year - the Metal Bull. In the decor, he will most of all like white, green, yellow colors and their shades. Moreover, white snowflakes, silver bells, beads, balls and flowing rain look great against the background of green spruce branches.

The blue-silver color scheme, combining cold shades of blue, white, blue and silver due to the glare and magical shimmer of the balls, creates the feeling that the tree is sprinkled with a light snowball. it creates a winter mood and a festive atmosphere.

For those who prefer to use brighter colors in their decor, designers suggest combining cold shades of light purple, cornflower blue, lilac, lavender with silver and white, keeping a cold palette in the overall composition and avoiding warm shades if possible red, yellow, purple, orange.

Fashion Ideas

In the 2020/2021 New Year's decor, there is a trend towards the use of rich, bright colors, blue-green and crimson shades in combination with plant and animal prints, exotic leaves and flowers, and fantasy elements. For example, it can be Christmas tree decorations in a nautical style or using a leopard print. Designers call this unusual direction "Tropics".

Christmas tree decorations of all kinds of dark shades are a priority: graphite gray, deep emerald, wine and even black. And among the color combinations - various shades of blue with brown and gold.

Decorations and toys in the form of balls decorated with embroidery, sequins, beads, velvet and soft volumetric stars decorated with sequins and beads will look stylish on the New Year tree.

A definite hit of the season - delicate fluffy toys in the form of soft hearts and stars made of faux fur, which go well with spruce needles.

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