How to do cleaning after renovation - cleaning an apartment from construction dust

After the end, the stage of cleaning construction dust after repair begins. Even if the work was carried out in only one room, the entire apartment will have to be cleaned. After all, the particles of construction dust are very small and fly away quickly. It is very important to do this, since the substances from which building materials are made are far from useful to humans. Sometimes they are even dangerous. Therefore, it is necessary to exclude the ingress of these substances into the lungs, and remove construction dust after repairs as soon as possible.

Main stages of general cleaning

In order to clean the dust in the apartment after renovation efficiently, it is important to follow all the main cleaning steps in the correct sequence. If you ignore the order, the dust will again spread to the rooms, and there will be no sense from such cleaning, you will have to do everything again. Cleaning stages:

  • Immediately after the completion of the repair work, all large debris is taken out. Collected in large bags and tools. You shouldn't store bags in your apartment. It is better to immediately take it out of the house. The tools must be cleaned so that the dust remaining on them does not fly around the apartment.
  • After large debris has been removed, you can proceed directly to cleaning construction dust after renovation. First you need to remove the curtains and remove all free-standing decor elements, flower pots, carpets, and so on. They are washed and cleaned separately. All non-woven items are immediately wiped with damp towels.
  • Next, you need to make the dust settle. For this, all surfaces are sprayed with water from a spray bottle. Including it is necessary to work out the ceiling, walls, all shelves, window sills, furniture, baseboards and so on. Dry dust rises from the slightest movement or wind. Therefore, it is immediately necessary to close the windows and doors. During the cleaning process, you can continue to spray the surfaces to prevent them from drying out.
  • It is best to use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust after repairs. A broom or shabras only raise the dust, and it will settle again. In addition, it is more convenient to vacuum walls, furniture and ceilings with a vacuum cleaner.
  • After the building dust has been vacuumed, it is necessary to do wet cleaning. This process will need to be repeated at least 2-3 times. You should start by treating with plain water. Water and matter should be changed as often as possible, so there will be fewer stains. Then let the water dry and walk again. The third time, you can add detergent to remove any streaks.
  • Finally, everything that was taken out at the very beginning is washed, washed, cleaned and returned to the already clean room. Now you can hang the curtains and open the windows.

One of the most important principles of cleaning construction dust is that cleaning is done from top to bottom at all stages. You should start from the ceiling, then work your way down. Dust from ceilings and furniture falls on the floor, so it is always removed last.

Required tools and cleaning agents

Before starting the general cleaning, you need to prepare what to remove dust after repairs in the apartment - cleaning agents and tools. It is better to prepare everything you need with a margin. After all, it is advisable not to leave the room during cleaning, so that the dust particles do not scatter. Required:

  • In order to collect and remove debris, you will need gloves, a respirator and many large bags.
  • Curtains, carpets and other items are also better first put in bags or boxes, cover with plastic. Place items that have already been wiped with a damp towel separately from dusty curtains, carpets and other textiles.
  • For spraying dusty surfaces, you need a fine spray gun.
  • Of course, the king of cleaning is the vacuum cleaner. For cleaning construction dust after renovation, a version with a high suction power is required.

You cannot vacuum construction dust with an ordinary vacuum cleaner. Also, in addition to power, it is important that the container for collecting waste is made of plastic or paper. Cloth will not work. The construction vacuum cleaner will cope with the task as well as possible. It is not necessary to buy it - it is quite expensive. Can be rented. If this is not possible, you can vacuum the construction dust with a powerful household vacuum cleaner.

For wet cleaning you will need:

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