How to distribute the Internet from Iota - is it possible to do it

Despite the regular attempts of the mobile operator to establish barriers, "craftsmen" have learned to cope with such a problem and willingly select new options for how to distribute the Internet with Yota.

Borderless Wi-Fi Sharing

The operator has clearly divided tariff plans for each type of equipment and connection method. If the established rules are violated, the data transfer rate is limited. To determine in which gadget the SIM card is installed, the provider uses:

  • IMEI is a unique numeric code. It is assigned individually for each device. Moreover, this parameter cannot be changed on Apple devices.
  • TTL is a number that reflects the maximum number of machines that can transmit data. With its help, the "duration" of the traffic is revealed. Most often the indicator is 64.

Users, to start the modem mode on Yota, simply change this data. This can be done manually or using the installed application. Moreover, you do not need to pay for anything, it is enough to download the program from the official website and perform an algorithm of actions.

Unlimited from Yota: is it allowed to distribute the Internet

By connecting a SIM card from Iota, the subscriber can choose a tariff for himself, which will not be limited by the amount of incoming traffic to the phone. Based on practice, the provider includes some restrictions on the distribution of the Internet from one device to another, but nevertheless, the established rules can be bypassed in various ways. Moreover, there are a lot of bypass options, although at the same time the operator is trying to control the actions of subscribers.

Internet distribution Yota attracts connected subscribers not only with the ability to use unlimited traffic to connect one device to another, but also the cost of the tariff itself. The operator offers one of the most favorable conditions for connection, while maintaining signal stability.

TTL change

Internet from Yota in modem mode is directly related to this number, so to fight the limitation, it is enough to decrease the indicator by one position.

To correct TTL on an Android phone, you need to connect root and download the Sysctl Editor 2. application. It helps to seamlessly change network parameters. Once launched, find the Sysctl Editor section. Enter it, a search box will open, in which you need to enter net. pv4. p_default_ttl. A file will appear where you need to adjust the TTL value by one. For example, if it was 64, correct it to 63.

You can also fix it on a computer with any Windows: 7, 8. or 10. You do not need to download additional programs. In order for the Internet distribution to be active on Yota, it is necessary to carry out a number of simple actions. The procedure looks like this:

How to distribute the Internet from Iota - is it possible to do it

Previously, not many people used paid services, today the situation has changed dramatically. Each owner of a smartphone uses, as a rule, several such applications at once. A paid subscription allows you to listen to music in good quality, watch recently released films, read electronic and listen to audiobooks, etc. However, over time, this or that service can get bored, lose relevance, the question arises of how to disable auto payment on iPhone if the service is purchased on the App Store? Remember, you can't just uninstall the app to turn off Auto Pay. There are several ways to opt out of monthly charges, below we will consider them in more detail.

Disable auto payment via App Store

Let's find out how to disable automatic payment for apps in the App Store in iPhone:

  • You need to go to the App Store;
  • select the identifier at the bottom, on the side;
  • the item "View information";
  • click on the section "Manage" - "Manage" - "Subscriptions";
  • use the available options to cancel automatically. If a payment is charged, but it is not on the list, contact a company representative.

How to enable blocking of all incoming calls on iPhone

There aren't many options here. The most radical is to put the iPhone into airplane mode: both incoming calls and messages will stop coming. All cellular data will be turned off, but WiFi and Bluetooth may remain active.

  • Contact your telecom operator and request the appropriate service. It will be paid.
  • Use the "Do not disturb" mode, which turns off all notifications: the iPhone will not notify not only about all calls, but also about messages. In addition, notifications from instant messengers will also not be received.

How to disable incoming calls on iPhone using an operator

This service is provided by the entire Big Four - MTS, MegaFon, Beeline, Tele2. There are usually 2 options: one is a blacklist in which specific numbers are entered, and this is usually paid. Another completely restricts incoming calls: all or in a specific direction - for example, in roaming. Connection cost and functionality depend on the operator.

Connection methods for different operators:

  • MTS. To enable the option, a complex command is used: "* code * password * signal type #". After that, you need to click on the call. The barring code for all incoming calls is 35, and for calls in roaming - 351. The default password is 0000. The type of signal (data, fax, voice) is optional.
  • MegaFon. Everything looks the same, including codes and a password. Only the structure of the command is slightly different - "** code * password #". To cancel, instead of 2 stars, you need to put a grid.
  • Beeline. This operator has a single subscription fee for the service for all tariffs - 3 rubles 15 kopecks daily. To activate Call Barring, you need to drive in the command * 110 * 051 #. After that, for all incoming - * 35 * password # (password - 0000), and for roaming, instead of "35" you need to drive in "351".
  • Tele2. Here the subscription fee is also the same and amounts to 2 rubles per day. The ban goes to all incoming calls, and this can be done only through a call to 611. The disconnection is similar.

How to set up Do Not Disturb mode

This is one of the most useful features that appeared back in iOS6, but only got customization in iOS12. In many ways, it is similar to "Airplane mode", only the iPhone is not disconnected from the networks, so on the other hand they will be able to ring, but the owner of the smartphone will not hear it. It differs from the silent mode "Do not disturb" in that the screen does not light up during calls or messages, you get absolute silence and no signals.

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