How to deal with unpleasant odors in an apartment

According to statistics, every second person has to eliminate the smell of urine in an apartment. This is necessary when bedridden patients, elderly people, pets are in the house. Dealing with the problem is difficult, but possible. You need to use special means, folk recipes, take advantage of the advice of professionals. In addition, it is worth familiarizing yourself with preventive measures.

The reasons for the smell, and why it is difficult to remove at home

Eliminating urine odor is a matter that requires a responsible approach. After drying, the biological fluid of a person or pet is converted into a crystalline precipitate with an ammonia odor. It flows into hard-to-reach places, for example:

  • joints between tiles;
  • gaps between wooden floorboards;
  • surfaces of a fleecy, porous type.

Stains are easy to remove, but no smell. It can penetrate deeply into the surface of the coating, spoiling its attractiveness and functionality.

Use of chemicals is considered an urgent measure. A pungent odor is caused by the presence of such components in the urine as:

  • chrome ;
  • uric acid;
  • urea.

The toxicity and sharpness of the aroma depends on the concentration of uric acid. In infants, the liquid does not have any characteristic distinguishing features. It is not difficult to remove it. The concentration of the components will increase with age. And puddles not wiped out on the floor will have consequences.

Often a pungent smell of urinary deposits is formed in a room that is not ventilated, provided that there is a seriously ill or elderly person. So all the objects that are there, clothes, furniture, carpets will be saturated with an unpleasant aroma. In order not to think about how to remove the smell of human urine in the room, you need to create favorable conditions. Try to remove dirt as it appears and keep the necessary products on hand.

Urgent Action

Immediate elimination of the urine odor in the apartment is performed sequentially. Namely:

  • Erasing. If urine gets on clothes, textiles, other fabric products.
  • Flushing. If found on the floor. To do this, first use paper towels, and then water and soda.
  • Household chemicals, wet sponges. If stains are found on the surface of the furniture.

After processing, drying is carried out. Working with any cleaning agent on delicate surfaces, first do an express test on a separate area. This will help prevent damage to all material.

Secrets of eliminating the smell of urine in an apartment

The kitchen is one of the few places in the apartment that spends the lion's share of the budget. It also serves as the place where family, friends, guests most often gather. In this regard, I want it to be clean and comfortable. Especially if finished with plastic. In the manufacture of kitchen furniture, plastic parts are more popular. They look elegant, solemn, and create a festive mood. A convenient material in all respects, but how to wash plastic panels in the kitchen to meet the selected cleanliness standards?

Cleaning products for plastic panels in the kitchen

To understand how to wash plastic panels, you need to know what this material is. In everyday life, such elements are often called PVC panels (polyvinyl chloride). Oil (or natural gas) and table salt are used to make plastics. Through electrolysis and chemical reactions, a white powder is ultimately created, which forms the basis of the panels.

Scientists claim that such panels do not harm our health at all. Plastic resistant to:

  • for alkalis ;
  • for acids ;
  • for solvents ;
  • does not burn, but smolders;
  • frost resistant.
  • easy to clean.

But there are some secrets that will help keep plastic furniture in excellent condition for many years.

Not all panels can be cared for in the same way. You should know how to wash different types of plastic panels in the kitchen. Products are laminated (glossy) and non-laminated (matte). Both types of panels look harmonious in the kitchen, but require a different approach to themselves.

Glossy and matte surfaces require different cleaning agents. After all, even after cleaning, the panels should retain their gloss or, on the contrary, dullness. But not streaks or scratches.

The issue of cleaning the plastic panels has gained particular importance since January 2020. And that's why. Scientists from Hong Kong found that the coronavirus persists most of all on plastic surfaces - up to 7 days. Therefore, the care of plastic panels is of particular importance.

The first question that you immediately want to solve when cleaning is how to wash grease from plastic in the kitchen. Every housewife encounters such spots, which, however, is quite normal for the kitchen. There are at least two ways - using professional means and folk remedies. Both are good, but folk remedies take time to prepare. Professional and easy to use. The choice is up to the hostesses.

How to remove and how to eliminate the smell of urine in the apartment. The reasons for the smell and why it is difficult to remove at home. Remedies. Special, folk remedies. Prevention.

In order to facilitate the cleaning of the apartment, each hostess comes up with her own tricks. But they are not always effective and efficient in other conditions. And are there any universal life hacks for cleaning the house - no doubt. And they are good at helping with everyday household chores.

Special secrets for those who prefer order in everything - life hacks for cleaning the house

Before going directly to the life hacks for cleaning the house, do not forget about the mood. It is an important part of serious business. Should be:

  • Recklessly. Committed to creating the perfect home.
  • Fun. Good energetic music will help.
  • Convenient and functional. It depends on the inventory. It is worth purchasing it based on Your needs.
  • Effective. This will provide quality household chemicals.
  • Technological. It is necessary to call for help all possible household appliances.
  • Clever, and this is where you start. Namely, from the plan. Without it, there is a risk of confusion. Following his points, you will be able to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

It is worth considering life hacks for cleaning an apartment. What is the main secret of cleanliness and order in the house - in the apartment-wide decluttering. This implies:

  • Time spent in a couple of days, when the contents of cabinets, mezzanines, balconies are piled up and examined for necessity. This is sorted by time of non-use. If a thing hasn't come in handy for a year, then you can safely throw it away. This is the first universal home cleaning life hack.
  • The next life hack for cleaning an apartment is somewhat boring, because it is banal. Things should be in their place. After disassembling the "junk", you should walk through the areas where the necessary, but carelessly thrown objects can accumulate. In the hallway, it can be umbrellas, keys, gloves. In the rooms there are stale clothes hanging on the backs of chairs. As well as tables, where long-read books, pens and other little things are scattered. It is impossible to disassemble all this at once - you will have to spend another day or two to put everything in its place. Get rid of some details forever.
  • It's a good idea to use large and small stylish baskets with lids, where not put away on time is dropped. Decorative. They do not spoil the appearance of the premises. If there is free time, it is easier for the owners to understand them than in the whole apartment.
  • The third universal life hack for quick house cleaning - every day and a little bit. Why arrange grandiose subbotniks, feeling like a "workhorse" and falling down in the evening from fatigue, if you can every day, spending no more than 40 minutes, clean up the small areas of the apartment, marked in the plan.
  • Another recommended home cleaning hack is journaling. In it, you can fix what has been done. Celebrate what was entrusted to household members and evaluate their work, make plans for future cleanings, and so on. Working with a diary will organize and discipline forever. Subsequently, the need for it will disappear. The main thing is not to miss a day at first.

In addition to universal life hacks for cleaning a house with your own hands, there are also tips that are individual for a particular room in the apartment. These are interesting life hacks for cleaning the house, which you should definitely take into account.

Kitchen Idea

Tidying up the kitchen is always more difficult than other rooms. Appliances, tiles, stove and the rest, due to the fat and soot deposited on them, require special attention.

But there is a way out to make life easier for the hostess. Regardless of whether it is cleaned once a week or daily, it is recommended to apply degreasing agents to problem surfaces some time before cleaning and leave them to soak. After an hour, it will not be difficult to wash them. And for the final removal of dirt, a regular eraser is used.

Bathroom idea

It happens that an unpleasant smell suddenly appears in an apartment, especially an old one. You can explain its occurrence when there are animals in the house. But the heavy smell seems strange if the house is tidy and there are no cats or dogs. Eliminating odors in the apartment is an important task, because they can cause discomfort for the owners. Where do they come from, and how to remove the stench from the apartment?

Causes of unpleasant odors

There can be a lot of smells. They usually don't appear one at a time. Rather, it is a whole complex of fragrances of several neglected objects or systems. Together they are able to create an unbearable atmosphere in the house. What are the reasons for the appearance of bad smells:

  • Old trash can. Even if it is empty, the stench of waste absorbed into it spoils the atmosphere in the apartment.
  • A wardrobe can smell musty if it has not been sorted out for a long time.
  • Often it smells disgusting from running sewers and a toilet bowl.
  • If the apartment is damp and old, it will most likely have a foul smell of mildew.
  • The washing machine can also become a source of stench if it does not drain well, and it stagnates inside.
  • Smell of tobacco smoke in smokers' house.

Animal trays and the habit of sexually mature males to leave tags all over the house is also the reason for bad smells.

How to get rid of bad smell?

Eliminating odors in an apartment is a whole science. Each has its own means. You need to know how to get rid of the smell of tobacco, remove the musty smell in the apartment, handle accessories for animals and the like. Namely:

  • Trash can. It is necessary not to be lazy and often rinse it with a vinegar solution, after drying it. The best solution is to buy a new one with a tight-fitting lid.
  • Furniture smells bad - how to remove the musty smell in an apartment. In this case, it is necessary to sort out and wash clothes, wash the contents of kitchen cabinets, wipe the inner surfaces with vinegar. It is recommended to arrange cloth bags with ground coffee, charcoal or soda on the shelves, which will absorb unwanted odors.
  • If there is a stench from the drain holes and the toilet bowl, you can pour soda into it overnight and fill it with hot water. And to eliminate strong odors from the sewage system and blockages in pipes, there is an inexpensive but effective remedy - "Mole".
  • Dampness and mold are frequent guests in the home. How to remove the smell from the house? First of all, it is necessary to eliminate the high humidity in the room affected by the fungus, which usually becomes a bathroom or a combined bathroom.

  • You don't need to dry a lot of laundry in the bathroom.
  • It is recommended to leave the bathroom door open after taking a bath or shower.
  • It is also advisable to ventilate the toilet more often.
  • Bath and drain should be wiped with chlorine products more often.
  • The simplest "Whiteness" can be used to remove fungus from the ceiling and walls. It is necessary to work with gloves and a respirator or gauze bandage. You can also use a solution of hydrogen peroxide.

If you smell mold from the washing machine, you need to pour a solution of vinegar or chlorine into the drum. Start the washing process in any mode. This will kill not only the mold, but any other bad spirit as well.

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