How to connect, check and adjust fog lights on a VAZ 2110

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IEK GROUP FUTURE CHALLENGE is its own professional development program for adolescents, designed for children 12-16 years old. The educational project includes workshops, professional tests and training programs for electrical installation both offline and online.

The FUTURE CHALLENGE project claims to win in the Be Cool nomination of the WOW! HR business award 2021.

The successfully implemented case is presented by Lilia Lushchenko, Internal Communications Manager and Elena Brukhanla, Head of Internal Communications at IEK GROUP.

Project essence

As part of the IEK GROUP FUTURE CHALLENGE for 2019-2020, about 10 thousand teenagers got acquainted with Russian electrical equipment, learned how to work with it, having received useful knowledge and electrical installation skills that cannot be obtained at school.

Various educational formats in an interesting and simple way introduce children to real professional power supply schemes, teach the installation of protection and switching devices for final electrical installation products (sockets, switches), as well as laying cables and cable channels.

The project gives children and adolescents an opportunity to look at the world around them differently, to choose their future profession, takes them away from gadgets and social networks, shows that “working with your hands” is also interesting and useful.

Do the participants of the educational program get new knowledge? they themselves assemble real wiring diagrams at special safe stands and work with real equipment - in a word, they see the wiring process from the inside and understand how the electric current appears and is correctly distributed, without which their computers, tablets, phones and game consoles would not work.

How to connect, check and adjust fog lights on a VAZ

Installing fog lights is not just a step towards improving the appearance of the VAZ 2110, but also taking care of your own convenience and safety. That is why you should know how fog lights are connected to the VAZ 2110 and provide the best conditions for driving in bad weather.

A set of fog lamps VAZ 2110

Legal requirements

When shopping for headlights at an auto parts store, there is a huge variety of fog components in various formats and sizes. GOST 8769-75 forces the drivers of the VAZ-2110 to control themselves and install headlights that are suitable for certain legal requirements:

  • You cannot install only one fog lamp, the fixation involves the installation of a set consisting of 2 parts.
  • If you measure the distance from the side marker, the headlamp is in a 400 mm pitch, and the measurements are taken on the outside of the diffuser.
  • The step from the roadway to the lower edge to the scattering product cannot be less than 150 mm.
  • Installation of headlights higher than head light is not allowed.

Tools and materials required for installation

To install the PTF, you must purchase the entire set of materials and tools in advance:

  • A set of fog lights, note that the VAZ-2110 torpedo differs in the old model, so the headlights for Euro models should be set aside.
  • Procedure control lamp.
  • A multimeter that allows you to test the correctness of the individual stages of work.
  • Double connectors, among specialists they are also called "mom and dad", 1 set is enough.
  • 8 pieces of female connectors.
  • Electrical tape.
  • Shrink wrapping material.

To properly install foglights on the VAZ-2110, you must proceed from the electrical circuit, you can take it from the KGPTF.

Varieties of fog lights

The choice of car parts, now, is simply overflowing with models from different manufacturers. To buy what you really need, you cannot always rely on the recommendations of the sellers in the store. Therefore, you first need to determine the type of lights that are suitable for installation.

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