How to choose a bouquet of flowers: tips for choosing and proper care of flowers

Flowers always evoke joyful associations. We receive and give bouquets for birthday, March 8, September 1 and other holidays. The bride's bouquet is an indispensable attribute of the wedding dress of a girl or woman getting married. Now fresh flowers are sold in many shops, salons and boutiques. Upon request, an experienced florist will make a bouquet or advise on a particular type of plant.

However, in order for the purchase to really be worthy and to please for a long time, you should know some of the nuances of choosing flower products. When choosing a bouquet or a potted plant, you should heed the advice of a florist or consult a flower shop at Choose flowers and according to your own feelings, it is important to understand which variety of flowers is best suited for a festive event or as a gift.

Varieties of flower material

Conventionally, all flowers on sale can be divided into three large groups:

1. Freshly cut flowers are sold individually and used to make bouquets. They are purchased for decoration of premises and as a gift. 2. Potted plants, including decorative deciduous ones, are grown in pots, pots and other containers and are used to decorate home interiors, offices, building facades. 3. Dried flowers - dried plants that can be stored for almost unlimited time. They are usually used for interior decoration.

All of the above color categories require maintenance. Dried flowers are the least capricious in this regard, and the most attention usually has to be paid to bouquets of freshly cut specimens in order to keep them presentable for a longer time.

The nuances of flower care

Fresh plants require special conditions. First of all, it is the level of humidity and ambient temperature. AND potted variations and bouquets require room temperature and a relative humidity of about 50%.

In warm weather, there is enough moisture in the living quarters. In winter, when the central heating batteries are turned on, the humidity drops sharply, which negatively affects plants with thin leaf blades and moisture-loving flowers. Dry air is well tolerated only by species such as succulents, oleander, chlorophytum, geranium.

For flowers, sudden temperature changes are detrimental. Having brought a potted plant or a bouquet from the frost, it is better to hold it in the wrapper for 10 minutes and only then unfold.

Choosing the right vase for freshly cut plants is important. It should match the size of the bouquet. Before use, the container should be washed with running water and soap.

Flowers are placed in settled cool water, which is poured to the level of the cord (tape) holding the bouquet. It is important that all stems are submerged in water. But some flower cultures have their own nuances. So, hydrangea withers very quickly - it is recommended to remove it from the bundle and immerse it in water completely for 5-6 hours. For tulips and hyacinths, on the other hand, you should pour very little very cold water into the vase and change it more often.

Daily water changes are important for all flowers unless special fertilizers are used. An indicator here is the turbidity of the liquid and plaque on the walls of the container.

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