How to change the lock in a metal front door yourself: step by step instructions

It is extremely rare, but users have situations when it is required to open the hood of Ford Focus 2 in emergency mode or without a key. Drivers often panic or call in the masters. The manufacturer provided for such a possibility, and the rest was thought up by motorists.

How to open the hood of a Ford Focus without a key

If the key is lost, you need to follow the procedure.

  • Position the vehicle securely over a viewing pit or lift. If there are no such conditions, you will have to jack up the car and crawl under the engine compartment.
  • Next, the crankcase protection is removed - access to the lock rods is open. You can also try to remove the grille trim.
  • Now you need to find the lock rod (plastic beam) and turn it counterclockwise. It will click and everything will open.

How to unlock the hood on Focus if the lock is broken

If the thrust has fallen off or the latch of the locking mechanism has come off, you will need to act more radically.

    • Find a long screwdriver, preferably 35-40 cm.
    • Push it into the hole of the radiator grille and rest the tip into the slot of the lock rod, as shown in the photo below.

  • If the rod does not hold, it should be heated with a burner and rest against the lock so that the plastic melts.
  • Then turn the screwdriver counterclockwise and then clockwise. This will open the hood.

If the larva breaks, a similar procedure will also be relevant. With a faulty antenna of the locking mechanism, these actions will be ineffective. This will require the help of specialists.

How to close the Hood Focus

In the sedan or hatchback version, the closing takes place in the reverse order. Some users are faced with the problem that the cap only fits on the first turn of the key. Experienced experts recommend replacing the tight lock spring with a softer one from another machine. If this does not help, only a thorough inspection of the mechanism can give an answer to the problem.

The hood is open on the Focus tidy

Instructions for opening the hood lock Ford Focus 2 without a key

A secure lock on a strong front door is responsible for the safety of the home during the absence of the owners, a restful sleep at night. The most durable, burglary-resistant is a metal door, for which it will be more difficult to install a lock than on a wooden sheet. Difficult does not mean impossible: when moving, a breakdown of the mechanism, you will definitely need to replace the lock. It is worth familiarizing yourself with how to change the lock before starting work.

Metal door with lock

How to determine when it's time to change the lock

It is recommended to change the bolts immediately after buying an apartment or house, so that the previous owners do not have a desire to make a sudden visit from the feeling of nostalgia. It is also possible that other people own copies of the keys, therefore, if you do not plan to receive uninvited guests, it is better to put a new constipation right away.

If the door is completely replaced, the installation of a new device cannot be avoided - the canvases are sold empty, and the bolts are chosen by the new owners of the product. You can immediately contact a specialist who will help you choose the right model and install it correctly. This is justified for working with complex mechanisms.

Products with a medium degree of protection can be installed without any problems by yourself, using the tools that most people have at home.

If you lose your keys, it is also recommended to take care of changing the security of your home. It is possible that attackers will find the keys and where they are used. There also remains the option that the fraudster knew from whom to steal the keys, in order to then most likely carry out an illegal action.

Breakdowns of the locking mechanism, shearing of constipation during emergency measures cannot always be eliminated without consequences by replacing a part of the product. We'll have to change this part of the door entirely.

When an apartment was once broken into, there is no doubt that the mechanism is no longer reliable, a complete replacement is required.

Important! It is recommended to immediately change locks for hints of penetration, a recent move, in order to prevent the loss of material values, danger to the life and health of loved ones.

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