How blinds are attached to plastic windows without drilling

If you decide to install new double-glazed windows, then a number of questions will surely arise: how not to make a mistake with the choice, how to install it correctly and how much will such a structure cost.

Today, double-glazed windows with one, two and three cameras are available to customers. Structures differ in thermal conductivity, sound insulation, light transmittance, thickness. Each option has its own characteristics and advantages.

Let's try to understand the intricacies of the choice and the advantages of various types of double-glazed windows.

Double or single glazing

A glass unit is a translucent glass structure. Takes up most of the window area. Allows sunlight into the room, prevents heat loss, reduces noise in the home.

When changing from wooden windows to plastic ones, consumers inevitably face the question of choosing a single-chamber or two-chamber one. To make the right choice, you need to figure out what is the difference between them, determine the advantages and disadvantages of each of them.

Glass unit thickness

For the manufacture of window translucent structures, translucent elements of various thicknesses are used (the minimum allowable is 4 mm).

Thickness Weight kg / 1m2 Sound insulation (maximum value) 4mm1030 dB6mm1532 dB8mm2032 dB

It can be seen from the table that the difference in glass performance 6 and 8 mm is the same, while the weight of the latter is much higher. And the heavier the structure, the faster the fittings wear out, and repair work is not free.

Differences between single and double-glazed windows

What is better in plastic windows, triple or double glazing

Blinds dimensions and measurements

To determine the size of the blinds and the features of their design, you should take measurements of the window. Armed with a tape measure and step-by-step instructions to do it not difficult on your own, without the help of professionals. Since such structures are made of several types, then the measurements for them are different. Therefore, before taking up the tape measure, you should decide on the type of product.

Measurements for horizontal blinds

Such products can be fastened in three ways.

  • The width of the blinds that will be attached to the wall must be ten centimeters larger than the width of the window.
  • The height of the products is determined independently. They can cover the window sill completely or be slightly higher.
  • It should be borne in mind that the structure will be fixed to the wall, so its length should be five centimeters longer than desired.

  • When the blinds are supposed to be installed on the sash, the height of the product should be equal to the length of the window sash.
  • The distance from one glazing bead, on which it is planned to fix the structure, to another is measured, add thirty millimeters and get the width of the product.
  • If you want to install any additional fasteners, you cannot do without the help of a specialist when measuring the window.

Measurements for vertical blinds

Such constructions have become very popular in recent years. This is due to the variety of colors and textures of products, as well as ease of installation.

There are three ways to attach vertical blinds:

  • to the ceiling;
  • on the wall;
  • in the opening.

When fixing the product to the ceiling, its width should be equal to the width of the window opening, plus at least ten centimeters. The height will be equal to the distance from the ceiling to the windowsill plus two centimeters.

With the selected installation of blinds to the wall, the length of the product should be five centimeters greater than the height of the window opening. The width of the window opening plus ten centimeters will be equal to the width of the blinds.

For a structure that will be mounted in a window opening, the length of the product will be equal to the height of the window opening minus one centimeter. The width of the structure will be equal to the width of the top of the window minus one centimeter.

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