How and what to clean the floor tiles from dirt

Tile, due to its resistance to wear, moisture, aggressive environments, is gaining more and more popularity. And if earlier it could be found mainly in European houses, now it is an irreplaceable material in the atmosphere of the apartments of Russians. Previously, tiles were widely used for cladding bathrooms and toilets, while modern designers offer to decorate the interiors of kitchens, hallways and living rooms with it. And then it becomes more important than to clean the tiles on the floor from dirt.

How to clean tiles - household chemicals

Chemical compounds are absolutely suitable for cleaning and disinfecting tiles. These reagents are specially formulated to eliminate contamination on the coating. After finishing processing with them, it is worth wiping the tile with water.

What products are available for cleaning tile floors:

  • Mellerud. German highly effective means for tiles. Designed to remove all types of dirt. Economical consumption. Acceptable for the price. The main component is acid. Requires caution in use.
  • HG. Designed for tile surfaces, in order not to leave smudges, stains, streaks on it. Super-economical consumption. Of the minuses - before use, it is necessary to use an additional product from the same manufacturer.
  • VIclean "Protect". It has an ergonomic packaging. Suitable for interior and exterior use. The composition contains acid.
  • Prosept Multipower. Alkali based product. High intensity, therefore, it is necessary to breed, taking into account the type of tile and the strength of the pollution. Gently cleans all types of tiles. But it can leave drips. There is a possibility of non-one-time use to achieve the result. Low cost. Minus - caustic, you need to use protective equipment.
  • Emsal. Self-sufficient cleaner for floor tiles. One of the ingredients is wax, which creates a protective film. It makes the surface glossy, prevents the formation of new dirt, removes traces. There is no acid in the composition. The quality of surface cleaning is inferior to "acidic" cleaners. The characteristic strong odor will not suit people prone to allergies and asthma.
  • Pip For tile and stone. Completely organic. Applicable for all types of tiles. Doesn't destroy it. Able to clean all types of dirt, including rust. Regenerates the color of the tiles. The downside is the high cost.

Before cleaning the tiles on the floor with any chemical reagent, you must strictly follow the instructions and do not forget about self-protection. It is worth considering that "acidic" products can harm the seams if they are not protected with special films and impregnations.

The most effective folk ways

If pollution does not require the use of special means and saving money is a priority, you can try to resort to folk remedies. It should be noted that these methods are generally more environmentally friendly in comparison with store-bought chemicals:

  • Citric acid. Used for old and deep-rooted stains. Removes rust. To prepare the solution, you need to take 3 tablespoons of lemons and dilute them in 1 liter of water. For the safety of the skin of the hands, the procedure should be carried out in protective gloves.
  • Vinegar. When preparing the vinegar emulsion, different proportions of ingredients are used depending on the type of contamination.
  • Besides vinegar, how can you clean your floor tiles from dirt? Its analog is oxygen bleach. It is a non-toxic and odorless preparation, which makes it preferable to use over vinegar.
  • Hydrogen peroxide. It can be used on both glossy and matte tiles. You can clean the entire floor with a solution of peroxide. Treat the stains themselves undiluted. The coating must then be wiped off with water.
  • Bleach. Suitable for tiles in light colors, especially white. Apply whiteness to the tiles and leave for a few minutes. Rinse the floor with plain water. Use a brush if necessary.
  • Washing powder. Not a bad tile cleaner. To prepare the cleaning solution, you need to mix the ingredients one to one and spread over the surface. Wait a small amount of time, 15 minutes will be quite enough. Wash off with water.
  • Kerosene. Difficult stains will succumb to this remedy. Compliance with safety measures - ventilate the room and put on protective equipment will help to cope with the negative aspects of this drug.

If a stain is capable of causing a rapid spread of germs, it is urgent to apply disinfectants to it.

How to remove stubborn dirt?

As a rule, dirt, falling on the tiles, is not immediately removed. It dries up, sticks, sticks, eats in, it becomes very difficult to remove it. How do I clean the tiles on the floor in this case?

Such contamination can be removed either with specially designed reagents, or prepared at home:

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