How and how much to cook shrimp quickly so that they turn out delicious and what is their processing before cooking

Lugansk brewery №1, created as part of the investment project of the Luga-Nova plant, plans to start beer production by the end of the year. This was reported by the press service of the Administration of the city of Lugansk.

"Enterprise" Lugansk brewery №1 ", created as part of the investment project of the Lugansk distillery" Luga-Nova ", plans to start production by the end of this year," - said in the message.

Deputy Director of the enterprise for production Vladislav Mulik noted that "the official history of the plant's creation begins in June 2018, when the design contract was concluded."

“In 2019 we received a building permit, and now our work has serious results. A variety of equipment, which is involved in the technological process, is mainly produced in the Russian Federation. There is also equipment from the Czech Republic, Germany and Italy, ”Mulik said.

In particular, the company has purchased a unit for grinding grain into fractions - a malt crusher.

“Brewing always starts with the crushing process. We have to grind grain raw materials, mix it with water, and pass through temperature breaks. That is, we must prepare a nutrient medium for our yeast. Then we sow it with seed yeast, they ferment and at the exit they give us carbon dioxide, alcohol, and up to 400 more compounds, ”said Valentina Reshchikova, chief technologist of the enterprise.

In addition, the plant has workshops where beer wort is prepared, as well as the process of fermentation and post-fermentation of the drink. Then the beer goes to filtration, and then - to the filling line in PET bottles.

“At the initial stage, the company will provide jobs for about 100 specialists, including representatives of such unusual professions as cookers, filter makers, crushers. Further, with the growth of production, the staff will also increase ”, - noted in the administration of Lugansk.

All state-owned enterprises in Luhansk will be led by a special commission

An interdepartmental commission for the development, control and coordination of the public sector of the economy has been formed.

Severodonetsk Azot invested more than UAH million in modernization this year

The main achievement of the year was the restoration of the full production cycle for the production of mineral fertilizers.

At the distillery; Luga-Nova; now they will brew beer

Unfortunately, many still do not know how to cook shrimp correctly, thereby simply spoiling this product and complaining that they are not tasty and tough.

The method of cooking shrimp can be any, but there are several important rules that are the same for all recipes and must be followed.

Before cooking the shrimp, let's start from the very beginning, namely with the choice of shrimp.

What to look for when choosing shrimp

When buying this wonderful product, the first thing to do is to carefully examine the shrimp through the film of the bag. As a rule, if this is a quality product from a serious company, then all frozen shrimps are the same in size and color. In addition, the carapace should be shiny and the tails twisted.

If whitish specks are visible on the shrimp or there are snowballs in the bag, then this means either that the product was not frozen correctly, or that it was not stored correctly, namely, it was thawed and re-frozen.

There may be two types of shrimp on sale. The first are those that were caught in the cold waters of the Atlantic and the second are those that were caught in the warm waters of Asia. It is not difficult to distinguish them, cold-water shrimp is much smaller in size, warm-water, but their meat is more useful.

A strongly bent tail in small shrimps is a good indicator, meaning that they were properly frozen and did not lay long before freezing. But with large shrimps, the situation may be slightly different, since the structure of its body will not allow the tail to be crocheted.

There is also nothing wrong with a shrimp with a green front part or even the whole body. This happens with individuals that mainly feed on plankton. If the head is brown, then this is also normal, it's just a sign that this individual is a female and, moreover, pregnant, and her meat is extremely useful.

But if the head is black, then this is already bad and is an indicator that this individual was sick during life. Naturally, you don't need to buy them. They are not dangerous for health, but the taste is disgusting.

Shrimp is a dietary product in 100 grams of which contains no more than 90 kcal, if cooked. There are several times more calories in fried shrimp, and various seasonings and sauces increase their calorie content. Their cholesterol content is high.

How much to cook

If you don't know how much shrimp you need to cook, then first you need to figure out which ones you bought or are going to buy. Unlike other types of meat products, shrimp meat is extremely tender, so they cook quickly. Small shrimps from the Atlantic are boiled for no more than three minutes. But those that were caught in the southern waters and are distinguished by their large sizes are boiled for two to three minutes longer.

How to cook frozen unpeeled shrimp is now more and more worried about the number of people. These cute and tasty crustaceans are gradually turning from a delicacy into a familiar dish, or are increasingly used as an ingredient for various dishes, especially in salads.

But the army of fans would be even larger if people knew how to cook them properly and, in particular, defrost them for subsequent cooking. This is very important, because if you make a mistake at some stage, the shrimp will not only look unpleasant, but also become simply inedible.

A lot has been said about the benefits of shrimp; they contain rare elements that are necessary for the body, but there is only this product. Taste qualities largely depend on how well you prepare them for cooking and, first of all, how you defrost them. If you do something wrong, then the meat will lose all its taste and become tough like rubber, i.e. the product will be permanently damaged.

Shrimps, frozen unpeeled, are mainly on sale, and therefore every culinary specialist needs to know how to prepare them so that the dish will learn exactly the way it was intended.

Correct defrosting

Today, you can find shrimp in the following form on store shelves:

  • fresh ;
  • canned ;
  • fresh frozen ;
  • boiled-frozen.

It is the boiled-frozen shrimps that are in greatest demand and the task of the culinary specialist is to cook them so that they not only do not lose their useful properties, but are also fragrant, tasty and soft. Many people buy and cook shrimps, but, unfortunately, not everyone knows how to properly cook shrimps so that they do not lose their nutritional qualities.

Let's start with defrosting. If you are not in a hurry, then we advise the best and meanwhile the simplest way to defrost shrimp, the only drawback of which is that it is the longest.

To do this, simply take out the required amount of shrimp from the freezer, put it in a colander, under which we must put a saucepan. Then we send it to the usual compartment of the refrigerator. With this method, the shrimp will thaw slowly, and the water will drain into the pan. This will take approximately 9-10 hours, i.e. if you put them in the evening by morning, they will defrost. This is the best way to preserve all the flavor and aroma of shrimp meat.

If you need to defrost shrimp quickly, we suggest the following method. To do this, you need to place the shrimp in a plastic bag and put it in a saucepan, having previously filled it with warm water. This way of defrosting will preserve their taste and aroma, but still not as good as the first.

Well, if you need to defrost the shrimp immediately, then put them in boiling water and boil for 15-20 seconds. Then turn off the gas and leave the shrimp for twenty minutes in this water.

The next defrosting method is to fry the shrimp for five minutes in sunflower oil in a preheated pan. This is a quick way to defrost a disadvantage, which can be considered a change in both the taste and aroma of the product

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