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The largest novel in size, included in the novel, published in 1840, which was written by Lermontov - "Princess Mary". The writer uses the form of a journal, a diary, in order to reveal to the reader the character of the protagonist, all its contradictions and complexity. The main participant who is in the thick of things tells about what is happening. He does not justify himself or blame anyone, he just reveals his soul.

"Princess Mary", summary of the journal (for May 11, 13, 16, 21)

In Pyatigorsk, at the source, Pechorin meets a peculiar composition of the capital's nobility for the time of treatment on the waters. Here he unexpectedly meets a familiar cadet, a former colleague, wounded in the leg. Grushnitsky did not like Pechorin because of empty posturing, he tried to impress the young ladies, importantly speaking nonsense in French.

About the ladies passing by, Grushnitsky said that they were the Ligovskys, the princess and her daughter Mary. As soon as the princess came closer, Grushnitsky uttered one of his empty phrases with pathos. Turning around, the girl fixed her serious long look on him. Later, the hero witnessed how the princess secretly gave Grushnitsky a glass, which he tried to lift from the ground, leaning on a crutch. Juncker was delighted. Pechorin envied the young man, but admitted this only to himself, as he loved to annoy enthusiasts. All his life Pechorin passionately contradicted not only others, but even his own heart or reason.

Dr. Werner, an old friend, shared the secular news, saying that he had seen a relative who had just arrived at the Ligovskys' - a pretty young, sickly-looking blonde, this lady was familiar with Pechorin.

Pechorin provoked Grushnitsky out of boredom and angered the princess. In a grotto by the well, he accidentally met the blonde Vera mentioned by the doctor, with whom he had once had a passionate affair. She reproached him for having never received anything from a relationship with him, except for suffering and asked him to start courting Princess Ligovskaya in order to divert the attention of her second old and jealous husband from their renewed romance. Pechorin writes in the magazine that he never became a slave of his beloved woman, but on the contrary subordinated her to his will.

Grushnitsky brags about what happens to the Ligovskys and says that the princess hates Pechorin, to which he replies that if he wants, he will win her favor tomorrow.

"Princess Mary" summary of the journal (for May 22, 23, 29)

At a ball in a restaurant, Pechorin witnessed how one of the ladies who envied the beauty and grace of the princess asked her beau, a dragoon officer, to teach "this precocious girl" a lesson. Pechorin invited the princess to a waltz tour and during the dance he apologized for his behavior. After the waltz, at the instigation of the dragoon captain, the not quite sober gentleman in a rude and humiliating tone intended to invite her to the mazurka. Pechorin defended the young lady, pushed back the offender, saying that she had already been invited.

Princess Ligovskaya thanked the young man and invited him to visit their house. Pechorin began to visit the Ligovskys - on the one hand, for the sake of relations with Vera, and on the other, out of sports interest, to test his irresistibility on a young, inexperienced girl. Vera is passionately jealous of Pechorin for Princess Mary and asks to swear that he will never marry her, and even invites him to a long-awaited date at night.

"Princess Mary" summary of the journal (for 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 10, 11, 12, 14, 15 June)

Grushnitsky is also jealous of a former friend of the princess, the newly-made officer joined the party of Pechorin's ill-wishers, led by a dragoon captain, who planned to teach him a lesson by challenging him to a duel and not loading his pistols.

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