Handmade wood carving versus CNC: one does not interfere with the other

Wood carving is an ancient art with a long history. And who would have thought that through this kind of creativity I would come to the assembly of 3D printers. The relationship is, of course, indirect. But it all started with meeting a technology teacher at school, whom I mentioned in my previous article on assembling a 3D printer from plywood and spare parts from decommissioned equipment. It was he who "singled out" for me one of his students, with whom we assembled a printer for the school office of labor. Today I want to acquaint you with the activities of our Trudovik and the work of his wards, who have repeatedly won prizes at the All-Russian Olympiads in technology. In fact, you will not find such Trudoviks in the daytime with fire, and the works are simply mesmerizing, especially when you consider that this was done by students in grades 5-11. I tried to cut it myself. Very entertaining creativity. We even have a master class on geometric carving, I will share it below in the article.

Casket and pencil case. Works of a 9th grade student. Linden, stain, varnish.

Compare incomparable

Of course, comparing hand thread and CNC is not entirely advisable. But there is a certain similarity. If for printing a product we model in a computer program, then when cutting out of wood, the model must be kept in mind. But this is not always convenient, so our Trudovik (his name, by the way, is Rinat Zufarovich) is just became interested in 3D modeling. And he carried away the schoolchildren with this. And it was with one of them that we assembled a 3D printer from plywood and old parts.

Pros and cons are different everywhere. In fact, you don't need any special talents to carve beauty out of wood. Patience and creativity rule here. And the material is just a piece of board or log, a cutter and a topcoat. However, the appearance of the products and labor costs cannot be compared with those that are printed. But to each his own. For example, even if you look at the hand-cut and printed boxes, you will notice a big difference.

3D shapes are even more interesting. It has its own charm both there and there.

As a fan of the Star Wars universe, I am putting together a collection for myself. And printing on a 3D printer is very helpful. I can’t imagine how much I would carve such a figure out of wood, although it’s quite possible.

My work

Wood carving fascinates anyone who sees the result. And if you watch a master class, you can even get stuck - technically it's so simple that you want to drop everything right now and start carving. It was like that with me. I got to know the products better when I started making a website for the school workshop and compiled a catalog of crafts (oh, we did a lot of work then). I asked to provide me with material and tools, studied some information on the Internet and got down to work. It was several years ago, and even a photograph of the finished product was not preserved (once all the photographs with the phone together disappeared into oblivion), and then I gave it to someone.

An intermediate result of my work. For a beginner, I think it will do.

I will briefly describe the process from memory:

I received a piece of wood from Zufarych.

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