Handle for plastic windows - how to make a beautiful out of an ordinary window

Kinds of window handles

Pens are different: black, white ... However, not only. Of all types of window fittings, this group is richer in functionality. For example, there are standard handles with which you can close the window, and thus protect the room from cold, precipitation and noise from the street. There are special anti-burglary handles from thieves: the slightest pressure on the window from the street, and the handle is blocked.

A handle with a lock - and peace of mind for the children!

Removable handles, handles with a lock or with a burglar-proof button are installed in apartments with small children or children's institutions. With these attributes, the child will not be able to open the window on their own. And if he can, it will be more difficult for him than with a regular pen.

Reversible handles and hooks are installed on balcony doors. Curved handles - for windows that open outward. In general, species ... Just choose!

Installation specifics

Fittings are mounted on window structures, corresponding to the weight, dimensions, temperature conditions of use.

We install handles and locking mechanisms using special tools. You will need: building level, tape measure, hammer, electric drill with attachments, chisels, screwdrivers, fasteners (screws, lock).

The location of the main mechanism is marked on the frame, the contours of the front plate and the system fastening scheme are precisely marked. Drill holes for screws inside the housing contour.

Then, using a hammer and a chisel, an inner contour is created and the groove is deepened to the optimal size. The opening is carefully drilled along the contour, and the face plate is built into the frame of the frame.

The hole for the rod is drilled with a drill. It is necessary to fit the device in the block and fix it with a screwdriver and screws. Finally, an opening (groove) is made for the tongue, which is closed with a hinged overlay.

Vapor barrier tape for plastic windows - where to use and how to glue?

To protect the assembly seams in window openings from moisture, use a vapor barrier tape. It is made from butyl rubber or aluminum. This material is glued to damp foam at the seams, extending the life of the windows. When installing a window in an opening, remember that its service life is related to how competent the installation will be. Even the highest quality structures will not be used for a long time if the installation is incorrect. Wrong work will cause moisture to gradually penetrate the walls, leading to the destruction of building materials and the spread of mold.

When installing the frame, keep in mind a few important points:

  • On the inside of the room we make a denser layer of the mounting mortar (for example, foam).
  • For high-quality sealing of all gaps, we use three-layer protection - the outer material saves from the effects of precipitation, the middle layer is responsible for thermal insulation, and the coating of the inner surface is for vapor barrier.

Vapor barrier provides reliable protection of the thermal insulation layer from condensation, which is present not only in the bathroom, but also in the usual room. In the process of finishing window slopes, we glue a special tape. The principle of vapor barrier is based on overlapping the contact of moisture with polyurethane foam, which forms the middle protective layer. For these purposes, materials with low elasticity and permeability to water and air are suitable. When installing windows, you cannot save on vapor barrier. Such neglect will lead to rapid wear of frames, plaster and finishing materials.

Special vapor barrier tapes are usually used to protect the joint. They are available in a coiled, compressed, sponge-like material. Absorbing moisture, the material swells, filling up all existing cracks. The vapor barrier tape for plastic windows has a number of advantages:

Moisture insulation tapes are available with one or two strips of adhesive. The second option allows you to process the joint between the window and the wall in a better quality. The material is classified by periods of use:

  • summer (air temperature - 5-40 ° C);
  • winter (temperature - below 5 ° C).

Depending on the nature of the surface to be treated, tapes are produced in various sizes, so that any seams can be insulated. When choosing a material, keep in mind that it should exceed the gap by 4.5 cm in width. Foam tapes are suitable for working from the outside of the building, which will provide a reliable seal.

Moisture insulation tape

Adhesive finishing material made of butyl rubber, intended for processing window, balcony, door frames and joints between panels. A non-woven layer is laid inside it. After gluing, such a strip is primed, plastered, wallpaper is glued or painted. There is a full-butyl vapor barrier tape made according to the Robiband system. It provides a better processing of the assembly seam.

French manicure is especially popular among women. Nail art masters annually offer all the new design options for the jacket. Mixing manicure techniques, a bold combination of designs in one manicure makes it incredibly popular.

A romantic "smile" and a shiny tip of a marigold, delicate watercolor drawings and lace motifs "get along well" with him. Consider what types of fashionable manicure are offered to women by masters of nail design.

Fashionable jacket for short nails

Short nails are the trend of the season, a jacket on square-shaped nails looks especially impressive. Great skill should be possessed by a specialist who draws the thinnest line of a French smile. This type of manicure can be used in any style. It uses both bright varnishes and pastel colors. The matte finish of the marigolds looks gorgeous with sparkles, kamifubuki, stones and rhinestones, located both in the lunula area and on the smile.

Fashionable jacket for long nails

Long nails are eye-catching in themselves. French manicure with a pattern on the thumb looks unusual and super fashionable. On a nude background, a thin black pattern looks attractive. Acrylic powder is widely used as a stylish decor, giving chic to manicure.

Geometry, ombre, drawings and whole pictures, placed on 2 adjacent marigolds, give incredible beauty to long nails.

Fashionable jacket with design

A jacket with drawings on the tips of the marigolds is in demand. Exquisite lace, openwork weaves, floristic themes, abstraction, imitation of natural textures brought such popularity to the jacket.

A jacket with a shiny ribbon looks elegant and delicate.

In spring, sometimes a classic jacket is perfectly complemented by a design in the form of delicate flowers, buds, twigs with swollen buds.

Fashionable jacket with rhinestones

The jacket looks unusual and chic in combination with the "frame" design. Nail artists are advised to experiment with this trendy design option.

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