Freezer on the balcony in winter to what temperature

Exprof Profile Systems

A distinctive feature of these systems is that the Exprof profile was developed on the basis of the best foreign technologies, however, taking into account Russian climatic features. Experienced specialists from Belgium, South Korea and Austria took part in its creation. All profile production lines are controlled by a Siemens automated control system. The frost resistance tests of the product samples were not carried out at -20 ° C, as required by GOST, but at -30 ° C. In the manufacture of systems of all brands, stabilizers are used, which give them a snow-white color, resistance to ultraviolet and low temperatures, as well as a high degree of immunity to atmospheric phenomena. Exprof windows can be assembled not only from white, but also tinted or laminated profiles. Different removal of the hardware groove for the installation of leaf closing mechanisms allows you to choose a system that is optimal for the manufacture of structures with the required safety class. At the moment, the manufacturer offers customers several types of profiles. Regardless of modification, all Exprof PVC profiles are offered to the buyer in two versions:

  • without seal contours for EPDM integration;
  • with TPE contours drawn in plastic.

Plastic components for assembling all types of Exprof windows can be white or painted in bulk. The possibility of one- and two-sided lamination is also provided. Any system from the Exprof range is compatible with auxiliary elements - connecting and extension profiles. Thanks to this, it is possible to manufacture various structures of complex shapes for glazing balconies, entrance groups, bay ledges, as well as verandas and terraces. Double-glazed windows and sandwich panels in door and window blocks made of Exprof profiles are equipped with self-made pressure beads, which have a post-extruded soft PVC seal.

Exprof Profecta Profile

Windows assembled from Exprofect profiles have a basic level of security and are equipped with 2 sealing contours. The Profecta system has an increased installation depth of 70 mm. The internal space of profiles with an outer wall thickness of 2.2-2.6 mm (class "B") is divided by solid partitions into 5 separate chambers, which increases the level of their energy efficiency. The series is presented in two versions Profecta and ProfectaPlus. The second option is distinguished by the displacement of the hardware groove from the base 9 mm to 13 mm and the reinforced reinforcement of the imposts, which makes it possible to manufacture burglar-resistant windows.

Exprof Experta Profile

The Experta 6-chamber system is suitable for the assembly of warm burglar-proof windows. The hardware groove in the profiles of this series is removed by 13 mm, which allows the integration of reinforced locking mechanisms. The thickness of the front walls corresponds to class "A" and is close to 3 mm. Due to the increased number of internal partitions, the Exprof Expert window profile is highly stable. These systems are not only warm and wind-resistant, but also "quiet" - the 70 mm installation depth of the structures absorbs street noise well.

Exprof AeroProfecta

Five-chamber system Exprof AeroProfecta 70 mm in combination with a frame of 101 mm and in-profile supply air access! Energy saving for tomorrow plus air exchange without drafts and street noise. In terms of heat-shielding characteristics and frost resistance, these windows meet the requirements of the coldest regions of Russia, while preventing condensation from falling even in the most severe frosts.

  • 101 mm frame with intra-profile supply air access.
  • Glass unit 24 mm, 32 mm, 40 mm or 44 mm.
  • Durability at least 60 years.
  • Resistance to heat transfer of frame / sash profiles with reinforcement 0.82 m2x ° C / W.
  • Have high thermal insulation
  • Improve the air composition in the apartment
  • Reduce humidity in winter
  • Prevent condensation, moisture and mold on the slopes.

Exprof Externa profile - PVC balcony profiles

A two-chamber system with a maximum glass unit thickness of 22 mm and an installation depth of 46 mm, suitable for the production of windows with single-chamber glass units, therefore, the Externa S246 system is used, as a rule, for unheated rooms where high heat and sound insulation values ​​are not required: balconies and loggias, cottages and outbuildings, verandas and summer houses. Structures made from this profile are classified as economy class products. Despite the cost, the manufacturer guarantees a durability of 60 years.

EXPROF Profecta windows - energy saving to the masses

In order for the service life of the light-transmitting structure to be maximum and not depend on external factors, it is necessary that the material from which the installed drainage is made is resistant to the manifestations of the negative impact of weather conditions on it. Also, an important circumstance affecting the duration of the window's operation is the competent performance of work related to the installation of an ebb tide.

Let's consider in more detail the types and features of the installation of external window sills relative to wooden windows.

Cost of work

How much does the installation cost? Prices are set per running meter. In addition to the total length, the chosen method of joining parts affects the cost of installation.

An additional factor can be applied for work at high altitudes requiring lifting equipment.

An accurate calculation will be made by a measurer who visits the site, takes the necessary measurements and evaluates additional conditions.

Service name Width (mm). d. meas. cost (in rubles). Material Works ** Total Up to 12 m. more than 12 m. about 12 m. more than 12 m. about 12 m. more than 12 m. ... Installation of galvanized ebb tide 110 / 130m. ... 60 p. 10 p. 00 p. 50 p. 60 p. 60 p. 50 / 200m. ... 70 p. 00 p. 00 p. 50 p. 070 p. 50 p. 10 / 250m. ... 80 p. 10 p. 00 p. 50 p. 080 p. 60 p. 00m. ... 30 p. 60 p. 00 p. 50 p. 130 p. 10 p. ... Installation of polyester low tide with plugs 110 / 130m. ... 80 p. 20 p. 00 p. 50 p. 80 p. 70 p. 50 / 210m. ... 30 p. 70 p. 00 p. 50 p. 030 p. 20 p. 30 / 250m. ... 30 p. 60 p. 00 p. 50 p. 130 p. 10 p. 20m. ... 10 p. 30 p. 00 p. 50 p. 210 p. 80 p. 40 / 380m. ... 20 p. 00 p. 00 p. 50 p. 420 p. 050 p. ... ... 1. Installation of aluminum ebb (Russia) bent, thickness 1 mm with plugs 70/90 m. ... 010 p. 60 p. 00 p. 50 p. 610 p. 210 p. 10 / 130m. ... 140 p. 70 p. 00 p. 50 p. 740 p. 320 p. 50 / 165m. ... 240 p. 070 p. 00 p. 50 p. 840 p. 420 p. 80m. ... 340 p. 140 p. 00 p. 50 p. 940 p. 490 p. 10 / 240m. ... 450 p. 240 p. 00 p. 50 p. 050 p. 590 p. 50m. ... 450 p. 240 p. 00 p. 50 p. 050 p. 590 p. 00 / 350m. ... 270 p. 940 p. 00 p. 50 p. 870 p. 290 p. 00 / 550m. ... 380 p. 890 p. 00 p. 50 p. 080 p. 340 p. 00 / 700m. ... 760 p. 780 p. 00 p. 50 p. 460 p. 230 p. ... ... Installation of an extruded aluminum ebb (Gutmann) with plugs (white and dark bronze) * 70m. ... 500 p. 00 p. 50 p. 100 p. 850 p. 0m. ... 725 p. 00 p. 50 p. 325 p. 075 p. 10m. ... 250 p. 00 p. 50 p. 850 p. 600 RUB 80m. ... 850 p. 00 p. 50 p. 450 p. 200 p. 10m. ... 675 p. 00 p. 50 p. 275 p. 025 p. 80m. ... 250 p. 00 p. 50 p. 850 p. 600 RUB 20m. ... 125 p. 00 p. 50 p. 725 p. 475 p. 60m. ... 875 p. 00350 p. R. 475 p. 225 p. ... ... Powder coated AL ebb on one side. ... 50 p. 00 p. 50 p. 00 p. ... Dismantling while preserving the old ebb tide. ... 70 p. 10 p. ... Dismantling without preserving the old ebb tide. ... 00 p. 00 p. ... Installation of ebb material for customers. ... 80 p. 50 p. 80 p. 50 p.

What are the advantages of a galvanized structure?

Galvanized steel castings have a number of advantages that make them a quality and popular product:

  • The material has high strength.
  • Not afraid of negative temperatures, regardless of the strength of the frost.
  • Not afraid of exposure to sunlight.
  • Fire safe.
  • Does not transmit or absorb moisture.
  • Easy maintenance.
  • Easy to assemble even by a non-professional.
  • Looks good with all types of windows.
  • Protected additionally with a polymer coating.
  • Various colors are applicable.
  • Material price is available to most buyers.

Galvanized window tides are an inexpensive and fairly convenient option for protecting the window contraction and the facade from precipitation. You can purchase them for any type of windows, cut and install them yourself, spending a minimum of time and money. You do not have to update the ebb, make sure that it does not rust: the structure will last a long time, without requiring any investment.

Installation of window sills

The company

Description and scope

When installing plastic windows made of PVC, in most cases it is necessary to install slopes that help to hide defects arising from the deformation of the old window, give the structure a beautiful, harmonious look, and create an optimal level of thermal insulation.

Slopes should be used to protect against dust, dirt, noise, create a reflective surface, which improves lighting. Joint with slopes, other details must be sealed. For this purpose, you can use Cosmofen liquid plastic.

The products are single-component, low-viscosity formulations. Their seizure is quick, so the parts should be correctly fixed immediately. The German manufacturer Weiss included special components in the composition that provide moisture resistance, protection from ultraviolet radiation.

The resulting seam gives stability to plastic joints and has the following qualities:

The use of glue for windows is justified for fixing any technological seams and attaching auxiliary elements - drains, protective strips, cover strips. With the help of liquid plastic, you can glue products not only from polyvinyl chloride, but also from hard plastic, polystyrene, plexiglass, polycarbonate and some other types of plastics. Liquid plastic can be used for sealing plumbing pipes, final fixing of advertising banners.

Short description

Liquid glue for plastic windows is widely known among experienced builders as a high-quality sealant with which you can effectively seal all the gaps between different parts. Most often, such a tool is used by craftsmen to process places under window sills, as well as to fill voids between double-glazed windows and slopes. The cost of liquid plastic (PL) varies from 220 to 400 rubles.

The use of such a sealant is very justified, since it can glue two parts together as firmly as possible. In addition, the gallbladder does not turn yellow at all and does not crack even over the years. The product does not stand out at all against the background of the window. The liquid composition is actively used by experienced installers when installing PVC windows. Despite the affordable price, many home craftsmen often try to replace this product with regular silicone. This approach to work has its drawbacks, as in just a few months the slopes can come loose from each other.

It is worth noting that even the ZhP has its own little flaws. For example, the product hardens quickly. The master needs to have time to apply the sealant and carefully level it in a maximum of 50-60 seconds. Otherwise, a kind of film may form on the surface of the plastic. If after that the master tries to form a neat seam, he will end up with a very unpleasant picture.

Manufacturers note that the gallbladder is very toxic, as it has a pungent chemical odor that causes dizziness and nausea in a person. That is why it is still not worth breathing with such a remedy. To prevent the development of negative consequences, experts recommend providing good ventilation at the workplace.

The most demanded tool today is Cosmofen for plastic windows. The products are manufactured by a German company. The product is very easy to operate and the results always exceed expectations.

Assortment of liquid plastics

Having a basement is a great advantage for any home. The basement is, first of all, an additional area that should be used rationally. Traditionally, people are used to storing unnecessary things in them or placing boiler rooms. But with proper arrangement, this space can easily become, for example, a workshop, a gym, a sauna, a billiard room or a library. To do this, at least you need to install windows in it. Through them, fresh air and sunlight will enter the room. Basement windows are different, just like basements themselves, and the process of selecting and installing window structures is different from installing conventional windows.

Choosing the material for the basement windows

Window structures with plastic, wood and aluminum profiles are installed in the basement floors:

  • Plastic basement windows are most popular due to their practicality, durability and ability to increase the skylight by about 10% without losing rigidity and thermal qualities. Professionals recommend installing PVC structures in basements. The window must necessarily have sashes that can be opened, since basements require systematic ventilation in order to avoid the formation of condensation on the walls. In those places where the plastic profile is in contact with the basement walls, a hydro and thermal insulation layer is required.
  • When installing basement windows, an aluminum profile is used extremely rarely, mainly in cases when an unheated room is planned in the basement, for example, a boiler room or a warehouse. This is due to the fact that aluminum is not able to fully protect against cold penetration.
  • Wooden windows are usually not recommended to be installed in rooms with high air humidity - consider that wood is the least suitable as a profile for basement windows. However, thanks to innovative technologies, today, if desired, a wooden window can be installed in the basement. A modern window profile made of wood is covered with liquid polymer, laminated, treated with special mixtures, which allows it to resist moisture well without losing its aesthetic and technical properties for many years.

Windows in the basement Which material is preferred

For installation in the basement, choose only windows made of modern materials and the latest technology. This way you are guaranteed to save your money and time.

Yes, and nerves, since replacing new windows that quickly fell into disrepair, of course, will not please you.

Which windows are better to choose? What material?

Plastic windows for the basement floor

Modern PVC-profile windows have a light opening ten to fifteen percent larger than windows of the same size made of other materials. And for a basement, fifteen percent is a very significant plus.

At the same time, the plastic window will not lose its qualities: neither thermal insulation, nor soundproofing qualities, nor structural strength will suffer.

The freezer is a great solution if you want to ergonomically organize the space, while distributing every centimeter of it. Many find a rational solution - to place the device outside an already cluttered apartment.

The instructions for using the refrigerator indicate that the lowest temperature at which the unit is allowed to operate is +5 degrees.

But often housewives think about a non-trivial question: is it possible to operate a freezer at sub-zero temperatures? To answer it, you will have to consider all the nuances and rules associated with the technical characteristics of operating conditions for refrigeration equipment.

Ideal conditions are +10 degrees. Failure to do so harms the elements of the device, causing their malfunctions: corrosion, damage, oxidation.

Indeed, just putting the device out on the street and enjoying the process will not work. We'll have to foresee a lot, constantly monitor the situation, take care of repairs and wiring.

Features of freezer operation at subzero temperatures

In order for your freezer to operate at negative temperatures, you need to think about the oil that is poured into the compressor. Indeed, with a frost of -30, its fluidity sharply decreases, which means that the motor will not be able to pump freon. The best option in this situation is polyvinyl ether oil.

In the cold, the oil necessary to lubricate the parts thickens, there is not enough pressure to move the freon, the seal bursts.

The choice of model is also worth serious consideration. Not all manufacturers provide such technical conditions for operation. Therefore, you should pay attention to the recommendations of the manufacturer.

If the refrigerator is new, the warranty will not work in this case. the conditions for storage and use of the unit have not been observed.

About freezers

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